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14 Jan 2017 [Guide] New players - Look here Hi there! Welcome to StarCraft II! You've stumbled upon a guide written by an ordinary player just like you, written to help the newcomers as they enter one of the most exciting games out there! As you may be aware of already, StarCraft II is a real time strategy game. It has a thrilling single player campaign, but an even better multiplayer, which is what this guide is dedicated to. There is a lot of stuff to be said about StarCraft II. The game has been out for approximately five years, and is constantly shifting into new exciting phases. The final chapter has been written for the trilogy, but more content is on the way. Just a quick note: Legacy of the Void is the last expansion for the game, and with it comes a lot of new changes. First of all, you do not need to purchase Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm in order to play the latest expansion. They are all separate. This means that you only need Legacy of the Void in order to participate in the multiplayer. Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm does however give you access to two fantastic single player campaigns. A wall of text is not fun, so this guide won't be too in-depth. This is more like a general overview of what to expect. Sections: Terminology             - Gameplay                 - Races                       - Casters and content - Viewers guide            - TERMINOLOGY This is a fast paced game, so we have made our own set of words to describe another set of words. There are words we in the community use very often to describe a specific event or action. While these may not make much sense at first, they are important to learn, because casters and players will use these words quite a bit! I will explain most of them here. APM – Actions per minute: Is an average or instantaneous measure of the rate at which a player can perform actions (with the mouse/keyboard). Day9 (ex-caster) very elegantly summarizes the disparity between APM and skill as such - high APM doesn't make anyone a better player, but better players have higher APM because they have much better game sense and awareness. BM – Bad manners. BO – Build order: In which order order the buildings are constructed during the "early game". Indicates what strategy the player want to use further in the game. CC – Command Center. Cheese – Some kind of early all-in (rush) that will result in either an early win or loss for the attacking player. In some situations both players come out even and the game continues. Chokepoint – A narrow area on the map. This can create a concave which favors one of the players. Deathball – A large army grouped into a single "ball" of units. Eco/Econ – Economy: How much resources (minerals/vespene gas) the player has. Expo – Expansion. FE / Fast expand – A risky strategy where you expand very early in the game to get an economic lead. GG – Good Game (A polite way to end the game when you lose). GL HF – Good luck have fun (Polite way to start the game). Greedy – When a player is playing risky in order to get an economic lead. MMM – Marine, Marauder, Medivac. Micro – The control of units to maximize their effectiveness. Macro – The creation of units, buildings and upgrades. Main – Starting Nexus, Hatchery or Command Center. Natural – Closest expansion to a player’s starting location. OP/Imba – Overpowered/Imbalanced: When a unit or strategy is so good that it ruins the game's balance. Proxy – When a player builds a building close to his opponent's base. PvT – Protoss versus Terran. PvZ – Protoss versus Zerg. Scouting – Revealing areas of the map to gain information about your opponent. Smurf – An experienced player who are playing in lower leagues on purpose to win more easily. Supply block – When a player is not able to build more units because the supply is too low. Timing attack – An attack which is made to happen at a certain point in time, to catch the opponent in a vulnerable state. Turtling – When a player is only defending himself inside his base. Wall-in – To place buildings in a way that the opponent's units can't enter, often at the top of the ramp. There are hundreds of these, but the ones mentioned above are the most useful at first. For additional definitions, take a look here: 14 Jan 2017
12 Feb Community Update – February 12, 2019 Hey everyone, In our last update, we reduced the Stalkers’ Blink upgrade research cost to try and help improve PvZ and PvP matchups. After reading all your recent feedback around the change, including discussions around its impact on TvP matchups, we’ve determined the Blink upgrade cost reduction isn’t necessary at this time, and we’ve decided to revert this change for now. We appreciate all of your feedback and thoughtful discussion around this issue. Stalker • Blink research cost reverted from 100/100 to 150/150 Our current plan is to release this balance update before IEM Katowice on February 21. As always, thank you so much for your feedback, and we encourage you to keep letting us know what you think!Aerythlea0 12 Feb
