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14 Jan 2017 [Guide] New players - Look here Hi there! Welcome to StarCraft II! This is a written guide to help the newcomers as they enter one of the most exciting games out there! As you may be aware of already, StarCraft II is a real time strategy game. It has a thrilling single player campaign, but an even better multiplayer, which is what this guide is dedicated to. StarCraft II was released approximately nine years ago, but is still shifting into new exciting phases. Legacy of the Void, the final chapter, has been released, and as such, the story-line has concluded. However, additional content is still being produced, and the game is still very much active! Just a quick note: Legacy of the Void is the last expansion for the game, and with it comes a lot of new changes. First of all, you do not need to purchase Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm in order to play the latest expansion. They are all separate. This means that you only need Legacy of the Void in order to participate in the multiplayer. Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm does however give you access to two fantastic single player campaigns. A wall of text is not fun, so this guide won't be too in-depth. This is more like a general overview of what to expect. Sections: Terminology             - Gameplay                 - Races                       - Casters and content - Viewers guide            - TERMINOLOGY This is a fast paced game, so we have made our own set of words to describe another set of words. There are words we in the community use very often to describe a specific event or action. While these may not make much sense at first, they are important to learn, because casters and players will use these words quite a bit! I will explain most of them here. APM – Actions per minute: Is an average or instantaneous measure of the rate at which a player can perform actions (with the mouse/keyboard). Day9 (ex-caster) very elegantly summarizes the disparity between APM and skill as such - high APM doesn't make anyone a better player, but better players have higher APM because they have much better game sense and awareness. BM – Bad manners. BO – Build order: In which order order the buildings are constructed during the "early game". Indicates what strategy the player want to use further in the game. CC – Command Center. Cheese – Some kind of early all-in (rush) that will result in either an early win or loss for the attacking player. In some situations both players come out even and the game continues. Chokepoint – A narrow area on the map. This can create a concave which favors one of the players. Deathball – A large army grouped into a single "ball" of units. Eco/Econ – Economy: How much resources (minerals/vespene gas) the player has. Expo – Expansion. FE / Fast expand – A risky strategy where you expand very early in the game to get an economic lead. GG – Good Game (A polite way to end the game when you lose). GL HF – Good luck have fun (Polite way to start the game). Greedy – When a player is playing risky in order to get an economic lead. MMM – Marine, Marauder, Medivac. Micro – The control of units to maximize their effectiveness. Macro – The creation of units, buildings and upgrades. Main – Starting Nexus, Hatchery or Command Center. Natural – Closest expansion to a player’s starting location. OP/Imba – Overpowered/Imbalanced: When a unit or strategy is so good that it ruins the game's balance. Proxy – When a player builds a building close to his opponent's base. PvT – Protoss versus Terran. PvZ – Protoss versus Zerg. Scouting – Revealing areas of the map to gain information about your opponent. Smurf – An experienced player who are playing in lower leagues on purpose to win more easily. Supply block – When a player is not able to build more units because the supply is too low. Timing attack – An attack which is made to happen at a certain point in time, to catch the opponent in a vulnerable state. Turtling – When a player is only defending himself inside his base. Wall-in – To place buildings in a way that the opponent's units can't enter, often at the top of the ramp. There are hundreds of these, but the ones mentioned above are the most useful at first. For additional definitions, take a look here: 14 Jan 2017
16 May Co-op Mission Update - Dehaka Revamp Next up in our lineup of revamps is Dehaka, the big T-rex of the Co-op family. We believe Dehaka is a satisfying hero to control, but we’re sharpening and improving some of his unit roles to make him a more well-rounded Commander overall. Basic Primal Units Primal Zergling attack damage increased from 7 to 10. Primal Roach life regeneration rate while burrowed increased from 5 to 10. Muscular Augments (Hydralisk speed) research cost decreased from 150/150 to 50/50. Brutal Charge research cost decreased from 100/100 to 50/50. Primal Ultralisk HP increased from 500 to 625. Primal units were designed as a stop-gap on the way to more powerful units rather than as a core part of every army. That said, we’d like to make small improvements to some of the weaker basic units in areas that make sense. Ravasaur The Dissolving Acid upgrade now increases the Ravasaur's bonus damage vs. armored to 15, up from 5. The Enlarged Parotid Glands upgrade now increases the Ravasaur's movement speed from 2.25 to 3 in addition to its current functionality. These buffs should help the Ravasaur in its anti-armored pushing role. Primal Igniter Primal Igniter life regeneration rate while burrowed increased from 5 to 10. Primal Igniter base HP increased from 300 to 350. Primal Igniter base armor increased from 2 to 3. We’d like to reinforce the Igniter’s tanking role against weaker enemies. Impaler Impaler Tenderize damage increased from 100 to 200. Impaler Tenderize reduces Dehaka's Devour cooldown by 75%, up from 50%. Tenderize is the Impaler’s defining trait, so we’re really punching it up. Primal Mutalisk Primal Mutalisk damage decreased from 18/6/2 to 14/5/2. Upgrade bonuses adjusted accordingly. Slicing Glaive now provides +100% increased damage vs. air, up from 50%. Base damage increased from 27 to 28. We believe Primal Mutalisks are a bit too strong all-around without enough drawback. In order to promote Dehaka’s other units, we’d like to emphasize the Primal Mutalisks’ anti-air role. Tyrannozor Tyrannozors now benefit from the Healing Adaptation upgrade, which allows them to regenerate life quickly when out of combat. We want to address the Tyrannozor’s inability to regenerate its vast life pool. With the Healing Adaptation upgrade, Tyrannozors will truly become the behemoths they were meant to be. General Psionic