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27 Apr 2016 What can we do in this forum? "What can I do here? What kind of topic can I open? Is this an off-topic area?". Here we are to give some answers. One of the Blizzard Entertainment’s eight core values ( ) is: embrace your INNER GEEK What is a GEEK? "Geek" usually identify a person with a strong passion for technology, but we can extend this concept to a lot more things (music, comics, books, film, science fiction, science etc). Everyone is a Geek in a specific area. In this forum we can speak about our common passions, in particular: Games, Movies, TV shows, Literature, Tech and Science. This is NOT the spam area or the off-topic forum of this site, we cannot open thread non related to those specific topics listed above. Have you seen a good film? Do you want to say something about it? Is that book near you really cool? How amazing is Doctor Who? This is the right place for those threads. :) Remember that we have always to follow the Code of Conduct: .Ligario18 27 Apr 2016
03 May 2011 Geek Forum – Please Read Welcome to the StarCraft II discussion forums! This particular forum is actually not about StarCraft II but still abides by the same rules, so please keep the forum guidelines in mind (except the point about relating to StarCraft II, of course): Here are some additional key points to keep in mind while posting here: This is Not an Off-Topic Forum The forum is specifically and purposefully labeled with very specific topics. Discussion outside of these specific topics, like all other forums, is not allowed and will be moderated. No Politics/Religion There is no tolerance for discussion of politics or religion in this or any forum. While we appreciate people’s beliefs and political ideals, they are not appropriate to be discussed or mentioned within these walls, even if brought up objectively. No Hatred Hatred against individuals or groups in any manner, for any reason, will not be tolerated. No Illicit Topics This is mostly geared toward warning against any intent to discuss drug-use, but can and will extend to any topics of an illegal nature that are deemed to not be pertinent to the discussions allowed in this forum. Moderation is At Our Discretion Like all moderation, we are within our right to take (or not take) actions we deem necessary based purely on our discretion. All of that scary stuff out of the way, please go, talk, and enjoy the Games, Entertainment & Technology forums!Vaneras0 03 May 2011
10 Mar Looking for an old Starcraft-like game I've been searching for quite some time for this game but couldn't find anything about it. These are the things I can still remember about it: * There were like 2 races(don't think there were 3), one was like some robots and the other one was like aliens * The main menu got these black alien eyes that would open when hovering over, revealing if it was the option, single player, exit etc buttons * One robot unit had the same attack sound like the scout from Starcraft If anyone remembers the name, you're awesome! ^^alexhandru1 10 Mar
12 Feb Key to the space exploration? 12 Feb
26 Oct 2018 How do you use games? - Lfm opinions Throm-ka, Stay awhile and listen, Entaro Adun, or simply Hi, I am conducting a study to find out how multiplayer online games are actually being used, as opposed to how people - the public and researchers, but also developers and players - think they are being used. All players of all games with a multiplayer online focus (whether you use it that way or not) are invited to participate. If you could spare about 15-20 minutes, please complete the questionnaire online :-) Participation is anonymous. You can access the questionnaire at For more information on the project, please visit my website ( Your help will be greatly appreciated! :-) If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas related to this topic, I would be more than happy to use this forum as platform for the discussion! Thank you and kind regards, Florian (alias IronWulf) Florian Flueggen, PhD student in Education at Victoria University of Wellington This research has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) Human Ethics Committee [application no. 0000025257]. It is not affiliated with any other company or institution besides VUW in any way.IronWulf0 26 Oct 2018
