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28 Feb Not sure Hi I've just finished wings and thinking of getting the other expansions and maybe getting into multiplayer seriously. Just wanted to know if that's a good idea? Noticed the forums aren't very active. Sorry for stupid question thanks for help.Dandy1 28 Feb
28 Feb Cannot Change SC2 Name I am trying to change my SC2 name at the moment; I do have the free name change; however, when I go to click on the name change on Battle Net it's not 'Clickable' although, it does say that I have 1 free name change remaining? Any help would be great! Thanks!Tergkoopa0 28 Feb
27 Feb opponent has two different leagues? Why can i see two different leagues for some opponent? Some seem to have platinum league and rating when i play against them, but when i check their profile, they are diamond and have a much higher rating.MkVibes3 27 Feb
27 Feb Bug, achivement not recived After having 1000 kills With Liberators i still didnt get achivement "Liberty rains from above" in night terror missionBegunGarthD0 27 Feb
25 Feb arcade mode games for multiplayer improvement what are some arcade mode games that could be used for multiplayer improvement ? anything that u can recommend for training micro, macro, and multitasking ?Proskill0 25 Feb
24 Feb Zagara multiple bane nests, bug or? Ive had a couple of odd games the last few days with Zagara players, who seem to be able to build all the banelings nests they want?. I'm i missing something here? or... 24 Feb
24 Feb boost the toss make phoenix attack groundKuomiPasztor3 24 Feb
24 Feb Co-op "Wheal of Misfortune" bug After last probe put crystal game didn't end. 20/20, time countdown stopped, additional crystals did not except, but game showed as still in progress and did not earn difficulty points (played on Hard)nils0 24 Feb
23 Feb Support for Linux Hello there, I have been playing StarCraft 2 for some years now on Ubuntu – the campaign and Coop is really awesome! :) Unfortunately there is a problem: After every update, StarCraft 2 does not run with the current wine version any more (Wine is a software, which allows you to run Windows programs on Linux systems). It is almost impossible to find the right wine version on your own and the right settings/libraries to make StarCraft 2 work again (there are too many options). So I can not play StarCraft 2 until there is a guide on the internet. In my opinion an own client for Linux would be great, because there are many users playing StarCraft 2, or other games provides, on Linux. On Amazon, for example StarCraft 2 is the bestseller (Linux: #1, in comparison: Windows: #74, Mac: #13) under Linux games although its a windows game! (see: Apart from that, Mac has its own version too, but it's not significantly more popular. Another aspect is that an own version makes the game more stable than using Wine, because Wine needs resources too, so you can e.g. only play on low graphic settings although you could easily play on higher settings without running wine at the same time. This would be better for multi-player too: If you play in coop its bad for your team-mate if you lag all the time and you can not play as fast as you need to. Another point is that Linux users don't have to wait for the right wine version, so we can play after these updates much earlier. At least, Blizzard will earn more money because more Linux users who play StarCraft 2 starter edition can be sure that Blizzard supports this client, so they might buy additional Wings, Coop Commanders, etc., too. Other Platforms like Steam have already a Linux client and they made much money with that. I know that an own version for Linux will require some time, but remember that Linux users already found a way to run StarCraft 2 in wine, so I am sure there will be Players who will help you testing the launcher and finding solutions for emerging problems. Wine is doing well, but an own StarCraft 2 client would be much more comfortable and resource saving. Thank you in advance for your answers. I hope I have not bought StarCraft 2 for nothing due to a simple update problem. If you think that an own version is too hard to release, this might be interesting: Kind regards, DesmanDesman12 23 Feb
23 Feb Help-Problem with skins I've got the Tal'darim skin. I equipped it. Now in the multiplayer the Colossus looks like default. What should I do?UnknownDrunk6 23 Feb