Attribute added to Ravens, Raven Type-IIs, and Theia Ravens. Psionic Attribute added to the Science Vessel (Including Swann's). Psionic Attribute added to Brood Queens (Including Stukov's). One of Dehaka’s coolest and most powerful traits is his ability to explode enemy Psionic units. However, while Protoss (and to some extent, Zerg) Psionic enemies are plentiful, Terrans are quite lacking in this department. Therefore, in order to balance out the enemy races a bit more, we’ve increased the number of potential Psionic threats he can Devour. Dakrun Dakrun HP increased from 3000 to 4000. Dakrun Greater Spiked Hide return damage increased from 10 to 20. As the final pack leader in Dehaka’s tech tree, we feel Dakrun needs some love so that he can assume a more prominent and exciting role. We’d like to bring Dakrun closer to the level of his brethren and focus on what makes him unique: his ability to tank damage and return it. Masteries Devour Buff Duration Mastery increased from 1% per point to 3% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 90%. Greater Primal Wurm Cooldown Mastery increased from 1% per point to 1.5% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 45%. Gene Mutation Chance Mastery increased from 1% per point to 2% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 60%. As always, we’ll be tuning Masteries so that they’re more competitive. Miscellaneous Dehaka's leap will now damage neutral targets, such as rocks. Dehaka gains high-ground vision upon hitting level 10. Dehaka's uprooted Primal Wardens and Primal Hives are no longer included in all-army selection. Units in primal combat now have a rally button and ability. Impaler damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +4(+5 vs armored) to +4(+6 vs armored). Primal Guardian damage bonus per weapon upgrade decreased from +5 to +4. Dehaka's calldowns now benefit from weapon and armor upgrades. We’ve also included assorted quality of life changes. And because we’re taking a look at various calldowns in this round of revamps, we’d like to take another pass at one we’ve previously worked on. Alarak Mothership base damage increased from 6x6 to 38x6, matching its Legacy of the Void campaign stats. Mothership range increased from 2 to 7, matching its Legacy of the Void campaign stats. Fixed a bug where Alarak's Mothership was gaining too much damage per upgrade. Mothership damage bonus per weapon upgrade changed to +4, down from +7. That’s it for this session of revamps. Thank you for sending in all your feedback and happy Co-op-ing! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op DesignerArendelium2 16 May
16 May Co-op Update - May 9 Stukov, ex-vice admiral of the UED, is the first Commander we’re looking at in the next round of reworks. As we’ve previously hinted, our primary focus will be to rein-in the power of Bunkers slightly while promoting interesting and powerful ways to use some of Stukov’s mechanical options. Infested Bunker Infested Bunker cost increased from 300 minerals to 350 minerals. Infested Bunker supply increased from 4 to 6. While there are many powerful units in Co-op, very few check as many key boxes as Infested Bunkers. Infested Bunkers are not only very powerful, but also cost-efficient, supply-efficient, durable, and versatile. While we generally try not to nerf existing strategies, we feel that Infested Bunkers are an outlier that would require extravagant Mech buffs in order to get them in the same ballpark. For that reason, we’ve decided to slightly decrease the unit’s cost efficiency and supply efficiency. Infested Diamondback Infested Diamondback cost decreased from 225/100 to 225/75. Infested Diamondback range increased from 7 to 8. Fungal Snare can now be cast on Heroic units. Duration on Heroic units is 2.5, compared to 10 for non-Heroic units. We reduced the gas cost on Infested Diamondbacks to allow them to have them be less of a gas strain and allow them to be more of a backbone unit for mech-only play. We’ve increased the range so they can be more effective in their ability to kite enemy units. Finally, we’re allowing Heroic units to be snared, albeit for a much shorter duration such that you won’t need a specialized counter for small numbers of Heroic air units, such as the bonus on Rifts to Korhal. For more dedicated solutions to air threats, however, we recommend a slightly different air unit... Infested Liberator Infested Liberator cost decreased from 150/150 to 150/125. The Cloud Dispersal upgrade has been reworked. After they’re upgraded, an Infested Liberator will launch itself at an enemy target, turn itself into a swarm cloud, and stay in swarm cloud form until no enemy units in the area are taking damage. Infested Liberators will be controllable in cloud form and no longer return to their original location after they’re done attacking. Damage reduction in swarm cloud form reduced from 90% to 85%. After the Cloud Dispersal upgrade, weapon period decreased from 6 to 1. After the Cloud Dispersal upgrade, damage period increased from 0.6 to 1. First, we reduced gas cost to reduce gas strain on Stukov’s mech play. In addition, a common complaint about the Infested Liberator was that it felt clunky to use and often overkilled enemy targets. This was partially due to the Liberator’s very long cooldown and tendency to attack the same targets. We’ve reworked the Infested Liberator’s upgraded attack completely so that the player has more control and is much less likely to overkill targets. And because the Infested Liberator will be in swarm cloud form much more consistently, we’ve tweaked some numbers to temper its power level. Infested Banshee Infested Banshee now gains +2 range while cloaked. This is the same benefit previously granted to Raynor’s Banshees, but we hope Infested Banshees can use them in a different way. Because Infested Banshees are much more durable and can regenerate their energy quickly, this will allow them to more consistently keep their additional range. Brood Queen Brood Queen movement speed increased from 2.5 to 3.75. Brood Queen acceleration increased from 1.375 to 3. Brood Queen life regeneration increased from 0.273 to 1.092. Ocular Symbiote duration increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds. Ocular Symbiote now increases unit vision by 5 in addition to its current functionality. Spawn Broodlings ability reworked. Instead of instantly killing a target unit, it will deal 300 damage to a target unit and spawn 2 Broodlings when that unit dies. This ability can now be cast on Massive and Heroic units. Players have described Brood Queens as clunky, so we’ve made some improvements to the unit’s overall usability, Ocular Symbiote’s