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29 Aug SC2 is/isn't a strategy game Yesterday I played chess and it occurred to me that 99% of the time in chess nothing happens and this is because you think about your moves and your opponents moves. That is why (please correct me if I'm wrong) chess is a strategy game. Now let us take a look at SC2. If you want to be a good SC2 player you need to be good at : Managing your economi (macro), managing your units (micro) and multitasking This is not complete list of course but this elements are the most important. Are they not? If this is true then why is SC2 called strategy game? If 90% of your actions are based on your skill and not on your planning. My 2 cents :) Regards, karantankarantan18 29 Aug
29 Aug War Chests I don't usually post on these forums but I felt I had to let my dissapointment heard over this war chest thing. As someone who has always loved blizzard games I have to say that despite the fact that Blizzard still makes some excellent games, I am very dissapointed at the company's current stance on microtransactions. Right now the only non free to play game in the blizzard store that doesn't ask players to spend more money on top of the sixty dollar price tag is diablo 3 and the only reason they removed the real money auction house there is because it was so terrible it ruined the whole game. Even world of warcraft, which already requires a subscription fee, still tries to sell you mounts and pets for ludricous amounts of money. The fact that they're "just optional" doesn't matter. No company will ever put microtransactions in a game and not try to manipulate their players into spending every last penny they can squeeze out of them (as we saw with the loot crates in overwatch) and the player doesn't get any choice whatsoever there. If you're the kind of person who doesn't get tempted by cosmetics, that's great for you, but you have to realize that not everyone feels the same way. Blizzard gets away with way too much. If this were EA or Ubisoft people would be up in arms about it but because we all like Blizzard games no one wants to criticize them and that's not right.Sirjellyfish9 29 Aug
29 Aug Community Update – August 25 Greetings, First, we would like to thank everyone for playtesting the new changes! Your feedback has been very helpful and there were a lot of constructive discussions. With so many changes, we do think it’s difficult to predict all the outcomes, but with your help and feedback, we believe we can continue to head in the right direction. Protoss Currently, we like the direction of Shield Restore, but the ability may not provide enough defensive power for Protoss so we are looking to try a different iteration called Restoration Field. The new ability should provide more defense power for Protoss and there should be more gameplay options for players. Also Shield Restore would sometimes use more energy than what was expected or desired. The energy consumption on the new ability Restoration Field should be more predictable and easier to gauge. Additionally, we are removing the delay on Purification Nova when a Disruptor is unloaded from a transport. There was concern that Purification Nova would deal too much burst damage or game ending damage in harass situations. The delay was added to minimize game ending damage but it may not be necessary at this time. Last, the High Templar’s weapon size was reduced to better match the weapon’s current damage value. Zerg We hear feedback that Zerg is lacking anti air or early harass options and we are looking into possible solutions to address these concerns. We have been experimenting with a new anit-air ability on the Infestor called Entangle. The ability would replace the Infested Terran ability and provide an anti-air option for Zerg ground compositions. The new Entangle ability would capture enemy air units, and allow friendly ground units to engage them. As for early game harassment options, we want to be careful in our changes here as the effectiveness of the Protoss and Terran defense options have been reduced a bit and that should open up more offensive opportunities for Zerg, that weren’t previously possible in the past. Terran We are excited to hear the feedback for the Terran changes. There was an area of concern that Smart Servos may make Hellion/Hellbat transform a bit too fast. We are planning to make a change so that after researching the Smart Servos upgrade, Hellions/Hellbats would take 2 seconds instead of 1 second to transform. This would provide the defensive player more time to react when trying to defend against Hellion/Hellbat harass with the Smart Servos upgrade. List of changes: Nexus New ability Restoration Field: Replaces Shield Recharge. Ability can be cast on Pylons within 13 range from the casting Nexus. Restores shields of friendly units within the Pylon’s power field range. 50 energy cost / 14 second duration. Shield regeneration rate 15 shields per second. Shield recharge will affect everything except the Pylon emitting the field. Can only target Pylons without Restoration Field. Disruptor Removed delay on Purification Nova when Disruptors are unloaded from transports. High Templar Psi Blast model scale reduced from 1 to 0.65. The impact model scale was reduced from 1 to 0.75. Hellion/Hellbat Smart Servos upgrade: After researching Smart Servos, the Hellion/Hellbat morph times will be reduced to 2 seconds instead of 1 second. Raven Repair Drones will now be shot from the casting Raven instead of entering from the air above. Will allow both the offensive and defensive player to see which Raven used the energy to cast the ability. Again, thanks for trying out the new changes and please continue to provide any feedback!Savirrux2 29 Aug