14 Oct 2018 Can I play Starcraft 2 on Linux? I've recently decided to switch to Linux. I've got no experience but I learn fast. I did my research and I found a post about this user that got banned after trying to run Diablo 3 on Linux. I know that the two games and teams are very different, but I do think I should ask now instead of writing numerous tickets in panic after something bad happens. So - will Starcraft 2 recognise the newest Ubuntu and what are the chances of something going wrong and me losing the ability to play my favorite game in the future?BreakTheWind30 14 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 building new skins for each race I have enjoyed the new skins for all of StarCraft 2 that we got for the multy player mode, but why have we not got any new building skins yet? I am hoping we get the new Tech Zerg to have Tech hive and other buildings, even Tech Zerg Ground. also all the other races to have their own Building skins to, WHO not want to have the black protoss buildings or the golden age ones, or the white gold ones for the Tech Protoss versions. or the others for Zerg or Terran's. if the next Skin patchs for the next Event are Building Skins then I will be happy, if we don't get any, then what the point of making so many new skins for the game and not give all the buildings new skins to? what do you all think?Runnhurd0 10 Oct 2018
27 Sep 2018 Is it worth to upgrade from Phenom II 965 BE to FX 8350 My PC specs:H55 liquid Corsair; motherboard Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0; Graphics GTX 1050 TI 4GB. RAM 8 GB DDR3; 240SSD; 1TB HDD; CPU: Phenom II 965 BE. I am currently thinking to upgrade to FX 8350 from Phenom II 965. I just wanted to ask by about how much of an improve in fps will I have in StarCraft II? I am not planning or considering to overclock anything as I am worried not to do any damage. I was wondering around how much for improve will I have. I play Starcraft 2 (Extremely extra very low settings - for good performance) - when on the map I own about 500 zerglings I get around 15-30 fps also +3 other AI (Testing was done on Deity mod Map). About how much would I expect to have with FX with the very same settings and amount of same units? Also a few other questions: Will my motherboard be ok with FX 8350 processor? Also will my cooler H55 liquid be good enough for FX? Thanks to everyone here in advance.Kintario0 27 Sep 2018
20 Apr 2018 Real life banelings Ok guys, we finally have real life version of banelings Here is the link to the news: 20 Apr 2018
06 Apr 2018 LFM: Discussion on how we use games 2.0 After some discussions with other players and a successful grant application, I am again/still looking for more participants, but I have made some changes. Amongst others, thank you for the suggestions I got on the blizzard forums. Do you play multiplayer online games, would like to talk about how you play these games, and contribute to research in a new and developing field at the same time? I (Florian, studying at Victoria University of Wellington) am currently conducting a study on how players play multiplayer online games. I am looking for participants of any game in that category over the age of 16 who would like to take part in interviews or group discussions on this topic. If you would like to contribute, but do not want to take part in a conversation or simply want to stay anonymous, please see the bottom of this information form for a link to an anonymous free-text survey instead. The focus of the discussion would be how you use a game of your choice (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, if you watch streams, write guides, etc.; but the main question will be what you think is important to describe how you play the game). This discussion would be held via skype or zoom and is expected to take 30 minutes for an interview, or 45-60 minutes for a group discussion where the other participants would be people you know (e.g. some friends or guild mates you asked to sign up, too) or random other participants, this is up to you. Participation is strictly confidential. Your help will contribute to the understanding of how games are actually used, which is an important aspect for understanding the various effects games can have. If you would like more information or want to participate, please fill in the short form (~5 minutes) at (you can also easily find the study when searching for GameUsageStudy under the tab "pages" on facebook and can contact me there, though I am still working on setting that page up properly). As thank you, you will receive a NZD15 voucher (or nearest local equivalent, e.g. $10 US or 10 Euro) for amazon or steam, depending on your preference. Thank you, and kind regards, Florian P.s.: As mentioned above, I understand that not everyone who would like to share their opinion wants to take part in an interview, for various reasons. If you feel this way, I would like to invite you to describe how you use games in this online form ( instead. You can be as detailed or succinct as you would like to, and your participation is anonymous.IronWulf1 06 Apr 2018
