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02 Jan Insta quits suck (placement sucks) i dont play much SC2, so not super knowledge,but have always seen post or videos about deranking, i had never seen it but over the last 3-4 seasons i have been getting more and more , is it getting worse ? im a solid wood- LOW bronze player. And the last 2 seasons i have played i have been put into mid gold. IMO placment or general stats should have some sort of control, Games under 1 min just shouldn't count, especially if multiply games are under 1 min in a short time. its just not fun for us players trying to learn MP builds and skill when much better players derank to rofl stomp us just because they reached their cap and want easy games.BcBuD0 02 Jan
01 Jan High quality cinematics So there was a rather lenghty thread in the technical support boards about the need to increase the video quality of the cinematics found in the campaigns of SC2. Moderators suggested that something like this should be present in the general discussion: So here it is, again: we'd really like to see the cinematics in a better, true 1080p HD quality even if that would mean an increase in download / install size. If you agree / have suggestions please post!Zaxx23 01 Jan
31 Dec legit proffesional replays website is there some legit, official website where i can safely download pro gamers replays ? i used to study youtube videos, but would like to see it from 1st person perspective as replay.Proskill1 31 Dec
29 Dec NOVA: "Catch me if u can" achievement NOVA: "Catch me if u can" achievement done but didn't received. I done this achievement on HARD at 3:55 minutes (<4 min) and I did not get it. Please help me.Cat1 29 Dec
29 Dec doesn`t give me achievement Hello, I few times beat the clock in "catch me if you can achievement" (3:35 / 3:38 ... 3:40 on HARD ) Why it not gives me the Achievement ?!?!? Thank you in advance !Engineer1 29 Dec
28 Dec Community Feedback Update - December 20 Posted on behalf of Lead Multiplayer Designer David 'Dayvie' Kim: Next Balance Update We hear your feedback on potential additional changes to the Carrier that may be needed, but let’s do this cost increase first since there is good consensus on it so that we can move in smaller steps. Interestingly, the balance of the current game looked better than expected in the first major tournament. This is the other reason why we decided we can take slightly more time before making next moves. Let’s continue discussing, playing, and watching for not just where these two units currently are but also keep an eye out for if Hydralisks need a small HP increase, if Infestor burrow casting needs to be changed a bit, and if cyclones are in a good spot for Mech play. We also hear the concern that Reaper grenades might be powerful once the maps are changed to Season 1 maps, and if this is really the case when the maps go in, we’ll try to react quickly. Balance Process going forward into next year The other thing we wanted to discuss is the fact that the faster turn-around for smaller balance changes (during balance testing as well as during the off season) turned out much better than we had expected. Therefore, we wanted to get your thoughts on a potential change to our balance process. Our thought was to make a change so that if there’s a higher confidence on a smaller balance tweak that needs to be made, we can just push that change out to the live game without doing a balance test map. Keep in mind though that if there’s a big change happening or if we need to make a riskier change, we would use the balance test map to test the changes well before going live. The reason we suggest this is so that we can be a bit more agile in fixing more balance problems that may arise in the future at a much faster rate. Please let us know your thoughts. Wrapping up this year Because this might be the last update of this year, we wanted to take the time to thank everyone once again for working so hard with us throughout maintaining the balance of the live game, working together on the major patch changes, as well as putting extra effort into polishing the game since the patch launch. We know that identifying specific improvements or issues with games is very difficult and can be frustrating at times, but we were so impressed by how much our community as a whole has improved throughout the year. This gives us the confidence that SC2 will continue to be improved next year, and we look forward to working closely together with you next year as well! Happy Holidays and here’s to a great New Year!!Savirrux2 28 Dec