29 Aug 3.17 release dates? I play exclusively blizzard games on my computer and enjoy every minute of playing them, so when a new update is announced I get really excited for it. However, one thing that does annoy me is not having a date on which the update will come out. With the latest co-op commander coming out who I am desperate to play, I think blizzard should start giving us a date that their latest update will come out. Most of us know that Tuesday is patch day for blizzard and I am currently counting down the days until Tuesday because I will get to play Dehaka. The issue is that if the update inst released then, I will have gotten excited for nothing and have to count down another week which will be full of just waiting. Now that they have even shown off dehaka it would feel like a slap in the face if this patch doesn't arrive this Tuesday. I love blizzard games but I really need to get a release date on these awesome updates so I know I am not getting excited for something that doesn't come out for a while. Like getting excited for your birthday and then realising it is actually months away. Please blizzard just give me some idea so I am not sitting at my computer just waiting.ConShrekster4 29 Aug
29 Aug Zerg relies on Queens too much I am very happy about the removal of the MSC as it was a unit that filled way too many roles and it is better to split these roles up. For Zerg however they have a similar "problem". The Queen fills too many roles in my opinion. She is used for macro, map control, anti-air ,overall cost efficiency and even lategame armies. In your balance patchnotes, you wanted to give Zerg more options to be aggressive, yet increased the reliance on creep with the changes to the Infestor. This is obviously counter-intuitive since creep rarely reaches all the locations you want to attack your opponent at. In the current state, it is a usual sight to have Zergs create 6 to 10 Queens in the earlygame because they are just the best all around unit Zerg has. Sadly, since they are less useful offensively unless coupled with things like Nydus, Zerg is forced to play defensively. In the past, you have always stated that you don't want units that fulfill too many roles yet since the release of Starcraft 2, Zergs have never relied more on the Queens than now. I would be happy if you take a look at the Queen to see if you can move some of its tasks to other units. If Zerg for example had a unit to fulfill the anti-air defense that could also be used offensively, we could maybe see less overdefensive playstyles. You took the first step with the Ravager, but in the end Queens are just universally more useful. Defend a Liberator sieging a mineral line? Just move over 5 Queens instead of building 3 Ravagers. Those 5 Queens will snowball your creep spread and help you way more early game. Protoss using Oracles? Impossible to hit with Ravagers, so you have to rely on Queens again. They are also the best option vs Medivac drops. Although hard to imagine, maybe it would be a good first try to make Hydralisks available at Hatchery tech or allow Ravagers to auto-attack air units. This would obviously be tied together with a nerf to Queen anti-air damage. But something has to be done to prevent Zerg having this ubiquitous unit that fulfills all early to midgame tasks better than any other unit while at the same time scaling incredibly well into the lategame. Now I am a Zerg player myself and started with Wings of Liberty, I used to lose to things like single proxy Voidrays because back then Zerg had almost no anti air and the Queens lost most ground to air battles. But from watching many of the pro matches nowadays, I feel like the reliance on Queens has forced Zerg into this boring "get up 3 bases, defend and snowball" playstyle that we see in most games nowadays.Basilisk2 29 Aug
28 Aug Production tab as a stream overlay? Hi guys, I was just wondering if blizzard would ever consider having a production tab as a stream overlay? I personally love watching my fav streamers play starcraft like Stats, Byun and winter etc, and try to learn as much as possible. The problem is that Im finding the timings hard to follow. I know the major problem with implementing this is the whole stream ghosting issue. But if the streamer has a delay would this be so bad? What are your thoughts friends? NomadNomad0 28 Aug
27 Aug Dehaka coop releasing 30th august Blizzard recently posted that they will have maintenance for Starcraft 2 on the 30th of august. Now does this mean that 3.17 (the dehaka coop update) will go live on the 30th or are they preparing the game for the update in a few weeks. I would like other people opinions on this as I am really hyped for this new coop commander!ConShrekster1 27 Aug