03 Apr 2018 game stuff ;) Hello blizzard! if i may i would be happy to share some ideas for a game (and the whole career thing is to complicated to me ;P) so if anyone would want to hear them i am free almost anytimeDarth1 03 Apr 2018
16 Feb 2018 LFM: Discussions about how we use games En Taro Adun! I am looking for participants for group discussions OR individual interviews about how we as players use multiplayer online computer games like WoW, SCII, LoL, CS: GO, and other games (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, how/if you plan the next time you play, etc.). Anyone who regularly plays a Multiplayer-Online-Game, is over 16 years of age (consent to participate in research reasons), and can speak English fluently is welcome to participate. Currently, in the media as well as in research, games are portrayed in non-representative ways, as if all games are the same, all players are the same, and all players play a game the same way. With your help I would like to — on a game-by-game basis — question how individual games are actually being played (or, more generally, how they are used. For example: reading or writing a guide isn’t actually part of playing the game, but it is still connected to it). If you are interested and want to find out more, please read on! Otherwise, thank you for reading this far. If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this along to them :-)IronWulf2 16 Feb 2018
08 Nov 2017 Ideas for a new game based on the sc world i got some ideas for a new game based on the starcraft World and i would like to talk them over with someone who could make my gaming Dream possible :)Darth1 08 Nov 2017
08 Nov 2017 Ideas for a new game based on the sc world i got some ideas for a new game based on the starcraft World and i would like to talk them over with someone who could make my gaming Dream possible :)Darth0 08 Nov 2017
26 Sep 2017 Low fps on full army fight with good pc Low fps on full army fight at ultra settings with good pc. Hello! It is normal to have low fps ( 30-50 fps) with full load when several units in 1vs1 ? Also in 3vs3 (20-30 fps) in full fight . Mention that use graphics to ultra . I put the question because I expect that my computer eating a game published in 2010 . PC Specifications : i7 6700 , GTX 1060 6GB , 16GB DDR4 RAM , SSD Samsung , psu : corsair RM 650, Monitor : 1080p Was need a 1070 gtx ? or what to be the problem ? Maximum temperatures are usually 65 degrees Celsius at gpu, and 50 at cpu. I recently reinstalled the operating system (clean install) At the beginning of the match the fps is 180-190.Bobu2 26 Sep 2017
14 Sep 2017 One question about Starcraft risk Hello, i'm interested in buying starcraft risk, but i don't know in what languages the game is available. I mean if there is only english version, thats ok with me, but lot of my friends that are playing risk are not english speakers. Thanks in advance :)Comisa0 14 Sep 2017
03 Sep 2017 Will the UED ever be revived in Starcraft 2? If you played the original Starcraft you get to know that no UED ships made it back to earth with the information about the zerg. Would it be possible that they return in a special campaign?Alpha0 03 Sep 2017
09 Jul 2017 warcraft 2 for free in battlenet 2.0 The game is still active on a russian page. Why not put it in battlenet 2.0 for free.Manic3 09 Jul 2017
13 Jun 2017 Starcraft in Real life Ive been questioning myself this a lot of times in my lifetime. How would Starcraft in real life look like? What if we live in the exact universe that Starcraft happened in, if it could, as theres infinite parallel universes and if we are one of them, what if it is that exact one, does that mean that humankind will divide in future into UED and Terrans? Will we experience the darkest times of our lives in Brood war while most of Terrans will get quartered by Zerglings or ripped apart by Hydralisks and some of us may live up to WoL or even LotV and die in Augustgrad while zergs make !@#$ go down? I mean its 99,99% Impossible, if even that 00,01% chance is a real one, How would you react as a fan of Starcraft and how would you react as a non-gamer or someone who has never played Starcraft? Lots of perspectives :D My plan for the future is to make myself an engineer and a scientist that will team up to build an actual real-sized Behemot Battlecruiser that works same as in Starcraft and has the same functions eg. Hyperspace travel, Yamato Cannon, Laser weaponry and more, It could take up a few even 50 or more years i think, size of a BC is something like a few countries size probably, but i would get myself heart transplant so i could live longer :v Ya all wanna talk about SC in real life? If it was real i wouldnt mind, always wanted to wreck %^-* up in a siege tank or a thor :PNitroGamerPL0 13 Jun 2017