30 Jan StarCraft II Hotfixes – January 29, 2019 Bug Fixes Versus Players can no longer click on the former location of a blinked Stalker to target the unit. Fixed an issue that caused Pylons using the Forged skin to not display the faster warp-in field when attempting to build one near a Nexus or Gateway. Maps Cyber Forest LE Main base resource locations have been adjusted to provide additional space for players to build. Units can no longer hide inside the large tree stump doodad. Fixed an issue that caused visual distortion with certain doodads when zooming the camera in and out. Improved the pathing for air units in several locations. Rosebud LE Fixed an issue that allowed ground units to be completely hidden in steam vents. Fixed an aquatic plant doodad to properly appear on the surface of water. Fixed an issue that caused visual distortion with certain doodads when zooming the camera in and out. Efflorescense LE Adjusted several locations on the map that allowed ground units to be hidden behind terrain. New Repugnancy LE Improved the pathing for air units in several locations. Fixed an issue that caused air units to clip into certain doodads. Main base resource locations have been adjusted to provide additional space for players to build. Adjusted the placement of mineral nodes in the starting base to prevent drones from sometimes pathing inefficiently.Kheluriel0 30 Jan
21 Jan Community Update January 16 Greetings! It’s been almost two months since the 2018 end-of-year balance patch and we’ve already seen a ton of interesting metagame developments. Special shoutouts to Onpoong for putting on such awesome Ultimate Battle showmatches in the offseason and to Dark for showing especially great games. Now that we’ve had some time to gather feedback, reflect, and witness the changes in action, we think we’re ready to make some adjustments. In addition to tweaking some of the units we’ve changed in the 4.8 patch, we’d also like to reinforce some of the initial stated goals of the end-of-year patch. These include, but are not limited to, bringing more parity to the late game of various matchups and increasing opening and composition diversity in PvZ. Terran Cyclone Mag-field Accelerator research time increased from 79 seconds to 100 seconds. We’ve gotten a lot of varied feedback on the strength of Cyclones in TvZ, but as we feel counterstrategies against Cyclones are still developing, we think it’s too early to hit this matchup too heavily. At the same time, we do feel the Mag-field Accelerator upgrade comes online a bit too quickly, and we’d like to more directly target the initial strength of Cyclones when used as part of TvP proxy all-ins. Thor High Impact Payload weapon range increased from 10 to 11. We’ve received feedback that TvP late-game still feels Protoss-favored. We believe that by further pushing the Thor’s anti-Massive role, we can open up other late-game TvP options, such as ranged Liberators and Battlecruisers. Additionally, we’d like for Thors to be slightly more powerful at dislodging enemy Liberators, which we believe will reduce the importance of air control in TvT and promote mid/late-game interaction. As range adjustments have historically been very impactful, we’ll be keeping an especially close eye on this change. Battlecruiser Weapon Refit research time increased from 43 seconds to 100 seconds. The Weapon Refit upgrade was not initially designed with early-game Battlecruiser rushes in mind, and we feel these rushes in TvZ come online with full power a bit too quickly. Thus, we'd like to delay the full might of the rush without completely removing the build from the game. As with Cyclones, we believe Battlecruiser strategies and counterstrategies are still being developed and would like to see how this plays out. Zerg Ultralisk Anabolic Synthesis upgrade now increases Ultralisk movement speed off creep by 0.82, up from 0.41. We’ve received feedback that this upgrade isn’t as impactful or as noticeable as we’d like, so we’ve doubled its effectiveness from 10% of the unit’s base speed to 20%. This new speed off-creep will allow Ultralisks to slightly outpace Stimmed Bio even when they aren't kiting. Nydus Network/Nydus Worm Nydus Worm health increased from 200 to 300. Nydus Worm armor while emerging decreased from 6 to 5. We haven't seen many Nydus Networks used so we'd like to make a few changes to remedy this. First, we believe Nydus all-ins are significantly less powerful than we initially intended due to a combination of the Transfuse nerf and the ability to pre-target them before they pop. Increasing the