27 Aug Ladder rank glitch Ladder issue-player rank value on multiplayer screen is his rank on ladder+1. On ladder is 8, on multiplayer screen 9. Or another case: 42-43.Fenix2 27 Aug
26 Aug Siege tank movement I know that nobody cares about it and that it's irrelevant, but I just realized how lazy blizzard was with siedge tank movement... Siege tank moves very strange, it seems like it's always moving forward, it never turns, so turret on this tank (not in siege mod) is absolutly useless... it is shame that blizzard didn't put more effort in wheeled units, it would be pretty cool. Now the tank feels like plastic toy. I hope that in Starcraft 3 BLIZZARD will make siedge tank move like vehicle, not like marines. (Sorry for my bad english)TomasSK0 26 Aug
26 Aug Protoss Deathball ruins the game No matter what build you choose, what tactic and strategy you're doomed becuase of massive protoss air at mid-game. Just played few 4x4 and 3x3 games, always the same - push - retreat - meet the deathball. Vikings are useless, marines, widow mines, corrupters, hydras. Maybe with micro madskills you can do something, but you must be Grandmaster for that. Thank you Blizzard for this $hit. I was sure you left it in SC 1 times, but here it comes again.Kagrenac3 26 Aug
26 Aug Stuck on Lost temple co-op mission Stuck on Lost temple co-op mission at this moment I finish the mission and it stock on mission complete don't give me the score table and iff I quit I loose my points I'm with nova an my allay with swanAlexander1 26 Aug
26 Aug 2 missed units in Major Patch Oracles and liberators. Yes libs have the vision nerf, but how about just remove the range upgrade? Oracles remove revelation, or its pulsar beam, or redesign the unit. With widow mines no longer remaining invisible during recharge, revelation seems less needed. But most of the other changes seem pretty great. I personally would like to see the old cyclone back in action (pre 3.8)Dreadlord1 26 Aug
25 Aug Warchest skins are not working in arcade In an arcade game i play, collection skins like zealot award for lvl30 or paid immortal skin are working fine and replace the generic zealot and immortal models. However, warchest skins do not work like the others. The standard zealot skin is not replaced by warchest version. Does anyone have idea why? The Map creator didn't do any special coding to make the previous collection skins work. When paid immortal skin came, it was working right without any map update. Is this intended or will be fixed?Sunshine0 25 Aug
24 Aug Bug with tors Tors atack with splash. and it is no way to kill 10 tors with 10 mutalisks. This is stupid bug, alot of !@#$%^s using itBel2 24 Aug
24 Aug En Taro Adun or En Taro Tassadar? Which one do you prefer? I like En taro adun more, it's way more smoother and it was before the En taro tassadar.Saukko103 24 Aug
23 Aug Difficulty Distinguishing Units The new skins - as well as the old, for that matter - are saturated with similar coloring, making them hard to see. Frankly, they stink. Of all things that people simply want to enhance the game would be interesting unit skins, as well as customization capability. Can Blizzard please address this? p.s. as well as a gamut of Cursor colors to choose from.ApeIsland0 23 Aug
23 Aug report system does not working i reporting a player who leaving a match milion times it is going 1 year, each time i reporting, and he still in my games, and he lowers my mmr, cuz i play 3 vs 4Bel1 23 Aug
22 Aug Question about co-op commander abathur. At level 15 he gets biotic leech ("Abathur's units heal themselves for 1% of the damage they deal per stack of Biomass they possess.") and I was wondering if leviathans and brutalisk count as having 100 bio mass or do they not get healing at all from leech because it got used up?lancelot2 22 Aug
22 Aug Random Commander Selector So I originaly made this a while back, tho it was different, I got bored, rewrote it's functionality, added some nice styling and there you go, a random commander selector. It has a list off commanders from which you can select to get your next commander to play with. I wish something like this would be implemented in the game. Hope you enjoy this little tool, tho it's not in game, you can Alt+Tab to use it, then hope back in. 22 Aug
21 Aug Too many protoss commanders for co-op! Just saying we got 5 protoss commanders, 4 zerg and 3 terran! only 3! we need some more terran commanders like Matt Horner, Valerian Mengsk, Mira han or even Tychus Findlay! Tychus sounding like the most fun to play starting off as a ground unit and you can build the odin later on in the mission if you devote enough resources to it.lancelot5 21 Aug
21 Aug All warchest-skins are gone. (WOL installed) As of yesterday all my skins from war-chest are not showing in-game anymore. Anyone know what happened? Is it a known bug och something else wrong? I installed WOL from starter edition and I think that´was when it happened?! edit. Appearently they are still there in arcademode but not in training(multiplayer). Pls help, my kids are furious.... /Dadjudgef2 21 Aug