duration and versatility, and Spawn Broodling’s versatility. Overseer Morph to Overseer requirement changed from Infested Starport to Infested Factory. We’ve changed this requirement to give players more flexibility in early-game builds. Calldowns Fixed a bug where Apocalisk Cooldown Mastery was also decreasing its initial cooldown at the start of the mission. Fixed a bug where Aleksander Cooldown Mastery was also decreasing its initial cooldown at the start of the mission. Apocalisk initial cooldown decreased from 300 seconds to 240 seconds. Aleksander Cooldown Mastery increased from -2 seconds per point to -3 seconds per point. Maximum benefit increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. We fixed a bug that was making Stukov’s calldown cooldown masteries more powerful than intended. It’s now in line with other Commanders’ calldowns. In order to make up for the lost potential 3:30 Apocalisk, we’ve reduced the base initial cooldown of Apocalisk from 5 minutes to 4 minutes. Infest Structure Fixed a bug where the second and third charges of Infest Structure were not reaching their cooldown as intended. Infest Structure Cooldown Mastery increased from 1 second per point to 1.5 seconds per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. We fixed a bug that would very often set the coolup for the second and third charges of Infest Structure from the intended 90 seconds to 180 seconds. Not only will this offset some of the early-game power lost by a slightly later potential Apocalisk, but it will also make the newly improved Infest Structure Cooldown Mastery more attractive. Upgrades Volatile Infested damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +4 (+5 vs structures) to +4 (+8 vs structures). This includes Infested Siege Tank Volatile Burst damage. Infested Diamondback damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +2 to +2 (+3 vs armored). Infested Banshee damage bonus per weapon upgrade decreased from +2 to +1. Apocalisk damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +5 to +8. Upgrade bonuses were tweaked so that they’re more consistent with how they behave on other Commanders. Going Forward And that’s it for Stukov! Stay tuned next week when we’ll be tackling Dehaka and his legion of Primal Zerg. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op DesignerKheluriel2 16 May
02 May Community Update - May 2, 2019 ...Kheluriel0 02 May
24 Apr Collection Item Description Issue We're aware of an issue with the 4.8.5 patch today in which some items within the Collection are displaying incorrect titles and descriptions. We're currently working on a solution, and will update this thread once the issue is resolved. Thank you for your understanding.Kheluriel0 24 Apr
18 Mar Community Update - March 12 Greetings! After an epic final and an emotional championship ceremony at IEM Katowice, we got to witness soO take home a championship win! It was an uphill battle as he started the series being down 0–2, but in the end, he pulled it off and came through with a victory. Congratulations to soO! Speaking of IEM, we saw a lot of cool strategies employed throughout the tournament, including Gumiho’s Battle Mech, as well as the subject of our first discussion topic: Nydus Worms. Nydus Network/Nydus Worm Nydus Worms will now have 3 armor instead of 5 armor when emerging. While we love seeing some of the new strategies involving the Nydus Worm in action, we feel it can sometimes take too much of a commitment to stop a Worm from emerging even if the defender spots it right away. To help remedy this, we’re reducing the Nydus Worms’ armor while they emerge to give small groups of basic units—like Zerglings, Zealots, and Marines—an easier time taking them out, provided they discover them within a reasonable time frame. At the same time, we’d still like to keep some of its bonus armor intact to preserve its resilience against worker pulls. Forge/Cybernetics Core Level 1 upgrade times increased by 15 seconds. Level 2 upgrade times increased by 18 seconds. Level 3 upgrade times increased by 22 seconds. Over the past few months, we’ve been following discussions within the community surrounding the TvP matchup, much of it centered around Protoss’s ability to build an upgrade advantage over Terran. To address this, we’d like to reduce the windows in which Protoss are able to gain that advantage over Terran by increasing the Protoss upgrade durations. As upgrades have historically been particularly impactful, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this change. Our current plan is to release these changes to live servers on Monday, March 25. However, in order to give players ample practice time, these changes will be available for testing on the Testing tab and the Balance Test mod starting today . As always, let us know your thoughts!Kheluriel4 18 Mar
20 Jan Retiring the StarCraft II Media Section Over the last year, we’ve been upgrading the look of Recently, we updated player profiles and trimmed down the content in the Media section. The old media is still temporarily available here. We wanted to give a heads-up that this content will be retired by the end of the year, at which point, it will no longer be available. If you want to download any of the media content from the old site, now is the time to do so.Nimthanion1 20 Jan
03 Apr 2018 StarCraft II Patch Notes [Last Update: 4.2.3] We released a patch today to fix a couple of issues introduced in patch 4.1.0 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused the Thor: Collector’s Edition and Special Forces skin icons to be missing when selecting skins for Large Format Games. Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash when attempting to load a replay generated during patch 4.0.0 through 4.0.2. Due to this fix, replays created on the 4.1.0 patch will no longer be viewable. Kheluriel2 03 Apr 2018