health is intended to allow Nydus Worms to be more resilient against low numbers of units with moderate damage, such as Stalkers and Roaches. This could be especially useful for Zerg players who are trying to be offensive against Cannon contains. At the same time, we’d like to reduce the Nydus’ armor to maintain its relative durability against Terran and Marines. Nydus Network and Nydus Worm initial unload delay period decreased from 0.36 to 0.18. Nydus Network and Nydus Worm unload period decreased from 0.36 to 0.18. Nydus Network and Nydus Worm load period decreased from 0.18 to 0.09. By changing load and unload periods, we hope to improve how fluid the Nydus feels when used as a mobility tool. Our intent is to make the Nydus Worm more useful in its mobility role without returning its all-in role to the full power of its invulnerability days. Protoss Adept Gateway build time increased from 27 seconds to 30 seconds. Warp Gate cooldown remains unchanged. In patch 4.0, we changed Chrono Boost from a persistent effect to a more concentrated charged effect. In practice, this had a large effect on the first units that were built from key structures, such as the first Adept, Oracle, or Warp Prism. Since this change, we’ve been hearing feedback that it’s difficult for Terrans to expand to a low-ground natural, because a Chrono Boosted Adept would cancel it too easily on smaller maps. This interaction is often cited by Terran pros for why TvP macro play feels at a bigger disadvantage than before. We’d like to address this by adding a slight delay to how long it takes an Adept to show up at an enemy base. Cybernetics Core Warp Gate research time decreased from 114 seconds to 100 seconds. We’d like to revisit the research time of Warp Gate for a variety of reasons across all three affected matchups. In PvT, most offensive options are currently not limited by Warp Gate timing, so we don’t believe this change will have the most significant effect in this matchup. In PvZ, this change could allow Gateway units to more easily fulfill a defensive role that the Oracle currently partially fulfills. That is, Protoss would be able to more easily defend against Baneling busts and more easily expand to a third, either with the support of an Oracle or in lieu of an Oracle. In PvP, strengthening Warp Gate would hopefully disincentivize the Stargate tech path, one that has traditionally been weak against Gateway pushes. Stalker Blink research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. While we’re certainly seeing more Robotics Bay experimentation in PvZ, we’re still not completely satisfied with the amount we’re seeing. As such, the next few changes are partially designed to push Robotics Bay play just a bit more. For this purpose, we’d like to decrease the research cost of Blink, an ability that has traditionally synergized very well with Robotics Bay tech. In PvP, we believe this change would allow for an easier counter to Stargate openers and a smoother transition to Disruptors. Robotics Facility Cost decreased from 200/100 to 150/100. We previously proposed and tested this change with the goal of promoting Robotics openings and mid-game Robotics Bay play in PvZ. However, we eventually decided against it, because it would both reinforce the popularity of Immortals in PvZ and the strength of proxy-Robotics Facility in the context of Cannon rushes. After some additional thought, we’d like to reintroduce this change and pair it with the Immortal change below. Immortal Cost increased from 250/100 to 275/100. In combination with a Robotics Facility cost reduction, we believe this change would achieve our initial goals without overly strengthening Immortals and proxy-Robotics Facility. Observer Movement speed increased from 2.63 to 3.01. Gravitic Boosters upgrade now increases movement speed by 1.51, up from 1.31. We’d like the Observer to be more able to compete with scouting options from the Stargate. Oracle Removed the Light attribute. Added the Armored attribute. In our previous community update, we talked about Stargate mirrors becoming more popular with the new patch. We believe this is partly because Oracle openings are so powerful against an opponent who doesn’t respond with Phoenix. With this change, we’d like to allow for smaller numbers of Stalkers to be able to defend Oracles. We’ll also be monitoring how this change impacts PvT. Partially because we’d like to observe the results of this and the Warp Gate change, we will not be changing the behavior of beam weapons in the upcoming patch. Tempest Movement speed decreased from 3.5 to 3.15. Acceleration decreased from 2.8 to 2.1. We received feedback that Tempests may be a bit too mobile, especially against Terran. We’re looking to especially focus on changing the unit’s acceleration, as it would more directly affect its ability to kite and disengage from fights. After these changes, we’ll be paying close attention to how effective Vikings and the new Thors will be at warding off Tempests. Closing Our current plan is to release this update, along with the new ladder season, on January 22nd, but this is subject to change. As always, let us know your thoughts, and here’s to another exciting year of StarCraft!Kheluriel2 21 Jan