22 Feb teamliquid hybrid settings after watching stephano stream today i was thinking about video settings he plays on. does anyone know, like did he maybe post it somewhere how his video settings look like ? about TL hybrid settings ( which makes everything clearer, however requires to tweak things outside of the game. is this something that would be allowed in pro scene, in championship to edit settings like that, or forbidden considered cheating or something. hybrid settings for example make units brighter, remove shadows, make warpin and powerfields more visible which overall is way better and something u cant achieve through ingame settings.Proskill3 22 Feb
22 Feb Immortal Wallpaper? I search the web for a wallpaper that includes Protoss Immortal, but I just find generic ones. Is there some official immortal wallpaper made by Blizzard? Or is there one on sites like Deviant art etc...?VladDTerran0 22 Feb
22 Feb How big is a BattleCruiser? Seriously. The one in the video has to be at least several kilometres long (judging by the size of buildings). Is that some sort of Über-BC, or the standard minotaur class from the game?Syzygy37 22 Feb
22 Feb pimp toss Prottos need some boosts they are so weakKuomiPasztor0 22 Feb
21 Feb WoL/HoTS/LotV main Campaign idea wol can use the terran commanders when starting a new game hots can choosse for all zerg commanders including stukov and lotv can choose for protos are just standert campaign that whould be so coolLocomotor1 21 Feb
21 Feb Community Feedback Update – February 10 Widow Mine While much of the feedback regarding the Widow Mine splash damage reduction has been positive, we also received feedback that pushing that change to live so quickly after making changes to the Liberator might swing the matchup too far in one direction. We will keep an eye on this matchup in the coming weeks to determine if this change should still be implemented. Carrier We heard your feedback that adjustments to the Carrier’s Interceptor costs might not help Zerg enough in this matchup. Rather than trying to change the Carrier, we are thinking that improvements to the Corruptor might be a better solution. Our current thinking is to improve both the speed and the responsiveness (damage point + acceleration) of the Corruptor. This would give the unit greater flexibility during engagements, and occasionally even catch parts of the Protoss army before engaging it. We would like to hear your ideas here as well. Hydralisk This will remain on the Balance Testing Matchmaking for now. Interestingly, we have not seen as much feedback about the Hydralisk health buff as we had expected. Let's get some discussions going on these topics and thank you for the feedback!Корсамул3 21 Feb
20 Feb Mouse side buttons.. Is it possible to use the mouse side buttons as hotkeys? I tryed to bind them but nothing happened.. I Use Grid but i want to change "Force Field" hotkey Z, to hotkey B4 for exapmle. (B4 is one of the buttons on the side of the mouse.)IMMvp11 20 Feb
17 Feb Map for single player Is there any way to create single player game without AI? I need such option to check my APM and personal keyboard shourtcuts. If yes, how can I start it?Zuru1 17 Feb
16 Feb Abatur's ravager icon is broken in the co-op window Abatur's ravager icon is broken in the co-op window. its a bit annoying its just a purple squareLocomotor0 16 Feb
15 Feb League Promotion Hi all :) I'm new to Starcraft II ladder and I don't know how the league promotion works.Yesterday I got promoted to Gold tier 1. After my promotion, I played exactly one game and I got promoted to platinum tier 3. Is that possible? Did anyone come across the same thing?Devastator4 15 Feb
15 Feb Keybinding quick select Hello! I was wondering if there is a quick way to switch between buildings when i have several buildings in one keybind :) Now when i click a keybind it only takes me to one of building and i have to click on the map to see to the other buildings. Thanks alot! :)Verseus3 15 Feb
15 Feb Bug Achievement not received Bug Why dont i get the Achievement at : In the Enemy's Shadow Catch Me If You Can Mastery Achievement - Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops ? I Completed : Catch Me If You Can In the Enemy's Shadow - Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops , Over 10 Times On Hard Difficulty , Yes On Hard Difficulty , My Best Time Was 3:52 Min , Soo Its Obviously Under 4 Minutes And It Still Does Not Give Me The Achievement , Why? , i wanted fixedMark1 15 Feb
14 Feb BUG ACHIEVEMENTS NOT RECEIVED BUG WHY DONT I GET THE ACHIEVEMENTS AT In the Enemy's Shadow Catch Me If You Can Mastery Achievement - Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops ? I COMPLETED Catch Me If You Can In the Enemy's Shadow - Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops OVER 10 TIMES ON HARD , YES ON HARD , MY BEST TIME WAS 3:52 MIN , SOO ITS OBVIOUSLY UNDER 4 MINUTES AND IT STILL DOES NOT GIVE ME THE ACHIEVEMENTS , WHY?Mark0 14 Feb