23 Mar 2018 Update Archives Here you will find all previous Updates. If you want to catch up on the status of Multiplayer discussions, reading the last two or three updates should get you mostly up to speed! Community Update – February 12, 2019 StarCraft II Hotfixes – January 29, 2019 Community Update January 16 Community Update - December 21, 2018 Co-Op Update: Alarak Co-op Update: Vorazun Co-op Mission Update – Abathur Community Update: July 24, 2018 Community Update: July 19, 2018 Co-op Commander Update: Nova & Kerrigan Community Update: Adjustments to New Maps Co-op Update: Nova Co-op Update: Nova/Kerrigan/Zagara Community Update – May 8, 2018 Community Update – April 19, 2018 Co-op Update: Swann Co-op Update: Raynor Community Update – March 29, 2018 Co-op Mission Update - March 16th, 2018 Community Update – March 13, 2018 Community Update – March 6, 2018 Co-op Community Update: Karax Co-op Update: Overall Improvements Community Update – February 5, 2018 Co-op Mission Update: Fenix Revamp Co-op Community Update -- January 26 Community Update – January 22, 2018 Co-op Community Update -- January 17 2018 Community Update – January 12, 2018Kheluriel0 23 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018 Hotfixes - March 13, 2018 Today we’re pushing out a few fixes focused on resolve issues with a few of our maps. Bug Fixes Siege tanks in tank form will no longer send out attack notifications to the enemy before firing. High Templars can no longer cast Feedback on an Orbital Command. Backwater LE Increased the pathable terrain areas at the closed-in third base expansion to allow ground units to attack unupgraded Liberators sieging minerals lines. Changed ground pathing by adding unpathable terrain near the closed-in third base expansion to prevent Siege Tanks from reaching and firing on nearby base structures. Improved visibility of creep located underwater. Fixed a location where water was not completely filling the exposed space. Fixed a rock doodad that floating in the air. Snowbound Colony Fixed an issue that caused a player’s initial base to be 1 tile too far from the minerals and gas.Kheluriel1 14 Mar 2018
05 May 2018 1.20.11 Patch Notes v1.0 Features & Improvements • Improved /f m to include modern friends • Players will now get notifications when friends enter, or exit & enter games. • Players will now be notified after using /f r to an invalid user. Bug Fixes • Fixed an issue where the refresh button was causing game to be listed more than once. • Fixed a crash related to accessing cloud maps in the create game screen. • The turn rate for custom or unranked games in multiplayer will now be preserved rather than defaulting back to 12.Kheluriel6 05 May 2018
29 May Buy annoucer then still multiplayer lock Buy annoucer but still have 10 games each day to play for unlock rankedIIIIIIIIIIII1 29 May
29 May Just got the “Remember, November” but... ...I haven’t done all of the achievements in any campaign. I just logged in today and just got it. Has it happen to anyone else?LittleTimmy3 29 May
28 May Get rid of Steman background So annoying. unable to disable while 'promotional' background is available.metraGnome2 28 May
28 May 2560×1080 Ultra Wide Blizzard I need 2560×1080 resolution support for my Ultra Wide monitor. Please fix your game, its 2019.Belus4 28 May
27 May Zeratul achievement bugged I cant post in the bug forums so this is the only place i can add something Since the change was made to zeratul for only needing 200 kills in a single match for devolution retribution it caps ingame at 200 but still says you need 500 i have done it twice sine the patch and still no achievementViper1 27 May
26 May IEM Katowice building skins As someone who recently started to play I was wondering if besides the unit skins the building skins also become available at some point? And if it is advised to wait for a complete package instead of getting the units now already in a bundle since its on sale?FrankieBaker1 26 May
26 May Need a Ranking system for COOP today I have played over 10 games of which only 2 were able to put up with me in coop. The rest just stay there, chilling while I had to do all the dirty work myself. This is not even a solo, this is harder than a solo because I have only 2 bases not 3. Some maps become nearly impossible to achieve. The game is literally becoming annoying with such spamming player attitudes. suggestion: make a ranking system for COOP, like a challenge that every player have to go through ON THEIR OWN; That challenge defines their COOP rank. If they pass a specific grade "with the specific commander" they get to play brutal; if not, they have to play only hard or less depending on their skill rank. Consider it a COOP training. so every player will need to prove themselves with every commander before jumping into a brutal game with that commander. One last note: Don't give me that rant about me accepting a harder challenge, I already soloed some maps today; the point being is, I don't intend to solo all. Its exhausting and frustrating especially when the ones supposed to be playing with you could help and instead they decide to just not help and watch what you do. Others are too weak to even stop 1 wave of attack. Just 1 wave destroyed their entire army mid-game and that player didn't even rebuild his/her army until the end of the game. while I was fighting at 4 different directions at the same time with mini armies here and there and trying to micro all of that at once. Even after winning I was soar from the experience. If that is what I am intending to do in the 1st place, I would go for a versus against AI. Doing everything on your own EVERY SINGLE GAME just wrecks the concept of COOP.Hector1 26 May
25 May [Solved] CTRL and SHIFT aren't switchable Hello, If instead of using SHIFT+n to "add unit(s) in a group" I set CTRL+n, and if instead of using CTRL+n to "create a group" I set SHIFT+n, ... the result is it doesn't change anything. CTRL is still used for creating groups. Moreover, it seems to conflict and to bug. Someone can test this to confirm ?Romarain3 25 May
25 May Kick feature from Arcade lobbies Hello. While the kick's original goal was to help lobbies if a player was pending to join, to remove that player, unfortunately its main use is to remove good players and make it much harder to just play a game by allowing the host to pick what players will play against. Its been very annoying since many months now where hosts pick the players they will allow to join their lobby and if a player is good, they usually kick that player out which does not help the arcade section at all. Is it possible to enable the kick feature once a player is on a pending status for more than 10 seconds for example? This would really help the current abuse of the kick feature and make lobbies to start faster instead of kicking 3-4 players out and keep on waiting to allow other players that are not known to the host in order to start the game. I am sure if all the players that are getting kicked would give a few minutes to post here their complain, it will be clear that a lot of them are facing this issue. Thanks.Nero1 25 May
25 May Nerf Protoss Blizzard will nerf Protoss ever?Hailkiller8 25 May
25 May 9 years of balance problems. Your game has been out for 9 years. You still have no clue of how to balance the game. Please pray to JesusFishLoveSea1 25 May
24 May Random Teams can face Arranged Teams !?! Dear Blizzard it says team "4v4 Random" So Why do i face Arranged Teams?? i queue solo and i face a 4x grouped players in same guild? why does this happen?!Setsumi0 24 May