20 Jan Retiring the StarCraft II Media Section Over the last year, we’ve been upgrading the look of Recently, we updated player profiles and trimmed down the content in the Media section. The old media is still temporarily available here. We wanted to give a heads-up that this content will be retired by the end of the year, at which point, it will no longer be available. If you want to download any of the media content from the old site, now is the time to do so.Nimthanion1 20 Jan
11 Jan Reverting the Oracle Bug Fix Yesterday we released a patch that fixed a long-standing bug involving beam weapons. Though we believe this bug should eventually be addressed, we agree with the feedback that the change was sudden, especially with the upcoming IEM and WCS qualifiers. As a result, we’re going to revert this change today and reintroduce it at a later date.Kheluriel0 11 Jan
20 Dec Community Update [Dec 21] It’s been a great year for StarCraft II. After the epic BlizzCon finals, we were treated to one of the most exciting HomeStory Cups to date, which showcased the new balance patch just a few days after its release. Congratulations to Serral for winning HSC XVIII and also to Future for his impressive performance at Cheeseadelphia 8! On our end, we’ve been continuing to monitor tournaments and gather feedback from the community forums and pros since the new patch was released. As 2018 comes to a close, we’d like to unpack the feedback we’ve been receiving and share our thoughts on the state of the game. TvT As Cyclones now largely resemble their pre-3.8 patch state, TvT early-game has also functionally reverted back to its pre-3.8 patch state. We’re seeing slightly more Reaper proxies compared to the time frame right before 3.8 patch, however. Feedback we’ve received suggests that this may be because players have learned to transition more safely from proxy builds. Or it could be that aggressive builds tend to win out in the early stages after a balance patch and players simply need more time to adapt. Overall, we’ve received reports that early-game TvT has become more varied, and we’re happy with how it’s developing. ZvZ We’ve received feedback that Mutalisk-based strategies have become more potent due to a combination of various Zerg changes to the Queen, Roach, Hydralisk, Creep Tumors, and Nydus Networks. We’ll be carefully watching this matchup’s mid-game compositions to see if Mutalisk play becomes too oppressive. PvP Because of the Sentry’s Hallucination cost reduction, players are now able to open Stargate and choose their first Stargate unit based on their Hallucination scout. This effectively condenses the pre-4.7.1 Phoenix and Oracle openers into a single catchall Stargate opener. This new opener can diverge into two separate paths, which can cover each other’s weaknesses. As a result, we’re seeing more Stargate openers and Phoenix mirrors than usual. Thus, we’re considering tweaks to either Hallucination or Stargate units that would add risk to blindly opening Stargate in PvP. We’re also considering changes that would allow players to transition out of Phoenix mirrors in the case of Stargate vs. Stargate openers. TvZ TvZ has been the matchup where we’ve seen the most change. We’re glad to see more Widow Mine-based play, which can lead to very back-and-forth, action-packed games. We’ve also been seeing a lot of interesting development in mech compositions with increased use of Cyclones, speed Banshees, and Battlecruisers. This matchup has been consistently evolving and we’re witnessing something new every week. TvP In TvP, while we’ve received feedback that Terran proxies are weaker than before, we still see a significant number of proxies in tournament play. Some Protoss players have commented that it can be difficult to discern between the various all-ins and fake all-ins while some Terrans have indicated that proxy play feels like the safest option to secure a low ground expansion against fast Adepts. We’re considering attacking this issue from two angles, both by weakening proxy openers and making macro openers more robust. With regards to the mid-game, we’ve heard that TvP is slightly easier for Terrans now due to the Disruptor change. As for late-game, we’re keeping a close eye on the strength of Tempests, which we’re getting mixed feedback about. Since one of our overarching goals for the end-of-year patch was to bring more balance to the late-game of all matchups, we’ll keep looking at