01 Jun 2017 How to sign up for tournament (automatic) How to sign up for tournament? - you must be placed in a ranked matchmaking league for this race before signing upðíó0 01 Jun 2017
25 May 2017 [HELP]Confused w/ Overwatch:GOTY edition CAN'T POST THIS ANYWHERE IN OW FORUMS SO I CHOSE TO ASK HERE. Now that Overwatch:Game Of The Year Edition is here what happens if i buy a physical copy of Overwatch:Origins that is still in the stores? Will I get All skins and other game stuff except from the 10 lootboxes offer?Or is buying origins like buying standard and i won't get anything extra? SOLVED!Dusky0 25 May 2017
24 May 2017 Tychus Findlay armour and his waste Hi there. I'm truly sorry if my question is inappropriate, but it bothers me for a while. So, here's the story – in Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Intro we can see Tychus is being locked in his armour and he is wearing pants. I presume common marines are undressed in their armour and there is no question about their waste. But what about Tychus? Does he need, I'm sorry, to pee and poop in his pants? What about smell and hygiene then?Igariokas1 24 May 2017
17 Apr 2017 Intel HD graphics 630 and Starcraft 2 My PC has just died and need to build another. I am just wondering if Intel HD graphics 630 found in the Intel Kaby Lake processors (7700k) would be enough to run SC2 on medium? I have seen a link on You Tube which seems ok, but the video does have many units in it. I know i should buy a dedicated graphics card (and I will), but I am just waiting for the vega release before I part which any money on a graphics card. Any one managing with Intel 630 on medium?Deco1 17 Apr 2017
26 Mar 2017 Why no... So we basicly have a few Captain Obvious on the forum why does we not have a Captain Understatement? or Captain Irrelevant? so far: Pesty: Captain Sarcasm DutchHeathen: Captain Nom NomRvB: Captain drunk and stoned Klokateer: Captain Baneling Mawi: Captain Insane "666" Lehmä: Captain Predictable Spark: Captain Unstable Shen: Captain Adjutant BuuGhost: Captain Loyal Xcess: Captain Emoo Raijuforever: Captain Angry Vardaine: Captain Genious Recilon/NyanCat: Captain Awesome Raiju: Captain Raitroll (as in Rait-Roll, learn to read people) Decaf: Captain Yesterday admiralnlson: Captain Edit The Hatman: Captain Doing-it-Wrong Flowzor: Captain !@#$%^ (I don't know what this is, but all swearwords are now forbidden) Tester: Captain of the straw hats DarthSyden: Captain L33t (as in leet) Ghost: Captain Planet Charbook: Captain Explosion Plintstorm: Supreme Captain Why No Lorejth: Captain Most-Hated BugglorD: Captain Ragequit Twilice: Captain Lucid Mefisto: Captain fail-to-be-another-captain FladfiskEgon: Captain Wannabe DoctorPhil: Captain Falcon/Unhelpful/Off topicbrym: Captain Sceptical Rederoin: Captain Reaper Saukko: Captain Father Satan Michiel: Captain Spoiler Alert Factionized: Captain Legion Argentum: Captain Anorexi PyromaniacWulff: Captain Casual Tosaffa: Captain Annoying BrotherRoga: Captain Warhammer <---- HAPPY NAO!? rExaltedOne: Captain Super hot Grendel: Captain Confused philpay: Captain retard Rasofe: Captain Wisdom Serelitz: Captan Common sense (is a fake) Liixe: Captain Inconspicuous Atomicdomb: Captain bringsupirrelevantmeme's (not Captain Irrelevant) Cybugger: Captain Short-Attention-Span SiC: Captain Troll (as in a troll) Grildrak: Captain Scared Templar: Captain (winner of the 1st Forumers Tournament) <---! Ewu: Captain Bass (not the fish) Caye: Captain Really Bad At Starcraft Archaea: Captain Interrogation BlueHelmet: Captain Noob (as in newbie) Njala: Captain Chaos HiveMind: Captain ASCII ViKing: Captain Man One: Captain Knowsbest Lodellica: Captain _____ Phoenix: Captain nobody Zamoonda: Captain Showoff Nomad: Captain RickRoll Maw: Captain Amazing Mikal: Captain Trololol (as in the lols made by a Troll) cdgKollin: Captain Everybody jhawk: Captain Admiral ForceBreaker: Captain N00b l33T H4xZor (as in the hacking bad guy type) Arnadath: Captain Ohdamndaboat'sleaking Darmorgaut: Captain Spawnmoarovalods Cryder: Captain Dakka SCXKill: Captain Weirdo Strajder: Captain Infested Moip: Captain Swarm,,, TemplarOmega: Captain Templar TheScourge: Captain Something SciEagle: Captain Cake Bart: Captain Mantis TNCFungus: Captain too nice/captain EVIL! MUHAHAHA Ogwis: Captain Britannia Dragon: Captain Dragon InfestedOne: Captain Melee Moonshadow: captain geek Starscream: Captain 2nd in Command Spiderweb: Captain Cannibal Troll (as in, you know, the Troll that hits Trolls.) Zanazuah: Captain ForeverAlone AlexOdhin: Captain Magik ...oh its on man... Aystrel: Captain DiabLore Arketem: Captain WTF Dignity: Captain Lurks in Forum at Work Fluffy: Captain Unbelievable (Awesome was taken, sorry.) Taerox: Captain Judging