20 Aug Does SC Remastered allow Zoom Out more? I just bought SC Remastered, but the game seems just too much zoomed in, how can I zoom out? I am playing single player campaign if that matters so balance and other things don't matter herexnavigator4 20 Aug
20 Aug is the only Forum? Why is the euro server so dead, while you see constant replies on the american serverÐàtsík4 20 Aug
20 Aug The War chest disapeard Hi i loget in a game today an my war chest disapeard. Like never buy and if i click on warchest, them write : this evetn disapeart on date xx in 1970 ... what help ?illinathiall2 20 Aug
18 Aug Suggestion - Sc2 Announcer(s) Hey, how about adding Snoop Dogg and/or Morgan Freeman announcer? for me it would be instantbuy/10ImmortalWind2 18 Aug
17 Aug Help me with this (minor) login problem I always login through the battle net launcher therefore i avoid logging into every blizz game individually, however starcraft 2 now when launched promts a "could not connect to blizzard servers" error effectively forcing me to log in again even though i am already logged into the app. I know this may not be a big deal but it's annoying especially when everything worked fine a few hours ago. (yes i tried deleting cache but nothing is fixed). All help is much appreciated. --Edit-- I noticed that for some reason now the game takes me to US forums every time i click forums through the options drop down menu in the app. This is weird because EU is always selected prior to log inFoehammer2 17 Aug
17 Aug Laddering system u mad bro? I didn't play Sc2 almost one year, started recently few days ago. Did 5 matches for placement in ranked, my score was 3-2(W-L), all 5 games were against platinum 1 or 2. After those games I was placed in Silver 1, i said to myself ok, np it will be easy to climb to platinum 'cuz gonna play against silver or gold. But guess what still playing against platinum players. My question is WTF????Executor3 17 Aug
16 Aug Horrible gaming experience these days So for first time in about 6 months I've played some lotv teamgames. The gaming experience I'm having is just bad. About 90% of games are 3 minute cheeses. The matchmaking still is horrible. I don't mind playing with a goldie against two diamonds (me being top t1/2 mmr). But I do mind losing 100mmr when I play on Brazil server with a ping of 250 and I have to play 7-10 games to get that mmr back. To round things off the maps are the worst they have ever been. Every diamond protoss player can waste 20 minutes of my time making air units and kiting into the endless amounts of dead airspace that were placed on every map. I've played about 25k games of sc2 across hots/wol/lotv, so I've played this game quite a bit and think I can talk about the state of the game.Gandhi6 16 Aug
16 Aug LotV system requirements Hey guys, I have a quick question. At the moment I am playing Heart of the Swarm, if I buy LotV will the system requirements increase or does Swarm already have the graphical upgrade ? I mean are both of them in terms of engine version and graphics identical ? Ty!Vitelus0 16 Aug
13 Aug Suggestion for new messenger privacy setting Recently I've got so tire childish people flaming me be because thy cant hack loosing a game, that I've changed my messenger privacy setting to: "only allow friends to send me messages". But this is a bit of an extreme solution. I don't want to ignore everyone! Nor do i want to have to friend everyone just in order to exchange a "gg" with them after a game. So my suggestion is a middle way. A privacy setting that treats messages from none friends like unopened emails, all u would see was the name of the sender in the message window, you would then have to click on it to open the message. The sender would then be notified if the message has been opened. I think this would work quit well as u can normally tell which players r going to have a tantrum and start flaming people.SlipperyFish0 13 Aug
13 Aug Why can't we report Trolls (in Co-Op) via replay? So I had an issue in Co-Op, he destroyed my bases and claimed that "it's what my teammates have been doing to me, sux huh?". I left, cause this was my first report I thought you do it through Support and not right clicking the message log (wut). When I tried to report through replay after reading that you report through right clicking via message log... it did nothing. You can't right click their name in replay.Vartio1 13 Aug
13 Aug Starcraft and Norse Myth Odin, Loki, Thor, Hel and Viking are the names I can recall from the game. I'm a big fan of mythology myself. I just wanted to know if Blizzard guys are originally Scandinavian. are they ???Ebi81 13 Aug
12 Aug multiplayer with commander & ability I suggest to make multiplayer game with commander with their ability like CO-OP and make the miner and gas more on multi player. this will make game more intrested. What you think ??mahs1 12 Aug
11 Aug Missing row on offer of Nexus On my Nexus isn´t displayed first row from buillding offer. Next point Button A+ left mouse click doesn´t work for attack. Please help me how to repair this troubles. KonyleopardKonyleopard2 11 Aug