potential future changes to achieve this, if necessary. At the same time, however—partially because of the prominence of Terran proxies—our sample size of late-game TvP is not as large as we’d like. ZvP We’ve received feedback that it’s now easier for Protoss to survive Zerg onslaughts in the mid-game. In the shift to late-game, Zergs have responded positively to Vipers being able to survive Feedback. On the Protoss side, players have been mixing up their late-game compositions and experimenting with new combinations of Void Rays, Carriers, and Tempests. While we feel these are all already positive changes, we’d still like to see more Robotics Bay-level units in Protoss compositions. Additional Thoughts Outside of anything matchup-specific, there are a few other units and upgrades that we haven’t seen much of lately, such as Thors, Anabolic Synthesis, and Nydus Networks. Though a few of these may just need more time for players to figure out, we might give them an extra boost in a future patch. As a whole, we continue to feel that it’s natural for more aggressive strategies to be stronger following a major balance patch because players will need time to explore refined responses to these strategies. That’s it from us! Now, it’s your turn to let us know your thoughts. But before we leave, we wanted to wish Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year from everyone on the balance team. See you all next year!Kheluriel0 20 Dec
22 Nov Co-Op Update: Alarak ...Kheluriel5 22 Nov
10 Aug Co-op Update: Vorazun ...Kheluriel0 10 Aug
02 Aug Co-op Mission Update – Abathur ...Kheluriel0 02 Aug
03 Apr StarCraft II Patch Notes [Last Update: 4.2.3] We released a patch today to fix a couple of issues introduced in patch 4.1.0 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused the Thor: Collector’s Edition and Special Forces skin icons to be missing when selecting skins for Large Format Games. Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash when attempting to load a replay generated during patch 4.0.0 through 4.0.2. Due to this fix, replays created on the 4.1.0 patch will no longer be viewable. Kheluriel2 03 Apr
23 Mar Update Archives Here you will find all previous Updates. If you want to catch up on the status of Multiplayer discussions, reading the last two or three updates should get you mostly up to speed! Community Update: July 24, 2018 Community Update: July 19, 2018 Co-op Commander Update: Nova & Kerrigan Community Update: Adjustments to New Maps Co-op Update: Nova Co-op Update: Nova/Kerrigan/Zagara Community Update – May 8, 2018 Community Update – April 19, 2018 Co-op Update: Swann Co-op Update: Raynor Community Update – March 29, 2018 Co-op Mission Update - March 16th, 2018 Community Update – March 13, 2018 Community Update – March 6, 2018 Co-op Community Update: Karax Co-op Update: Overall Improvements Community Update – February 5, 2018 Co-op Mission Update: Fenix Revamp Co-op Community Update -- January 26 Community Update – January 22, 2018 Co-op Community Update -- January 17 2018 Community Update – January 12, 2018Kheluriel0 23 Mar
14 Mar Hotfixes - March 13, 2018 Today we’re pushing out a few fixes focused on resolve issues with a few of our maps. Bug Fixes Siege tanks in tank form will no longer send out attack notifications to the enemy before firing. High Templars can no longer cast Feedback on an Orbital Command. Backwater LE Increased the pathable terrain areas at the closed-in third base expansion to allow ground units to attack unupgraded Liberators sieging minerals lines. Changed ground pathing by adding unpathable terrain near the closed-in third base expansion to prevent Siege Tanks from reaching and firing on nearby base structures. Improved visibility of creep located underwater. Fixed a location where water was not completely filling the exposed space. Fixed a rock doodad that floating in the air. Snowbound Colony Fixed an issue that caused a player’s initial base to be 1 tile too far from the minerals and gas.Kheluriel1 14 Mar
05 May 1.20.11 Patch Notes v1.0 Features & Improvements • Improved /f m to include modern friends • Players will now get notifications when friends enter, or exit & enter games. • Players will now be notified after using /f r to an invalid user. Bug Fixes • Fixed an issue where the refresh button was causing game to be listed more than once. • Fixed a crash related to accessing cloud maps in the create game screen. • The turn rate for custom or unranked games in multiplayer will now be preserved rather than defaulting back to 12.Kheluriel6 05 May
4d Free avilo Mech it happenFishLoveSea2 4d
5d How do I remove my ground decal? How do I remove my ground decal? Not the clan one, the one next to your main building on the ground. Is there any way to turn this off? Thanks in advance people!LittleTimmy0 5d