People Zondoros: Captain Everithin MoskoPwR: Captain low APM LeTroll: Captain Finally got out of bronze! Fortunos: Captain Redundant Adam: Captain Captain Rihfok: Captain Panda Marine!!!11!!1!one Donmon: Captain Can i eat you? Szierra: Captain Random Ninja-Cannibal Troll Timbertje: Captain Female/Girlie PhilCore: Captain Casper HAPA: Captain silence Lime: Captain The one and only awesome Goosebumps: Captain Facepalm Genesis: Captain Bi-polar Bullswag: Captain Commissar zeCro: Captain Superior Daftpink: Captain Pink separhim: Captain Spelling Error Katniss: Captain Roach Azrael: Captain Overdone MythicOz: Captain Indecision CurseofDeath: Captain Destruction Wrath: Captain I want to be a cheesecake Jono: Captain Spock If anyone wants to get on the list or get a Free™ name change, say so and it shall (eventually) be done. :PStrajder94 26 Mar 2017
19 Feb 2017 What would you rate this computer out of 10? Title explains itself. This is it: Windows 8.1 64 bit Intel-i5 4460 3.2 GHz 8 GB Ram 240 GB SSD 2x 1TB HDD nVidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti(latest drivers) Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H-A P.D: I'm not going to VR anytime soon.CommanderTIE1 19 Feb 2017
10 Feb 2017 will this laptop run sc2? I'm looking for a laptop for around £400 that can run sc2 on medium. I went to PC World and saw one but was concerned the graphics couldn't cope. It was an onboard Radeon R5. The computer had 8 GB of RAM. Does anyone know if this would cope ? If not are there any other options? Anyone provide a link to maybe one that I could buy online that would be able to run sc2? I've already got a desktop that can run sc2 but need a laptop that can play it at work because my job is incredibly boring with nothing to do for hours on end and this will solve that problem.FredFredFred5 10 Feb 2017
23 Jan 2017 LoV Digital Deluxe Items Hi there :) I recently purchased the battlechest including all three expansions. However, I would like to get the digital deluxe items but only for the Legacy of the Void. I thought they would be offered separately after purchasing a standard copy of the expansion as it is with the Warlords of Draenor. So is there any way I can get the items separately without needing to purchase a Digital Deluxe version of the whole expansion. CheersLiamus1 23 Jan 2017
19 Jan 2017 Starcraft copy in Clash of clans style? Well i found this game online, and its a exact replica of starcraft but with a different gameplay. Its like they really didnt have any idea of what else to do, so they just took the look, names, and abilitys of the starcraft universe. The name is Starcolony. @Admins I dont know it this is already "advertising?!Zombietot3 19 Jan 2017
05 Dec 2016 Cant believe I cant believe that old story of our beloved stracrafts ends ... This game is legend and their heroes are too ... nothing cant be as good as were those 17 amaizing years of this sport called STARCRAFT ..........Dardič1 05 Dec 2016
30 Nov 2016 Lore - Archons and Hybrids same? I've gotten curious about how Hybrid are a hybrid of Zerg and Protoss, and also Archon are a hybrid of 2 Protoss Templars . Any reference in lore outlining any similarities between them and maybe are they created in same process? I know that Hybrid were created in the lab, but in the lab they might have pushed for the same fusion process that 2 Templars use? I also noticed Archon shares same quotes as the Hybrid and also Dark Archon can utilise void energies same as Hybrids. And Dark Archons usually when created are in agony, so are the Hybrids in agony, as Amon wanted Hybrids to be in agony as he hated Xel'Nagas creations. Basically I think Archons and Amons Hybrids are same/simillar type of entities. Any thoughts?Eugo1 30 Nov 2016
21 Sep 2016 Help me understand WCS terminology Hi. I have trouble understanding the scope and organisation of competitive gaming in Star Craft 2. I have tried googling alot of web pages, but none of them had an "entry level" info, including the official WCS blizzard page. I find all of this very confusing so let me sort my questions in order: 1. What is a WCS, who is organising it and who owns it as a brand? 2. Who can take part in WCS? 3. How is WCS connected with other Star Craft competitive gaming brands like: 3a. What is ZOWIE Open 3b. What is Dream hack 3c. What is Intel Extreme Masters? 4d. What is Pro League? 4e. What is GSL Code S (wtf??)? 4d. What is SSL Premiere? 4. How come there is a sort of division between korean gaming structure and rest of the world? I realise they have deeper gaming traditions and read all about how competitive gaming arised from small town internet spot cafes battling each other. However how is it they have their whooole championship structure (WCS Korea)? Is it blessed by blizzard or is it a private initiative? 