14 Feb Friendly Competition - not awarded I just done the Friendly competition Achievement and I do not get it. I have the screenshot and the savegame with Protoss terrazine attacks intercepted = 0. Please help me!Cat0 14 Feb
14 Feb 15 Wins Streak: 3v3 Elite A.I. Achievement stuck 15 Wins Streak: 3v3 Elite A.I. Achievement has gotten stuck at 2, it worked before updating as expected but now neither wins nor losses count. The last game before it bugged out was a disconnect from the net due to system crash.nuclearFury0 14 Feb
14 Feb A silly topic : Zerg Jobs Hello all This is just a silly idea... just for fun. What jobs would Zerg characters have in Terran worlds ? Let´s assume there is harmony and peace with all races. These are my ideas: Kerrigan - the president of an air travel company (with leviathans) Zagara - a teacher Izsha - a singer or a librarian or a historian Dehaka - an explorer or traveller Abathur - an experimental scientist or a vet Any other fun ideas ? Have a good day :D GLHFZERGB2 14 Feb
13 Feb starcraft lore youtubers is there any youtube channel dedicated to starcraft lore ? just as there are plenty for warcraft: nobbel, doronsmovies, krucial etc.Proskill3 13 Feb
12 Feb eSport anonymous survey Hello all My name is Richard and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Salford. My research focuses on eSport, its players, the metagame and its wider community. The following criteria is preferable but not essential for this survey. • You must be either currently active within eSports or have played in competitions within the last year • To have an association with eSport players, teams or casters • To have an in-depth knowledge of the wider Metagame culture • Will be accessible, and open to an array of eSport and culture questions, these themes will relate solely to eSports and video game culture nothing personal or confidently will be asked. • Teams, solely, mobile, console and PC players are welcome Please note you must be over the age of 18 to take part and your participation is voluntary; with no incentive for participating. (However there is a prize draw for three $50 gift cards for XBL or PSN or Steam, entry requires an email) The online questionnaire will ensure privacy by not requesting any private information, although, at the end of the questionnaire an email address can be left for follow-up interviews. The online questionnaire will give a unique reference number and this is the only way each entry can be recognized; however, it is hoped participates will wish to participate in the associated interviews, in which case name and contact details will be recorded on a secure computer. All information will be considered confidential and will only be used for this project. All information will be destroyed once this project is completed. All information provided will be kept confidential, and will solely be used by the researcher, for the purpose of this project. The final written project will not include any names; it will only feature data analysis on a broad scale. All of the above ensures that personal details remain anonymous in the finished work. Contact for further information Email: Thank you for your time and forthcoming participation (I hope) in this research project! link to survey - RichardCigar0 12 Feb
11 Feb Zerg replays Hi, where can I get new pro replays to examine the strategy played? regardsEpidemic1 11 Feb
10 Feb Extremly long queue times in unranked+way lower mmr so when i queue for an unranked match in the EU server, not only do i have to wait between 5-10 minutes until i find a match, my opponents are also way below my mmr, im talking 3000-4000 MMR less. ive played (and won) between 30-40 unranked games now, and my MMR doesnt seem to go up nor do the queue times get shorter. ive played unranked before on my account on the same server, and albeit that was a long time ago, it worked fine back then.ZertoN9 10 Feb
08 Feb Lags, lags... Why SC2 nowadays has so much latency/lag, crap programming or attacked by hackers? Fix it please! we paid money buying your product!Tennymoon7 08 Feb
07 Feb Update on StarCraft II Framerate A recent update to improve performance on FreeSync and G-Sync monitors has a side-effect of capping StarCraft II’s framerate to the monitor’s refresh rate. We’re already working on further improvements in a future patch and will continue to monitor this issue. We know this is affecting our players and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards a better solution.Nakatoir2 07 Feb
07 Feb Mass Recall How do I find Mass Recall? I thought it was in the arcade but when I search for it it doesn't come up?Legendmogsy2 07 Feb