24 May how big do you think is blizzard balance team ? I think it is probably one, or two guys, which work half-time. I heard also they play main protoss and zerg, they shouldn't be playing only 1 race, even if they played random, they should stay much objective as possible. And they get paid basically for nothing. Anyone else in masters league could do better job than them. They don't play the game themselves, which is necessary to understand the game on high level. Because you won't be able to test stuff and get into situations so you can tell what is good and not, you don't have to be high level to understand the game, but you have to be at least smart and they obviously are not. Cause game is from 90% highly mechanical and if you don't play it yourself, it doesn't need to be that obvious,as you face it as a player. They don't even think protoss economy is problem still... Like david kim himself acknowledged he was only low masters. Thats nothing. He should be at least random gm. I don't know what random gm players simply cannot balance the game for blizzard. They would do much better job, at least suggest them changes, cause pros are biased and want to win money, and want their race to be best...IIIIIIIIIIII2 24 May
24 May sieged tanks wont stop killing own building Hi I'm not sure if its a bug or not, but its really annonying. When playing terran and selecting all tanks (sieged and unsieged) and misclick on your own building - and you immidiately after click on move/attackmove and "free area" the tanks keeps attacking own building.. this means that you can accidently kill own or allies building because you missclick. cant remember if clicking "S" or "H" would stop it.AverageGamer4 24 May
24 May BUG - enemy comps broken. Enemy comps only spawn as sky terran, stalker-dt-disruptor, and ling-bane-swarmhost. Enemy co-op spawns are still broken in co-op. Is there any update on this ?Grifthin0 24 May
24 May Promotional screen sound Is it possible to disable the sound of new commander on main screen? I've tried different settings, it seems like the only thing that work - complete shutdown of sound. It's so loud actually kills me. Any other way?EzWin0 24 May
22 May Install previous Version (4.8.6) of SC2 Hi, i have just updated my SC2 to version 4.9 today. The problem is that, i have bunch of version 4.8.6 replays in my PC and it is uncomfortable to disconnect the server, log in to the game, watching replay, log in to the game again, clicking the replay then disconnect the server, watching replay... is there any possibility to install the old version of SC2 to simplify the process? Tks,Daemonjäger0 22 May
17 May Campaign progress stacked Hi, Playing the Legacy of Void campaign everything seemed fine until mission 9. After that, to continue with the campaing after closing the game I had to load a saved file. The progress of the game didn't appear in the campaign lobby, there I always saw the mission 9. When I finished the game (always loading from a file) I got all the achievements but still showing the "mission 9" in the lobby, and if I click in "Continue", I start in the mission 9. In consecuence the campaign is shown unfinished, I cannot access the Master Archives, neither the Epilogue. Please tell me how to fix it and that I don't have to replay everything again. I’m using Mac, by the way. Thanks in advanceDangior1 17 May
16 May Stutter on "Dark Whispers" Hey. I get this serious stutter every two seconds or so on the aforementioned single player mission (First Protoss prologue mission). Starting roughly the moment Kerrigan's base is revealed and her army attacks. The stutter stops completely when she is finished with her attack, and her base is covered by FOW again. The stutter is not connection related, I went offline and it does the same thing. Played through both WoL and HotS with no problems at all. And also played through this same mission and the Protoss campaign a year earlier, with absolutely no problems. For now it seems mission-related. I've tried a couple of solutions, like running the 32-bit client, running in windowed fullscreen, disabling all unnecessary background programs and services etc. All the latest drivers are installed. Graphics settings have no effect on the stuttering. Also tried the "scan and repair" -function. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, since nothing obvious seems to solve this particular issue. Intel Core i5-2320 - 8GB GTX-560 TiBloodInEyes4 16 May
16 May Why is this? I purchased my copy of SC2WoL before it was free and i got no skins ?crynet3 16 May
16 May terran no lategame How is f2cking fair parasitic bomb killing all the vikings in instant and raven has no splash hell it can't even use its abilities. Only terran can have unit which is forbiden to even use its abilities. You can't interference matrix broolord, or corruptors. Yet zerg can fungle your army and parisitic bomb all your vikings so you autolose... Since raven nerf lategame is almost unwinable, without splash you have to kill him before he gets to the lategame, so you must be a lot of better than your opponet, if you are on same footing you are losing massively, because you have no raven, you you can't engange to this army with spores, there is simply nothing you can do... SO stupid...IIIIIIIIIIII2 16 May
16 May censoring forums I wrote complete list to do changes for blizzard of things are broken it had 5000 characters and they removed it, cannot take truth. IT was pure constructive post...IIIIIIIIIIII5 16 May
16 May to do list for blizzard -revert raven : terran has no splash aoe lategame, while tos and zerg have powerfull splash -revert mule: hurt to much terran both in tvp and tvz -remove free chronoboost per nexus at least first, so protoss has to take their nexus after cybernetics core as terran has to make orbital first, this is blatantly broken, that protoss can take nexus before cyber, in hots if he did this he would lose probes to reaper - broken -revert bane buff: banes are to tanky, supplyless unit, they don't cost any supply and now +500 hp in zerg army which wouldn't otherwise exists, to imba -revert creep buff, creep is to fast even low master zerg can cover whole map under creep, you wont have enough scans to clear it -revert queen range, you cant damage zerg, queen has even 10 range when lock on target, low hp bashee dying when they would live otherwise think about it! -remove reaper grenade : add more all ins to the game instead of healthy macro games and makes start of the game coinflipp, who massing reapers and who transition, also one guy gets first shot and second autoloses... -revert resources per bases: makes