5. What is WCS Circuit and how does it compare to WCS? 6. Why is there a WCS Spring and Summer edition? I'm so lost.... 7. WHAT THE HELL IS Copa International and how does it stand to WCS??? 8. Is there a chanel on youtube I can watch current events? The WCS site links to a channel called WCS StarCraft, but the list of the videos says, last added was 10 months ago... 9. Since I'm from Poland, I know there is some sort of annual great finals party in Katowice, I think it was the Intel Extreme Masters 2015 finals, however I can't find any information about this year. Is it still going to be in Katowice? Can you point me somewhere? MASSSSSIVE Thanks for your help and patience to this wall of text. Thank you.Shadewind1 21 Sep 2016
28 Aug 2016 The next movie: A starcraft movie?! I think it would be amazing if the next film will be about the events of sc1-BW. Just think of all those epic classic moments and characters remastered into a film!!Sektor6 28 Aug 2016
27 Aug 2016 World In Conflict needs Blizzard Hopefully some of the SC2 community have played World In Conflict, a 2007 RTS game by Massive Entertainment (who were subsequently bought by Ubisoft). There is a question at the end of this post but first, a little about the game itself.... On it's release and even until as recently as 2013/14 World In Conflict had awesome popularity but it seemed to eventually fizzle out, largely because the community was unheard when it came to the idea of a sequel or some fresh updates. Ubisoft, at the time, were far more focused on rehashing the same console games time after time after time, games such as Assassin's Creed. The idea when playing the game is a little bit like Starcraft in some ways. That is to say that some skill is involved with army composition and positioning but there are some different dynamics which do make an completely different experience. Four roles were available to each player (Eight players on each team) and your job on each map is different depending on the role you chose. You might be heading up the front lines in your heavy Armour but you may not be successful if the Support role has not sent anti-air units. A very rock-paper-scissors theory in which your team certainly must work as a single military unit if the day is to be won. The other two roles are that of Air Support (protecting your front line and busting enemy strongholds) and Infantry (a stealth role of planting mines and hiding in trees). One of the interesting aspects of the game is being straight into the action from the start. This was achieved by resources being reward as a result of kills and the securing of key parts of the map rather than having to be mined or collected. Here is some gameplay........ World in Conflict Trailer: World In Conflict Gameplay: World In Conflict complete 8v8 match: My question is, for a game that was so popular in it's day and seems to have died a death via apparent neglect by the owners, could Blizzard enquire about the rights for the title and revive it? Is such a thing even possible? I am sure it would be popular, I am sure it would make a good tournament game.MrHappy0 27 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016 StarCraft spin off? Hello I accidentally found this article Does this means we could get a SC spin off game not only on mobile phones but pc too (just like HS is on pc)? I myself would like some spin off games because this is my favorite franchise and I hope Blizzard will never abandon it. I could even imagine Blizzard creating a Homeworld version of SC that would be also nice. Do you think this is a possibility or they would create a new IP for it? What are your thoughts?Omnisarch3 24 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 Scorn I just discovered this game, and it instantly reminded me of the Zerg briefing room from the original StarCraft (and Alien, the "inspiration" for StarCraft itself). This is what StarCraft was like and should have been, in terms of concept art, aesthetics and art direction: (Esp. at ~1:58) 21 Aug 2016
15 Aug 2016 Starcraft logic! So apparently to starcraft logic! Yay! Banshee the carpet bomber! is a single target hitter with no splash? :O (if you have seen the campaign cinematics you know what I'm talking about) DAMN they looked bad !@# there! The modules of the interceptors are smaller then zealots. What only dwarf size protoss where remaining for hire? ehkem.... Aiur I mean. And nydus worm gets 1v1'd by a drone :O But still it looks so super bad $%^ and scary! Infestors can fit 8 infested terran eggs with in him? that is so Impossibruu! compared to the size of the eggs Every unit has limitless armor, and endless energy (can run forever) And why doesn't the protoss equip the zealots with some run and gun thingys? What they ran out of budget? A huge fat larvae can spit huge amounts of free goo that can hold gigantic battle cruisers in the air... Even the momma ship... That I really don't get.... OldManSocks45 15 Aug 2016