06 Feb Is it too late to start playing this game? I've owned the game for about a year and played with friends very casually lets say about 20 matches, and a couple of PVP games. OW balance is absolute garbage right now so i'm thinking of maybe playing the game a little more. Is it worth it to invest time into this game since i've heard a lot about the scene being dead. Also, am i just going to get destroyed in PVP for eternity since people that still play the game are probably pro level already.Kanelbullen18 06 Feb
05 Feb [BUG] unable to disable icons that have been introduced Hello, Since today the patch went live and i have been really annoyed with the fact that you cannot disable these silly and mostly stupid emoticons. If i want to type =] as a smilie or : ) as a smilie ill do it the old fashion way , i prefer not to see distracting facebook emojicons. Where is the option to turn this off ? and if it is not there please implement it ASAP since this is not facebook , its an ingame chat functionality. It does NOT require stupid emojicons. Thank youAionicus3 05 Feb
05 Feb Legacy of the Void epilogue chapter won't unlock Hi, I've finished the last mission in Legacy of the Void several times (and in several versions of the game) with no success unlocking the Epilogue. I've noticed a disconnection quite often during that last mission, but I've eventually managed to get the achievements. However, the Epilogue won't unlock, regardless of whether I replay the mission or not. I just want to see the game end. Please help.Abelo0 05 Feb
05 Feb Co-op: Raynor question? How can I prevent my bioball from being ripped through by psionic storms?Legendmogsy2 05 Feb
04 Feb Forced vsync mac Hi, I read a couple posts about this issue with low fps (<60) after the new patch. I also read about several fixes and most people I know already fixed it somehow. The thing is i am using a mac and those things like nvidia control panel just aren't available to me. I write this in hope of some fix before blizzard can figure out how to fix it for everyone, because from my experience that can take quite long. I am using an iMac 27" late 2012 highest basic specs.MLG2 04 Feb
04 Feb Starcraft 2 too annoying? - - - just a personal rant. I don't for one minute regret buying this game- and it's a rare thing that that I'm willing to shell out full price for a brand new game - BUT is Starcraft 2 really all that great? It's good, it's very good, but it doesn't strike me as being the breakthrough that it is hyped-up to be. Starcraft 1 was fairly laid-back and you could save a campaign game and pick it up later at your leisure but SC2 is much more frenetic.. I hate playing missions against the clock! Those were the missions in Starcraft Broodwars that I always wanted to get out of the way so that I could get back to playing "normal" missions. I'm on Mission number 9 now and so far all the missions have been time-based. SC1 campaigns usually lasted for about 30 - 90 minutes if I won straight-out first time but in SC2 a campaign is much shorter, even just a few minutes. It's all moving so freaking fast that I don't have time to study what new units I have or even to look at the enemy buildings; I messed-up several times in the "Great Train Robbery" because I literally didn't recognize the enemy bunkers! That mission just irritated the hell out of me because all I could do was churn out a load of Diamondbacks and a few Hellions, there was no time to explore and scout the map. Are they all like this? It p***es me off when I'm just one-third into a mission and I can already see that it is impossible to win. Apart from the first two levels it is virtually impossible to win without replaying several times and having the enemy's moves committed to memory; where's the strategy in that? The graphics are very nice but considering this is the year 2010 I can't say graphics have come a long way since around 2002; most modern games seem to rely heavily on the graphics cards rather than any improvements in coding and programming and Starcraft 2 is no exception. Virtually every game I own is at least 5 years old (I still play games from the mid 90's) so I should be impressed by SC2 but I'm not, I've seen it all before. Audio in Starcraft 2 seems to have been largely forgotten, there are some nice spot-effects but why are the range of voices so limited? Each unit has just five or six phrases; why not fifty or sixty? If they could give units five or six phrases in SC1 back in 1998 why hasn't the range gotten bigger TWELVE years later? This is really basic stuff! Good sound and music adds greatly to the atmosphere of a game in the same way as it can make or break a movie. It's just plain