6d The actual problem with SC2 - the marine I'll get a lot of slack yes, but truth be told, a 50 mineral tier 1 unit that has no fire rate and can deal massive amounts of damage! The marine is the sole balance problem in sc2. Let the flame begin.Martines5 6d
6d GSL is homophobic? I didnt know asians are still such homophobic. I just got permanently banned from GSL twitch channel for saying "hes so cute ♥ KappaPride" for HerO :/ I think hes super cute and wanted to cheer for him, but apparently I get perma banned for that? Weird.Basso0 6d
12 Feb Save problems when restarting a mission... Dear Technical Support, When i do a mission and i have completed it, sometimes i want to do another run trying to do better, when i restart the mission for a second run...strangly i cant save anymore? pls help or does anybody have the same problem?Merrijn0 12 Feb
11 Feb Death threats. Wow Reported ofc. Should I be scared?Kaelos4 11 Feb
10 Feb Nerf tanks. Only 1 terran has been eliminated in GSL and ppl pretend terran is fine, or even worse underpowered, what kind of simple minded people play terran really. Basically all early aggro from toss is shutdown by making 1 tank. And thats completely fine? Look at MC vs every terran out there. He is trying to make 2 bases work. But its just not possible. you cant micro vs a tank. You are automatically forced into a 3 base macro scenario. The best part about all of this is how MC eventually decided phoenixes are the only way to beat tanks if you want to 2 base. Look how one sided that game looked. BECAUSE he went phoenixes. He didnt have any other tech up because of the sheer gas cost for phoenixes. he tried to make a gateway army and transition into a 2 forge build. literally had 5 units vs what? 20?30? due to the sheer cost of protoss units/tech (with terran already having 1 upgrade up!!!) Terrans are biased as !@#$. Your race isnt underpowered. You are just bad. Terran is insanely broken at this point in time and it all comes down to 1 unit that has been unrightfully buffed in the past. The siege tank. Added to that the nerfs for oracles make SG even worse ONLY VS FANBOY RACE terran. And they still have the nerves to QQ about there broken race being weak. How bad are you at this game? srsly. You make 1 tank and you dont even need to micro to defend ANYHTING, You basically get a free CC AND once you push and get your tanks sieged up, you will ALWAYS trade efficiently.ErazorZ2 10 Feb
09 Feb Forged Robotics Bay Instead of Robotics Facility I was gathering some War Chest XP, and I unlocked tier 9. For Terran and Zerg, I got the Factory and Roach Warren (which is the normal tier 9 unlock). For Protoss, however, I got the Forged Robotics Bay instead of the Robotics Facility. In the war chest menu, it shows that I unlocked the Robotics Facility, but in Skins I can only equip the Robotics Bay. I saw someone else posting about the same problem on the US forums. I will write another post when I unlock tier 10.Sfirro2 09 Feb
09 Feb Balance team Do you guys even have a balance team? If yes, prove it. I want a picture of the team. Please address PvT before 2020. Everyone is complaining.FishLoveSea0 09 Feb
05 Feb Blizzard games on Linux. Blizzard Please , let us be able to play blizzard games with ease on linux as it is on windows. Without to use third party apps in Linux. there is a few advantages to that. 1. the network lag on linux systems is less, with higher stability. 2. Windows 10 is becoming a marketing and information gathering OS of users data, with or without users consent. 3. uninstalled windows apps are reinstalled after windows updates. 4. windows 10 makes use of internet connection , while you play games and that has an effect on your game play. 5. I'm certain there is many other reasons , like no need to pay for licensing etc, that allows us as gamers and software users to spend money on what we like. I do think its time, the opportunity is ready for blizzard to give us as gamers the ability to play blizzard games on a linux system without to use third party software like playonlinux or wine etc. _____________________________________________________________ 3 week ago I installed Linux mint on a pc and by just using the desktop I was able to set it up for general use with ease , and install Steam app, and CS GO , Dota 2 , and play those games with ease. We are so close in to not needing to make use of payed for Windows, as gamers in using linux. As game developers , and I as a gamer since the 80's do need to look at the future and take note of how the world it changing and if/when gamers /users note that companies are misusing there info and data, security and privacy are taking president. Referring to the Facebook data leaks. I understand that it is there business model of selling info for marketing purposes for profit. I think , when gamers start making use of linux rather than windows , it would be a time that MS will loose great market share. Please take it into consideration. Regards MethosMethos20 05 Feb