08 Aug prologue still locked after finishing all the campaigns hi i just finished legacy of the void campaigns and the prologue doesnt open it says that i have to finish the campaign before i do when i click on the continue button it returns me to mission 15 although i finished the whole game does any1 know why ?squall0 08 Aug
08 Aug Patch notes for Someone?nvmd3 08 Aug
08 Aug gift? Can i buy for a friend, for example, the starcraft expansion? i mean gift between accounts are posible? should be niceRomanianNoob2 08 Aug
08 Aug Bug: Forged skin warp-in unit selection error. There is a bug with units, specifically zealots using the Forged skin from War Chest, warping in and the player is unable to box select them. This has been a known bug for days. In other competitive games and eSports these bugs would've been fixed the same day, here it has lasted for days, come on guys, this is unacceptable.Puro19 08 Aug
07 Aug Your Keyboard Map I know this is sometimes sacred to people but who wants to share their key layout with tips and why they find certain things easier or harder? I would start you off but I am asking because I am still on the standard layout and want to upgrade myself.MrHappy4 07 Aug
06 Aug Disable alt+shift Dear blizzard I suggest that you make it possible to disable the "alt+shift" shortcut in the controls panel. You have already made it possible to disable "alt+tab". The short cut "alt+shift" changes the keyboard to American keyboard style (I have a danish keyboard). By mistake I often press "alt+shift" in game and then many of my hotkeys are screwed.Fisk7 06 Aug
06 Aug BelgianSC is looking for Belgian SC players and fans Hi everybody, Introduction I’m one of the founders of BelgianSc ( A project some friends and I started in April 2011 to grow the Belgians starcraft community. We haven’t been very active lately and it’s has been a while since we have organized something. In 2013 we want to restart and review the concept of BelgianSC. With this post I want to reach out to the community, and look for as much people as possible that want to help us grow the Belgian community. Players that want to compete in tournaments, casters, streamers, clans, journalists, any help is welcome. The beginning First let me introduce myself and BelgianSC. I’m Jeroen “Zorrotwee” De Witte, 24 years old and living in Bruges, Belgium. I’m playing Starcraft 2 since the release. It was the first RTS in which I compete but I climbed my way up to gold/platinum. After playing a while I started reading forums and watching streams. I started talking to my friends about strategies and watched tournaments together. Soon we were wondering if there were any Belgian pro players. So we looked for the Belgian community on forums but found almost nothing. There were some teams and a few forums, but nothing impressive. We wanted to change that and started our own community: BelgianSC. We started organizing online 1vs1 tournaments and later on a clanwar and even a barcraft. We’ve got a lot more reactions than expected and each event was bigger than the one before. Resurrection Since early 2012 a lot has been changing for us, and only little time was left for SC2. We didn’t found the time to organize events and after a while we even stopped playing. A quick search on the forums today shows that not only we, but the whole community has become less active. There aren’t are almost no active forums where you can meet Belgian players and talk about SC2. At the start of 2013, we want to move on with our project. Renew the concept of BelgianSC , organize more and bigger events. We want to wake the sleeping community, let it become an active so it can attract new players and hopefully it can grow bigger than it ever has been. I’m sure there are active Belgian master players and there are for sure Belgian players that are, or want to be, active in the starcraft 2 community. In my opinion we just have to find them and bring them together. Together we can create something that will attract more people and stimulate them to play SC2. New goals And that’s what I’m trying to do with this post, bring Belgian players together. If there is a place where players can meet, it will allow tournament organizers, casters and coaches to reach a lot of people in an easy and fast way. These will give more room for initiative and give players more events to participate in. Hopefully an active community will inspire people to (re-)start or continue playing starcraft. And hopefully, with the start 2013, we ourselves can start some new projects and help this community grow. The way to connect all the players can be very simple. A small chat on could help bring players together, yet it’s not the most attractive way. We can go bigger and have a forum or website for the Belgian community. The most important thing is to spread the news of Belgian events and top players and encourage people to play, improve their game and support the community. And by doing so, bring life to the quiet wastelands. We want you This post is the first step. I try to contact as many players as possible, and hope to get some positive responses. We can see how we can take it from there. First I want to invite you to, whenever you are online, join our chat: BelgianSC. If