laziness and there can be no excuse. I'm also having problems seeing what is happening on the screen because everything is so detailed that it becomes a blur; is that a Firebat or just a bit of scrap metal sticking out the ground? When I've got 0.25 seconds to decide it just becomes an eye-straining irritation. Starcraft 1 had simpler graphics but it was an awful lot easier on my eyes. I got pretty good at Starcraft 1 but I'm surprised at the difficulty level of Starcraft 2. I can't believe people have all gotten massively better and quicker at playing games in the last decade so why is the difficulty so hiked-up? From level 2 it is as difficult as the Brood Wars expansion was in SC1. In my opinion it's TOO difficult. I was thinking of playing online - I've never played an online game before - but I'm struggling with the campaigns so I'll probably give it a miss. PS* I took about 10 minutes to write this during which time the forum logged me out (good thing I copied the text so I could re-paste) because I took too much time.. kind of sums it all up really. SpaceButler23 04 Feb
04 Feb Legacy of the Void vs. Heart of the Swarm I have WOL and I wanna buy an expansion. Because I have low budget I can buy only LotV or HotS. 1. Is that possible to have only one expansion? 2. Should I buy LotV or HotS?UnknownDrunk6 04 Feb
03 Feb That's a shameless greediness! I can understand why commanders, skins, heroes has such unreasonable prices and find acceptable excuses for that and also for WoW subscription, but asking to pay 10 $ for a name change, I think, is a shameless greediness! It's just a name! Besides can you name any other game company, which is asking you to pay for a name change? As far as I know in any other game company's games you can change it for free or you can't change it at all.SinnerOfHell4 03 Feb
02 Feb UI Bug Dear Blizz, Would you be so kind as to fix this bug: Thank you in advance! Best regards, 47fortyseven0 02 Feb
02 Feb Swann´s pet names in Co-op Hello everyone Have you ever wondered what other pet names Swann would call his fellow friends/teammates ? We already have these: Raynor is 'Cowboy' Valerian is 'Scooter' Artanis is 'Skippy' Nova is 'Ace' What would he call Kerrigan, Zagara, Vorazun, Karax, Abathur, Alarak and Stukov ? And other possible future commanders ? It would be funny if we heard him call them... well, cute names :D. Have a nice day =)ZERGB1 02 Feb
01 Feb after the 3.8. ... Hi, After 2 patches here we are where protoss cant beat Terran and Zerg cant beat Protoss. And Zerg has no counter to ultra defensive "mech" terrans where thye just sit there 20 minutes builing 4 fortresess and lots of turrets side by side. And when u look at the army supply they have almost nothing just defended by buildings and they are rewarded for that. which makes no sense (same thing with canons) I am guessing thet those kind of players are thinking they are playing some sort of tower defence phone game cause that makes only that much thats not playingrts no multi tasking no harass no map control just 2 base into late 3rd extreme defensive style untill they make an invincible mech comp which includes viking thor mass tank hellbat(and sometimes ravens). So because of that silver league players are now gold or even plat and game is rapidly dying. So here we are no one is happy not protoss not zerg, high level terrans already except that terran siege tank and new buffs are "too much" what was the reason for these changes? Byun(a terran) won Blizzcon he won it convincingly. and after that terran got major buffes. Please fix this game. maybe revert it to old form LOTV it wasnt perfect but it was a balanced game there was balance. all the statistics of sc2 tournaments after 3.8 is clearly indicating that terran is overly buffed and without a reason i might add. and while buffing mech u also nerfed ultras which counters bio terrans... Please fix this game so that we dont have to quit this game. No one is happy and its worse please ifx it.Primal0 01 Feb
01 Feb Community Feedback Update – January 31 A short community update on behalf of the SC II balance team: ...Nakatoir1 01 Feb
30 Jan Vote: Favorite Individual Streamer in 2014 Please cast your vote here for this category in the 2014 Blizzard Stream Awards, powered by Results will not be revealed when you vote! We’ll present the complete results for all 21 categories of awards on March 18, 2015 on our blogs and on Thank you!Xarishflar51 30 Jan
30 Jan unable to build units in 4v4 multiplayer could not build units in 4v4 multiplayer!! was my game hacked?ZENITHZENON0 30 Jan
30 Jan BUG-NO CREEP - 4V4 4v4 no creep from the start replay available at request THXPRAETORIAN2 30 Jan