04 Feb a quetion from a friend a friend ask my a question if this laptop can run starcraft 2 on max grphics no lag or almost no lag i7 8750h Turbo Frequency 4,100 MHz (1 core), 4,100 MHz (2 cores), 4,000 MHz (4 cores), 3,900 MHz (6 cores) 12 threads gtx 1060 6gb 8gb ram even team 4v4 brutal co opsalex1 04 Feb
02 Feb clientsidecache_read_bad_hash... What is this mean? When ever an update made by Blizzard, this ocures and makes the game unplayable...adrian0 02 Feb
02 Feb Update Shedule and damn speed... Why are we tortured while updating? Even in minimum bandwidth that could be selected, damn thing doesn't allow me to browse the internet properly. I will not so sad if it begins to download but it can not download.adrian3 02 Feb
02 Feb Cyber Forest's ambience sound makes the map unwatchable Noticed the Cyber Forest map has this really annoying jungle ambience sound that I just can't unhear while watching streams (WCS, GSL etc.) that have ambience sound turned on.. Could you tone it down Blizzrd pls? :/swonqi0 02 Feb
01 Feb Terran has no late game REVERT THE RAVEN!!!FishLoveSea2 01 Feb
31 Jan Changing the color around the unit The color around the units is green,can u change the color of the the selected units? (its not about the color of the unit itself,but the circle around the unit)iLosTMyMojo0 31 Jan
30 Jan Skins Hi. My skins I purchased does not show in game. I bought the Viking, Thor and Battlecruiser skin but it does not show. For some reason the Zergling skin shows. I used to see the supply depot skin but that too does not show. Seems like it is the Terran race only. Can anyone help?MasterIce1 30 Jan
30 Jan QOL Feature Request Can we please have this awesome feature in the game? It really bugs me when i switch from LoL/HotS to Starcraft II since the way i move the camera around is so different and I always lose my cursor that way. It's never where i expect it to be. PleaseBaHeToO0 30 Jan
29 Jan help balance tvp Do something blizzard tvp is completely unbalance. Need to much skills to win this match up in terran. Make protoss harder.uRgodamnRigt1 29 Jan
29 Jan is this a good laptop ? i want to know if this rig can run the game (is a laptop) i7 8750h Frequency 2,200 MHz Turbo Frequency 4,100 MHz (1 core), 4,100 MHz (2 cores), 4,000 MHz (4 cores), 3,900 MHz (6 cores) 12 threads gtx 1050 ti 4 gb 12 gb ram 256 gb ssd (cant put only a game on it) 1 tb hdd i want to know if it can run the game in 4v4 masive battles co op brutal on extream settingss with minimum 30 fpsalex2 29 Jan
27 Jan Nerf protoss Will you lazy bums get off ur asses and do something about Protoss? Everyone is complaining and you morons aren´t doing !@#$. The latest patch did nothing. Your balance team is useless and have been for 9 years. CongratulationsFishLoveSea0 27 Jan
26 Jan The faith of Starcraft (RTS genre) So i have been in the game since broodwar time. And I must say, this game just falls down in the viewer list and the love list. People actually don't care about the game anymore. Battle Royale is the new hit. Because it is a fps and a new genre. People like new things. But the second thing is the big hype and the price money but also how easy to actually make a living if u succeed in it. Starcraft 2 is a RTS genre, it was one of the biggest games in 2010 and back in the days. But League and other games have taken the koreans also. I think the reason Starcraft 2 died and are at the step of collapsing is because people don't want to spend the time and practise to get good at it. Because Starcraft 2 skillcap is huge. Took me over years to actually get my apm to over 350 and actually be able to macro/micro at a high lvl. Im a high master player who haven't been playing starcraft 2 in a year now, But i must say getting back is not a thought on my mind. Even the pro scene is so stupid, same players at the top. New players which took them the whole sequels to actually be able to compete and be good at the game. Like why the Zerg player who i cant remember is top 1 in the world (at the moment) is cuz no one care about the game and want to practise to actually win anymore. Look at InnovatioN etc, he is actually bad atm cuz he dont give a !@#$ about the game. So what can save the game? Maybe make a new race, do something funky, get the 3 race, rts idea from it, and try to make it new and fresh. People like new stuff. RTS scene is big, in western and in korea. They just need something new and fresh. Why koreans play brood war is not cuz they enjoy it, but because they were the best at it. It had best balance ever yes, but also required extreme skillcap. Maybe Blizzard just throw Starcraft and the RTS genre in the garbage? Comment your thoughts on this guys, Maybe the genre can get big again?NebulA3 26 Jan