game about blindly attacking and suciding units into enemy mineral line instead fighting opponents main army, bad players can beat better players best would be revert worker start to 6:, because you have resources which you wouldn't have previously but you have same scouting capabilities, you already have to invest to something before you can see what other players doing, like tvt even polt lost to 4 helion drop, you can scan 3 minute and if your opponent isn't 1 base you are behind and still he can drop your natural you cant leave all in main, it is coinflipp, because than you need 4 minute scan follow up and if he doesnt do helions and you 3 minute scan you autolose and reapere scout doesnt work for all maps and if both players masing repaer helion and one send 1 reaper on map and second player attack it is autoloss... revert ghost and ultralisk: ultras are to cost efficient a easy to control to have this kind of armor and speed and ghost takes so much control and doesn't even snipe, they die after 1-2 snipe and fungal can freeze half of your army and you can't emp all infestors through ling bane ultra and snipe inst instant anymore for infestor, it is huge nerf because infestors have powerful aoe and emp doesn't kill, you have to resige all mines and liberators while zerg amoves ling bane hydra ultra infesor and pres f and he moves his army with 1 apm right click and to move terrans army takes 30 apm... -remove swamrhosts: free unit doesn't belong to rts... -make shield batery possible to consctuct only around nexus: -honestly best for the game would be nerf tempest, carries, vipers and infestors and raven at the same time and change bcs than,energy units are imba, in rts everything should cost something and have some drawbacks, instead you mass one overpowered unit, because it produce free units... -remove corruptor pissing ability and nerf corruptor speed -nydus already got armor buff, to cheap you can spam it infinitely without any drawbacks -charge probably op aswell: increase cost to 150/150, innovation said it on stream zealot imba -make window mine invisible again, huge impact in tvp aswell tvz. warprism is strong and huge treat you can't even attack because it contains 20 supply in one warprism: if economy was balanced, it wouldn't have been such a problem -gateway buff joke, protoss gets mass blinkstalkers so early: again if economy were fixed, maybe better, but still, problem with zvp zerg can all in and protoss has no scouting capabilities early and forced to stargate or bateries PROBLEM WITH CHANGES YOU DOING, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND CAUSE, IF ONE RACE HAS PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING YOU RANDOMLY BUFF/NERF SOMETHING TO OFFSET IT, E.G.: PROTOSS UPGRADE LEAD IS ONLY SYMPTOM OF PROTOSS ECONOMY WHICH IS IMBA, UPGRADE TIME ITSELF IS FINE, you nerf upgrade time which isn't problem itself, but protoss economy is and you leave it unchecked... BECAUSE PROTOSS WOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE in HOTS BETWEEN 2 BASE UPGRADES, or fast third! YOU do random changes which more break game across more matchups than to fix anything! Adept shade was problem not dmg, or carrier interceptor release, why buff corruptors instead of fixing carriers ?IIIIIIIIIIII2 16 May
16 May 5300 tvz there is no doubt zerg is imba There is no doubt terran has to play only 100 times better to win. To beat some noob retard. You have to play perfectly, even if you do 1 mistake you lose whole game. And zerg can do 20 mistakes and it doesn't even matter. Bannelings are supplyless unit and they got +5 hp buff. I know tanks got buffed. But hyras already got combat shields. Don't know anyone who uses tanks except maybe 3 tanks timing push. Tanks are so bad dude. Lings got buffed in lotv. And creep got very strong buff!!! Tanks are so bad and after 10 minute mark they lose all value. To counter tank you got just mass ling with some bannes, or you can add mutas... Tanks never worked against ling bane, except in wol. But in wold was normal economy attacking zerg is harder because more resources and zerg can spend bank much faster than terran, because he hasn't establish production facilities. -HYDRA IS OP -BANNE BUFF IS OP -CREEP OP -QUEEN RANGE OP, banshee helion do nothing is hots you could damage zerg with helion banshee at least and than it would be fair game, in lotv only because he build one op unit you cant do any dmg... Rofl even maruders die to baness so quickly. YOu can have chunks of amry of maradeurs and marines and have like 3 times of what he has and you can't even kill couple banes with chunk of bio army how strong they are. Every zerg unit is so cost efficient and takes no micro, when he a moves bane you have to kite whole time and he do nothing, it takes so much effort. Also when ultras come into play they are so tanky and you just a move them and ghost snipe get canceled and ghost die after 1-2 snipe and you can't snipe all, because they are mixed with other units and than ghost die and even if 1-2 ultras survive they get so much value. And corruptor is faster so imba, now medivacs die when they would live and corruptor can kills fast cc as hell so imba, if there is low econ game or far out base, zerg literally wins whole games only because corruptor has this imba ability it shouldnt scale, it is way to stronk it should take more time... Rofl i managed transition to bcs and win, but i was outplaying him whole game and only because he got out couple ultras suddenly i am losing the game and you can emp the infestors all, thorugh army even one fungle you lose instantly and liberators suck, they was nerfed 5 times and corruptors kill them so easy and parasitic bomb kills 20 viking instantly terran army so trash, you are on timer, you have to massively outplay or beat your opponent before 10 minute mark to win and even 1 small mistake you autolose and can do 20 mistakes doesnt matter get to the lategame you autolose. In every game from diamond to pro level zergs units are so much more cost efficient terran will lose , becase no raven. Bcs really bad, only because i managed to outplay him massively, if he was good, there is no chance to win as terran belive me joke, there is thousand things wrong, you are playing hardcore mode, rofl you have no units ghost suck, no raven he has free units swarmhosts and infested marines and 2 aoe splahs dmg which yet stuns and all zegs units so tanky and takes no control. When i get play players 5300 mmr + even if play perfectly i lose to swarmhost, or parasitic bomb, even i outplaying them whole game, than i lose because i have no raven .... Joke game, !@#$ devs so cancer stupid... Rofl playing with so bad trash units againt op t3 units like ultra... imbalanced trash...IIIIIIIIIIII0 16 May