you’re not the only one that does this, you will meet other Belgian players. We can have a chat, and hopefully start something beautiful. Second, I want to ask you to ventilate your vision and opinion. Is a big SC2 scene possible in Belgium? How can we attract the most people? How can we make our members to be and stay active? Which format of tournament suits you best, and how often you want to play one? Which people should we contact that would be a great help to our initiative? Post this on the forum, pm me, or send us a mail at We want to grow the community, but we need your help. Third and last I want to ask you, to check our website, started with our limited technical knowledge: If you have a big passion for SC2 and you want to do more than just play. If you think you can help improve our website or can help us writing articles or interviewing people. If you are a streamer, caster, top player, team manager and want to help us. Send us a mail at the email address mentioned above. We can use every bit of help. Looking forward to your response, The Belgian Starcraft CrewZorrotwee7 06 Aug
05 Aug Invisible Mode/ Appear Offline I just want to raise awereness to an old issue regarding There is no way to set you status to "offline" or "invisible" so nobody on your friends list can see you're actually online. This feature have been requested since the beginning of time and in late 2012 Blizzard listened to us and announced the feature in near future. Now with HotS released and after the latest patch I really start to worry that Blizzard abandoned us again in that matter. I seems such a minor feature but it would improve my game experience a lot! Dear Blizzard, please keep your promise and give us this feature as soon as possible!ZwegatBoll47 05 Aug
05 Aug Optimizing Starcraft 2 (gameplay) Hello, I have had a pleasure and a privilege to play Starcraft 2. Over my many years of playing a few years back (played mostly WoL and took a break when HoTS came out) and got to high master rank (I just say this, so that you know, that I am not some newbie crying on the forums). I have some suggestions that you might agree or disagree with, but the general idea behind them is to make a game cleaner and easier to navigate and play in general. Using better visual information and making it easier to focus on planning and ingame micro (instead of maybe using too much time on macro). The suggestions are: - displayed production progress - colour coded production - if possible: auto production (such as is in carriers producing interceptors) Let me explain what I mean by these improved features and what they do and maybe some reasoning behind them: DISPLAYED PRODUCTION PROGRESS: This means that : let's say you are terran and you have 4 barracks hotkeyed to a key, let's say to a key '6'. But when you click '6' you only select your barracks and you see only how many unites are queued in production and not the time it takes for them to finish, you can't really precisely judge when the production cycle will finish [[especially if barracks are not in sync]] . If you want to see the progress of those structures you have to actually move your camera and look at your base and see that blue bar that shows production progress. With this implemented it would be easier to sustain continuous production without without a slip up and without queuing unites a lot before they are done (then you resources are just sitting there for another 10 - 40 secounds when they could be better spent somewhere else). An idea for implementation: My prefered way would be to display a number over the barracks symbol on your HUD display (there you already now see the barrack and you know if it is damaged by the colour: if it is green it is almost full hp, if orange damaged in red burning - over these symbol I would like to see a number in let's say white colour that shows time in secounds until the unit that is being built is finished). Other ways: it could show the time in secounds for how long the unit is being built instead of until it is done, but I prefer the former. If for some reason it is very hard to implement it the wrote above you can also do what they have for protoss warp-ins where you see the dark shady cycle-ish countdown that let's them determine then warpgates are eligable for a warp-in. Me personally don't really see the problem for implementing these for: all the protoss production (though for them, for chrono boost use the same calculations for time until finish as they do for warpgate countdown). For terrans that is also very easy except for reactor production structures: where they can display 2 numbers separated with some symbol or something: example 12|15 or 12/15 or 12,15. This is also possible for zerg to display time until finish on cocoons, and of course on all the research building to make it easier when the upgrades will be done. If someone sees and technical problem for implementing this I may have though of them and didn't write here, because my post will be long as is already, but you can write it here and I will answer. But basically my question to all of you is if you think that making it easier for a player to navigate what is going in is a positive