14 Aug 2016 The lore thing, a !@#$post probably. I'm just wondering if i am the only guy who wants to see smth updated? Before the lotv was even announced i was hoping for "cast of characters" and "koprulu sector systems" to be updated even though the chances for that were pretty awkward. I was still hoping for that after the lotv release, nothing happened in like a day, a week, a month after the release and i just dont understand why there is so little information about protoss. For eg the Auir is still inhabited by zergs in "koprulu sector systems" and "cast of characters" only has one protoss - Zeratul. I mean, maybe Blizzard think that players who rly care for that can find some sc2 specified wikis or something like this but i wonder why those sontain some decent information about zergs and terran.Vanya2 14 Aug 2016
20 Jul 2016 delete please delete pleaseDealer0 20 Jul 2016
17 Jul 2016 Narud and Amon as Coop commanders? Hello! I think that it would be a great idea to add Narud and Amon as coop commanders. It'd be awesome to create such basic structures as "Oblivion Construct", "Torment Construct", "Void Rift" and for example "Rampage Construct". Training or using "Hero" units as Hybrid Nemesis, Hybrid Reaver, Hybrid Destroyer, Dominator, Behemoth and Void Trasher could be also possible. In case of Narud, it would be randomized, what race of units he can deploy, while Amon could use a "mixed" army. However, there would be randomizations by Amon too. For example melee (zealot), ranged (hydralisk), flyer (viking) OR melee (zergling), ranged (marauder/marine), flyer (phoenix) etc. At last, but not least, the missions would have a wide scale. For example: "Rush the Xel'Naga temple", "Defend Void Trashers while the destroy Sgt. Hammers Fortress" etc... What do you think?Leviathan6 17 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Warcraft movie getting bad reviews? So, given that the Warcraft movie has been released in 11 countries already, I've noticed that the first reviews are coming in and it's not looking good. It's got only a 22% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so I looked through some of the reviews to see why they're rating it so badly. Apparently, though the CGI is very good, the main problem is the pacing in that it appears that too much of the background stories for the characters and too much character development has been cut out in order fit into a 2 hour runtime. As a Warcraft fan, I'll probably understand what's going on but it seems like there's not enough there to introduce new people to the world because the first 20 minutes is like an exposition dump that will still leave them trying to figure out who's who and what's what. If this is the case, I'm really disappointed because I really wanted this movie to succeed but I don't think it will be able to break the video game movie curse. I wanted to see it as a Warcraft fan and was going to see it with my dad when it comes out on 17 June here in South Africa but after telling my dad about this plot dump in the first 20 minutes of the movie, he thinks it maybe not worth seeing. Unfortunately, I think that while it will open to a good start in Europe and China in the first week, it will probably drop off dramatically in the second week because Warcraft fans alone might not be enough to carry it through. Will the video game movie curse ever be broken?Jono13 05 Jul 2016
24 Jun 2016 Translator for chats can we not create a translator that can translate all other languages to our selected languages english(my one) ---------------translator-------other languages | | | so they send in their | languages and | it automatically translate to |--------------------------------------------- our selected one.dibster0 24 Jun 2016
16 Jun 2016 Rekrutacja do szkoły z profilem e-sportowym w grę SC2! Trwa od niedawna rekrutacja w Zespole Szkół Mechanicznych i Logistycznych w Słupsku do 2 klas Technikum z połączonym profilem e-sportowym z grą SC2LOTV. KDV jest partnerem Słupskiego Mechanika od połowy roku. Pierwszą większą akcją był MECHLAN w 4 gry StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void, Hearthstone, Counter Strike Global Offensive i League of Legends. Od września 2016 roku rusza profil e-sportowy, który powstanie z 2 klas Technikum. Będzie to 15 osób + 5 rezerwowych. Profil ten powstaje z dwóch klas: - Technik Pojazdów Samochodowych - Technik Logistyk W klasie e-sportowej odbędzie się nauka w grę StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. W