16 May fix protoss already ... some noob massing dts , even 3 marauders and medivac cant kill it, you don't know it is dt or blink and to each other it requires very different reponse, you have to masssively hardcouter either or you atuolose 3 maraduers cant even kill 2 dt or 3, you scan and he instant load, even make raven cant kil it , it is so stupid and than he attacks with chargelots and blinkdts on top of you army, it is so blatanly broken, retarded game, even if you have mines and play perfectly it is it so much treat , so garbage, some bronze noobcan win because of this build. ROFL terran is unplayable, it is not even playable lol ,tvp is so bad, joke game, chimpanzee devs cancer..... No way this is balanced, joke,and it is all from economy, if protoss wasnt so massively ahead in economy it wouldnt be problem, 40% gm tos, wake up idioit devsIIIIIIIIIIII0 16 May
15 May zerg 1/1 beats 2/2 terran army Look at this crap i have like +2k of resources in army and was 2/2 and zerg just a move through choke everything and kills my 2/2 army , splits weren't bad, 3 tanks was unsieged but still. It is everygame, banneling is to overpowered, zerg mass banne and it beats everything in the game. It is so cost efficient, supply less unit got hp buff now it doesn't die when it would die and you are playing with massive disadvantage also mines aren't clocked another terran nerf and lings were buffed in lotv aswell... Hydra bane is pvz comp it never worked in tvz , before buff, doesn't blizzard think this is broken, all the sudden pvz comb work in tvz and noone is going classing ling bane, or muta only noobs, because hydra bane is so cost efficient, it is so powerfull, even when i was offracing i just amassed hydra bane and move it int disadvantageous possition and it steam rools everything. It is so opperessive. Minimum bane needs nerf. Also hydra upgrades cost only 100/100, which seems to cheap given hydralisk had been given combat shields. While tanks was buffed removing hydra buff maybe to much , but banes so broken , it needs nerf. LIKE BLIZZARD SHOULD BE RUNNING SIMULATIONS, WHILE BOTH SIDED MICRO OPTIMALLY HOW UNITS TRADE, ON NORMAL GROUND OR IN CHOKES, OR TAKE PRO PLAYER REPLAYS AND CHECK BATTLE WITH SPECIFIC AMOUNT OF UNITS IN A TIMMING, BECAUSE AFTER THAT ONE SIDE GET ADVANATAGE AND DISADVANTAGE AND WHOLE DYNAMIC CHANGES. EVEN IF I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE SIMULATION TO COUNT ALL POSSIBLE PERMUTATIONS, I DOUBT IT WOULD RUN ON BASIC DESKTOP AND BLIZZARD WOULD STILL NOT CHANGE IT - POINTLESS,BUT CORPORATION COULD TEST THIS EASILY, ALSO YOU CAN TELL, I WAS PREVIOUSLY 5300 MMR AND I WAS BEATING EVEN ZERG GMS AND AFTER HYDRA BANE BUFF I DROPPED INSTANTLY 300 MMR AND SUDDENLY CANT WIN. YOU CAN EASILY TELL EVEN FROM PLAYING THE GAME OR DOING SOME BASIC MATH...ALSO ALL THE SUDDEN ALL ZERGS STARTED TO BEATING PRO PLAYERS, WHICH PREVIOUSLY WAS BEATING THEM INTERESETING AND A FACT HYDRA BANE DIDNT EVER WORKER IN TVZ, IT IS PVZ COMP, BEFORE BUFF , DOESNT THAT RAISE RED FLAGGS ??!! SO OBVIOUS...IIIIIIIIIIII0 15 May
15 May How does this ranking system work?? Hi all, I recently hit rank 1 in diamond 2 as random. I am at my level. not in the demotion or promotion stage. Rank 2 is 412 mmr lower? and were only 5 points difrents. and he is getting a hard demotion next season. But i dont understand, if hes about to get the demotion. how can he be rank 2 with only 5 points difrents? i understand end of the season bonus points etc, i understand. but still with this score?? Rank 3 is only 50 mmr difrents. so thats fine and fair and some players have above me but not 200+, as far i could find. Dont care if i get knocked of the throne, but i just dont understand. Weird system..Draxxos1 15 May
15 May What does the leave league button really do? Hi everyone, can someone explain to me just what exactly is the purpose of this button? does it reset everything? including your MMR? say i started playing ranked right now and i got placed in bronze, can i leave league and try out for silver? Thank you.HumanityEnds4 15 May
15 May Error 5:740 i recently got a new pc so i installed sc2 so when i started the game it was not loading my profile data that was nothing new on my old pc i had to wait 5 min then it loaded bit it did not load no matter how log i waited so i thought mabye my firewall was blocking it so i changed it to use adminestrator on it then it gave me error 5:740 and it idnt want to start at all i have re installed it and it still does not work does anyone know why?darkdragon0 15 May
15 May is ai cheater 3 alphastar or only updated ai Ai cheater is having 800epm and plays really good, tho still doing some stupid decision. I think it is just updated ai, it is not real alpha star, real alphastar is much more powerfull. Unless they tweak max micro epm or something. Played just 1 game. It cant hold even cannon rush, probably not alphastar, also it is cheating and i think alphastar would never cheat it wouldnt be good practice so my conclusion it is not alphastar on 99%.IIIIIIIIIIII0 15 May
14 May Unable to unlock new achievements due to WOL:BRUTAL Key message: Would it be possible from Blizzard side to implement a patch where bnet just checks if you have completed "Liberty Completionist: Brutal" and, if so, sets all achievements of the category "Wings of Liberty: Brutal" (and all other difficulties) to completed? (Alternatively: remove them. Other campaigns already do not contain them) I have finished "Liberty Completionist: Brutal" (Complete all 29 Wings of Liberty campaign missions on brutal difficulty.): Therefore, we can conclude that I completed all 29 Wings of Liberty campaign missions on brutal difficulty However, the "Wings of Liberty: Brutal" and the "Wings of Liberty: Hard" achievements have a different opinion. They are not convinced that I completed all missions on brutal difficulty: Sadly, I am unable to convince them that I did. I replayed the Liberty campaign multiple times on brutal difficulty without any progress in this achievement so far. It even looks like it locked the completed 5 mission step, but forgot the 5 missions again: This prevents me from getting all achievements for Wings of Liberty, which prevents me from getting the new "all" achievements. In summary: I am unable to unlock the Wings of Liberty: Brutal achievements. Therefore, I am missing 4 achievements in this category. Therefore, I am unable to unlock the new "Give Me Liberty" achievement Therefore, I am unable to unlock the new "Visit the Koprulu Sector, They Said" achievement In total, due to the unlockable Brutal achievements, I am unable to unlock 6 achievements. It would be really nice if there can be some bugfix, because the situation gets a bit sad now with more achievements depending on the brutal achievement. Would it be possible from Blizzard side to implement a patch where bnet just checks if you have completed "Liberty Completionist: Brutal" and, if so, sets all achievements of the category "Wings of Liberty: Brutal" (and all other difficulties) to completed? (Alternatively: remove them. Other campaigns already do not contain them)reh2 14 May