idea to you or not? COLOUR CODED PRODUCTION: This is quite simply colouring the white bars to know what unit is being built and queued in production structure: when you select the barrack with a hotkey: you see the barracks simbols (colour coded: that gives you information about the heath of the barracks) and you also see the production queued, but all the production unites are coloured white. Maybe we could use colours to know what is being built: example: blue for marine, red for reaper, green for marauder, purple for ghost. The implementation seems very simple and colours can be determened by 'grid position' (like the grid hotkey setup): like blue for far top left, red for top left, green for top middle, purple for top right, brown for far top left etc. I hope you get the idea. Both the features I have mentioned, could be turned off in the gameplay setting but I don't think that they make too much clutter and instead just gives additional that I think most players would benefit from. I would like to know your opinion about the topic, so please comment. Thank you very much for your input.VokinLoksar6 05 Aug
05 Aug all coop commanders are locked even Nova that i've bought recentlystrannik1 05 Aug
05 Aug War chest tournament prize pool limit While I do think that Blizzard is a bit late to the party I really do like that they implemented war chests in SC2. It is clear that a buy-once-play-forever game does require some kind of monetization after sales to pay for continuous work on the title. I do have one major issue with the war chest though, and that is the 200k limit for the additional prize pool. I do get that for stabilization and longevity of the esports scene it makes sense to smooth out the money over to the next year, but in its current form, after reaching the 200k goal, it feels much less compelling to buy a war chest. Also from an advertising standpoint I think an open end or at least increased limit (e.g. 300k bonus = 1 million total) would be beneficial for the scene. Obviously this would mean that this money does not go to the next year pool, but I do wonder how many sales are "lost" by the diminished perceived incentive to buy a war chest for the sake of esports. One solution could be to remove the upper limit and instead split the 25% between the current years prize pool and future investment for all purchases. For example Blizzard could use 20% of the war chest purchases for the prize pool and 5% for investment in the next year. This would have the additional benefit of smoothing the year-to-year cash invested into SC2 esports in comparison to the current model, as here each war chest purchase increases the imbalance between this years and next years pool.Boffel0 05 Aug
05 Aug Coming back to the game And who the hell thought it to be smart to give protoss access to air that early on? That's just ridiculous. Came back and now leaving again, bull!@#$ air units that early on, no thanks.Norlind4 05 Aug
05 Aug Name glitch i have a weird glitch that my name shows up as: aaa and i cant change my profile pictureaaa2 05 Aug
05 Aug Suggestion: for the development team Hi, this is an idea. An example with SM_Mercenary03, SM_RaynorCommander and SM_FirstOfficer ... models that could have the same bone structure, so we could load, for example, the animation file "SM_RaynorCommander_CantinaAnims.m3a" to any of the 3 models. In this way, 3D models that share the same characteristics, if they have the same structure of bones, could also load the same animation sequences, which would allow to create cinematic with any of the characters, applying a wide range of animations. regardszafiro1 05 Aug
05 Aug Qualification/Ladder Question Hi all, Here I am at 9300+ matches and usually qualify in Gold. You'd expect better right? I mean with a very reasonable amount of SC2 experience most players would be in a higher league than that. So I was wondering, does anybody know if our respective ladder histories play a part in qualifications with each new season that arrives? I've noticed that some players with only a few matches under their belt are qualifying in Diamond or Platinum (most likely not to stay there for too long of course) so, by playing on the ladder too much from the dawn of Wings Of Liberty when I was inexperienced, have I tainted all future promotions and qualifications? Should I have played 9300+ unranked games in order to develop some skill and preserve the chance of being in a higher league today? I realise that I haven't mentioned MMR here but only because that clearly is the main influence on league placements. Thanks. GG.MrHappy1 05 Aug
05 Aug Why is there no leaver punishment? I installed SC2 again for the first time since 2011-ish and the first thing I notice is that people leave even when the game has just started, 10 seconds into a 3v3 game and there are people leaving, meaning the other 2 on the team is fubar. Why is there no leaver penalty? In Dota2 if one person leaves he ruins the game for 4 others(9 in total, the opposite team doesn't want a 5v4 either), in CS if one person leaves he ruins the game for 4/9 others, but in SC2 it's OK to leave and ruin the game for 3 others.. what the actual.Puro20 05 Aug