przyszłości nie wykluczamy innych gier. Warunkiem jest: - konieczne uczestniczenie w wybranym SKS - wysoka frekwencja na W-F Termin zapisów do 20.08.2016 r. Dobór zawodników nie będzie podyktowany tylko umiejętnościami komputerowymi, będą brane pod uwagę oceny. Coachem będzie Mariusz Kurak znany na battlenecie pod nickiem "Zergadis" - Właściciel Klan Dark Venom. Przygodę ze StarCraftem zaczął już w 1998r, zaczynając od SCBW na europejskim battlenecie, następnie na iCCupie gdzie organizował CW (clan wars). Po wyjściu SC2 w 2010r rozszerzył działalność KDV oraz szlifowanie swoich umiejętności, w Wings of Liberty oraz Hearth of the Swarm grał na poziomie High Master, w Legacy of the Void szkolił uczniów w programie mentorskim. Osoby z rekrutowane będą w Akademii KDV oraz objęte programem mentorskim. Zawodnicy otrzymają dodatkowe wsparcie pedagoga i psychologa szkolnego. Chętni proszeni są o wypełnienie formularza dostępnego na stronie lub w sekretariacie. Link do artykułu: 16 Jun 2016
12 Jun 2016 Pay for Abathur Hi Blizzard, seams this forum is the way to provide feedback, even so I have no idea if that's the correct part of it I just want to give some. I am a huge Starcraft and Blizzard in general fan, I did get all Starcraft II Expensions (incl. Nova Missions) as soon as they became available, but I am a bit disappointed that you expect me to pay for an additional hero in Co-Op Missions now. I totally understand that you have to earn money in order to further develop Starcraft but there is quite some free content available for Starcraft and now I, as someone who already bought every update available is expected to pay for an additional hero in the Co-Op missions, as I said, I am disappointed about that. RegardsEntylSa2 12 Jun 2016
01 Jun 2016 Warcraft Remastered (second try) GL HF I know this is a Starcraft forum but it's about a strategy game and I don't think it' fits in at the wow forums. Here goes: I would really love to see the original warcraft game republished with updated graphics, maybe some new mechanics (like in warcraft 3) but kept in the cartoon/simple style of the original game. I would like to play the game again cause the lore (and it's a warcraft game), but It doesn't work on my computer :-( Now there has been some remastered games of older games from other companies (Monkey Island 1 + 2 and Duck Tales), and They were pretty fun to play with the new look, so if Warcraft 1 remastered would be a thing then It would buy it :-). The price should be around 15 dollars (like the new Nova campaign), because it should be kind-of-a small campaign thing (maybe published over a couple of months) or something like that. Hope this gets noted in Blizzard company, which can keep us occupied until Warcraft 4 is published :-) Thanks for listening to my idea, GG :-) (This has already been posted in another thread, but I got told, it was the wrong place, so I'll try again ;-) )RedDwarf1 01 Jun 2016
26 May 2016 Suporting eSports teams Hi all! Please take 5 min to fill in this short survey about professioanl esports teams and how to support them; context and details are explained in the first page. Thanks!!vangelord0 26 May 2016
22 May 2016 my Youtube channel Starcraft & more Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I started playing StarCraft II on my Youtube Channel so check it out if you are interested. The first episodes are online. I just started recently so don't expect to much but feedback is always appreciated. Anyway I hope to see a lot of you guys there and have a nice day. 22 May 2016
20 May 2016 A Warcraft II song remade Happy listening!AlexOdhin0 20 May 2016
18 May 2016 Starcraft 2 Battle Chest Hello! Any estimated date for the release of Starcraft 2 Battle Chest with all 3 games? Thank you.Sourire2 18 May 2016
29 Apr 2016 Nostalrius is finally meeting with Blizzard Bring back Nostalrius the way it was! 29 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 Starcraft II Improvement Tool Dear Starcraft II player, my name is Andreas and I study „Computer Science“ at Graz University of Technology. In my master thesis I will develop a web-based tool, which helps Starcraft II players, to improve their skills. To find out, if such a tool is interesting for Starcraft II players, I created a questionnaire. It is mostly about how people improve their knowledge about Starcraft II outside of the game. Why did I choose to develop this tool? Because I think the Starcraft II community needs every help it can get to get bigger and the players are happy about every opportunity they can get to improve their gameplay. Of course I am a big fan of Starcraft II too. Thanks for your help! Link to the questionnaire: http://starcraft2questionnaire.tkAnxn0 13 Apr 2016