23 Jan Do War Chest skins work in Co-op? I bought the Protoss War Chest last night and applied the first (Probe) skin, but despite several games, it never shows up for me in game. Is that deliberate? I'd be pretty peeved, as I play co-op exclusively :(Oblivion5 23 Jan
21 Jan Looking for people who would want to do achievements! Title!Griciukas3 21 Jan
21 Jan Two in-game bugs in single-player missions Hello! First and easy is that in "Supernova" mission there is no 3. Protos artefact on the East megalith platform (closest to the enemy base with Vault). This prevents both mission goals to be fulfilled, achievements and scientific points (money reward) earned. And another, probably feature, is that when I fulfill 2 missions on Console, outside the main story rollout, I don't get reward for that (at least in scientific points and money). Please reply if second is just feature.nDmyonic6 21 Jan
21 Jan Content presets for Co-op & Multiplayer Content for skins, sprays, downbars, voice announcers etc. are increasing. Can we perhaps get customizable presets for multiplayer/custom games? For example: I'd like one Protoss preset to have Forged theme with Alarak voice and whatever decal, and another one to have the original theme with Artanis voice and some other decal. And can we also have separate voice announcers assignable to the individual Co-op commanders? If it can be done, I would appreciate it.AllWeirdo1 21 Jan
20 Jan Standalone Patches... Would you pls, pls, pls add patches also as standalone? This damn is killing internet speed while patching things.adrian1 20 Jan
20 Jan Game engine adaptation to watch replays on mobile? Does Blizzard have any plans on enabling game engine to be appropriate for mobile devices so we can watch replays on smartphones, for instance? I know this topic was discussed before, but no one tells about the current ideas of the company towards this feature which would make so many players happy. Hope someone from company reacts to this topic.VIB0 20 Jan
19 Jan Tournament bug Hi I joined a tournament and when i pressed ready it said connecting, as i thought was normal. Then i find out i lost whitout playing. i tryed joining another tournament but same issue acured. so i thought it was a bug or just my game thats wierd so i restarted my pc and tryed again but no same issue. and when this bug happens i cant play any thing because it gets stuck on connecting and loads nothing. Any one that has the same problem? PS: sorry for my bad English grammar.GetRektNooB0 19 Jan
19 Jan laptop 2 help in my first posts i said that i will buy a laptop with a gtx 1050 ti 12 gb ram i5 8750h but i can not affordet and i found the same laptop but with differnt specs gtx 1050 ti 4gb video ram 8 gb ram i5 8300h Frequency 2,300 MHz Turbo Frequency 4,000 MHz (1 core), 4,000 MHz (2 cores), 3,900 MHz (3 cores), 3,900 MHz (4 cores) 8 threads coffe lake and i would want to know if it runs on extream graphics in massive 4v4 battles and brutal co ops i dont care about the fps 35/40-60fps are enought. the only thing i woant is to run smoothly i can upgrade to 16 gb ramalex2 19 Jan
18 Jan How to buy a console skin? Hey! At the moment the console skins can't be bought, but are there any plans in making them available for purchase separately or as a pack?Nenco1 18 Jan
17 Jan Nerf Tempest So... When are you !@#$%^-s going to nerf tempest?FishLoveSea0 17 Jan
14 Jan Cooperative mode Hello, I played a game today and the cooperative partner has left the game, so I was alone against AI in Brutal. After a while I won the game, so I got to the scoring screen which shows the experience gained in this case 49500 points. I have various doubts: How does the experience system work in cooperative mode? Shouldn't the system give me also the points earned by the partner (since he literally wasn't in the game)? Between already posted this topic on spanish forums but they are to "busy" to reply me. Greetings.DODDORINO1 14 Jan
13 Jan My Mrs Wants To Play Hi all, Get your mind out of the gutter. Brief history, I wasn't any good at SC when I was selling it for Electronics Boutique and I am not good at SC2 either, just love it. My good lady has noticed this and she fancies her chances. I have a profile stretching back to WoL though, can she get involved through my account from a fresh start or is is custom games only to give her a start?MrHappy2 13 Jan
12 Jan Removed ladder for WoL and HotS :( Hi, I noticed WoL and HotS were removed from ladder. I personnally continued to play these 2 ladders, I played all seasons of both, yes including WoL and his 35+ seasons, I got milestones for every single of it, and now it's finished ? I love both WoL and HotS balancing and removing them from matchmaking is a huge loss. (and don't tell me about custom melee games..) Please send us them back. Thank you.Danicela22 12 Jan