13 May how long does promotional screen last for So I have this twitch home screen now for 4 days, I grabbed the promotional item, but it is still my home screen, does it last for weeks, months?chrcoluk0 13 May
13 May massing hydra bane wow i am so good i made zvp comp in tvz and it is working, i can do whatever i want, i mass hydra bane, banneling supply less unit now exists extra 500 hp in zerg army which didnt exists, wow hydra gots combat shields for free so balanced, zerg a moves to choke into sigee line and 10 mines doesnt matter a move hydra bane wow so hard, i mass op unit i dont even micro it. I had no problem on 5300 in tvz before bane buff, after that i couldn't win. I even offraced zerg, you just mas s bane hydra and than a move it you dont need even micro, it is so cost efficient you can do 20 mistakes and it doesnt matter make more hydra bane. WOw so good.... WOW OVERLORD TIER 1 SPEED SO BALANCED ZERG HAVE PERFECT INFORMATION WHILE TERRAN HAS TO SCOUT AND QUEEN RANGE IS BROKEN, MASSING ONE UNIT ISNT SUPPOSE TO COUNTER EVERY BUILD YOU CAN IN THE GAME, MASS QUEENS HOLDS EVERYTHING SO STUPID....IIIIIIIIIIII0 13 May
12 May what should every diligent fan do ! If you are fan of starcraft 2 you should boycott this game. DEVS don't care about you, you are only source of money for them. They know sc2 is dying and that's why they made it f2p after long time when already most of their fans bought it, to atract more new players and make as much as possible money they can from microtransactions. They don't care about you. If you are Starcraft 2 fan do this: 1. Don't but any skins 2. Don't by any coop commanders 3. Don't by anything you don't need! Check their shares already dropping. When people stop buying !@#$, they will have to do something, you should honestly boycott game!!!IIIIIIIIIIII1 12 May
11 May dropping shares like flies Nice drop in shares, activision blizzard !!! Noone is buying your skins and coop commanders, for not fixing the game longest time and ignoring community. We want the game fix, until the we don't buy anything, fix 1v1 and fix perfomance. Go figure corporation, just want to drain money from their customers and don't care about their fans. You just want me buy all skins, which some community modder could do in couple hours in editor for free... If the game would be good people would buy stuff, if you not gonna fix game, noone should buy anything until it is fixed...IIIIIIIIIIII0 11 May
11 May Ingame items unavailable on europe server I ordered the TotalBiscuit commemorative bundle a fair time back, but only got around to try using it now. To my shock i find that it is bought for the US region, and not Europe. Should this even be an issue? Anyone know a quick fix for this?Zasz2 11 May
11 May Campaign proves Tearrun imba in versus game mode Anyone who ever played the campaigns when they were introduced can tell campaign units were much stronger than their Versus game mode versions. But what happens if u play the campaign now? You can tell protoss and zerg campaign units are still super strong. What if u play tearrun? Tearrun campaign units s^^k. - You cant use MULEs until you reach a certain point in a campaign and buy them between missions. How do you macro until then? - Where are my free turboboosted medivacs what can fly through any kind of base defenses? - Where are my hellions that i can turn into hellbats healed by medics? - Where is the magic teleport on my BCs, why i cant appear anywhere on the map? Why they cant shoot while moving? Why they have energy bar to use abilities? - Why my marauders cant use stim? - Why ghosts cost 150 gas instead of 100, and why their snipe does only 45 dmg instead of 170? - Why siege tanks have less hp, less dmg vs armored? - Why reapers cant be reactored? Why no self heal on them? Why they are much slower? - Vikings has less hp, less anti ground dmg. - Why i cant use imba cyclones instead of diamondbacks. Why diamondbacks cost more? - Thors have so slow attack rate they are weak vs zerglings. - No widow mine vs protoss, also no libertardor. - 4 different upgrades in the armory. ... and before tearrun players wonder somehow someway people were able to complete the Wings of Liberty campaign above easy difficulty. Also back then versus units were weaker than campaign units and yet tearrun had the highest winrates ever (60-70% winrates) in versus game mode.SPIRIT1 11 May
11 May Tired because MULEs are overpowered for 9 years imbalancedMULE-deniers /prob bLizard fanboys or tearrun players/ say this is an unique game mechanic which helps tearrun to catch up in macro vs the protoss chronoboost or the zerg larvae mechanics. But this goes much far beyond that ... - if a mineral line is fully saturated then terran doesnt need to catch up anymore, still MULEs overlap with regular workers providing income boost - mules does not have any restrictions, even if u got 200 energy on the OC, then you can spam all of them on a single mineral line while with chrono boost or larvae only 1 effects at a time - MULES do not cost anything, no supply cost, only energy from a building that has no supply cost or gas cost. All races has a limit how much workers can they use because of supply, except tearrun who has the most effective units anyway - orbital commands can fly. None of the addons can fly with the building, planetaries cant fly but oc-s can? This makes them extremely forgiving. Also they can collect energy while flying. - tearrun is the only race where vespane gas not that important. its a mineral heavy race. Means MULES provide more than just income boost, terran is very fine with less bases vs zerg or protoss Im tired to watch or play against this bs where tearrun has 20-30 less workers 1-3 less bases, losing armies after armies and still u cant beat because they still have income. They wont leave, they even attack/pressure u and if u make a single mistake u r dead. Also proxy rax allins with mule powered scv pulls are just disgusting. Fix this BS BLizzarD pls remove oc, add reactor/tech lab to the command center. Or if u cant bcause of tearrun whiners then make MULEs fair. FREE OVERPOWERED WORKERS DO NOT BELONG IN AN E-SPORTS GAME!SPIRIT2 11 May