28 Dec Promotional Homescreen Why it is a thing? We can't change background because there is some promotion? Blocking out option to change to background I like does not encourage me to buy them. When I will want to buy, I will do so without any promotions. At least make forced background change for 3-4 days. Can't change it for more than a week. First there was nova promotion, then Stukov, then there will be something else. I just want my planet background.RandomGuy0 28 Dec
28 Dec can't see my reward section ingame Hi, i had some bug or something i can't see my reward section when i log into sc2 account in the game and can't change portrait is there any fix for it?Aion1 28 Dec
27 Dec StarCraft 2 is dead So, some of you might think that what im saying is bs. And some of you might not even read this. But after yeeeears as a sc2 player i have decided to completley stop playing this game. No, its not bcs i lose, not bcs im not GM. Its bcs the game producers just dont care about the normal players, who actually play for fun. Sure they throw out Co-op, and then offers a ton of worthless stuff to buy. But other then that its all about what the pros want. After several years and attempts to fix the game, they still dont listen to the "regular" players. And the living proff is, no more pro leagues, constantly losing players. So all they do is buff this, nerf this, buff this and nerf this! A game that needs 500 patches and still fails.... well its not a game i can enjoy or take serious. Thank you for destorying my favorit game Blizzard! your not losing a fan, regular player, in your eyes its just another costumer. //MGMsMGMs11 27 Dec
26 Dec Error starting game. "Version mismatch" Error starting game. "Version mismatch" After the patch with Nova and after patch with Stukov i got the message "Version mismatch" It is so anoying when playing for hours and get those message nex time u log in. If i press OK in the box i got empty box for password and region has change to "Americas" I have not change anything and can not log in!?TfarCratS1 26 Dec
26 Dec Conneting Issues Hi. I've discovered a bug some time ago and today I wanted to describe it as is very annoying. When I search the games, it says it found the game, sometime it says 'Game Ready' and after that it remains in 'Connecting' status for half a minute after it returns an error and that's it is. Unfortunately every time this happens I lose points from my rankings. Sometime I win a game, I lose another one because of this bug. It happens very often to me and I'm really mad about it especially when it happens 2 times after a lost game. I'm playing as ranked 1v1. I mention that my laptop is very good and my connection is also very good. I play from Romania on Europe server. BLIZZARD CAN YOU PLEASE FIX IT! It's not good to lose points in this way. Make the game to be a lost game (lost points) only after I entered in the game .. supposing that someone would leave the game. ThanksROPredaTOR0 26 Dec
24 Dec Christmas sale Hello everyone. Apologies if I'm in the wrong section. Can anyone tell me if there will be a Christmas sale for Starcraft products? I know that Black Friday sale wasn't so long ago (I missed it) and Starcraft was in fact on sale during that time, so that is why I'm not sure.Risey0 24 Dec
24 Dec Invincible nydus worms - this is getting ridiculous I play random on my main account and I must say we seriously need to do something about the invincible nydus worms. I think in general it's a bad game design when the other player has no counter play - you can't kill the nydus worm before it pops even if you spot it right away. I understand that some change was necessary to prevent players to simply kill off nydus worm with just workers, but I don't think current state is a good idea. I propose this simple change: - remove nydus worm invincibility - give nydus worm 2 base armor - let nydus worm benefit from zerg ground carapace upgradesMojko0 24 Dec
23 Dec Unit skin as a gift Hi there, just wondering (beause it's Christmas) why I can't buy my friends a unit skin as a gift. shop says I can buy an announcer as a gift, co-op commander as a gift, Nova Covert Ops missions as a gift, what a heck, even that Carbot bundle can be bought as a gift, so why not unit skins? Or am I missing something and there is some way how to purchase e.g. a marauder skin for a friend of mine?maitiky0 23 Dec
23 Dec Next Balance Update First, we'd like to thank everyone for the great discussions over the weekend. After seeing your feedback, we reconsidered some of our changes as there were many great points which you all presented. Hydralisk (and Colossus) We agree that upgrading the Colossi might not be the best idea, since the issue we're trying to solve is specifically with Hydralisk strength. Therefore, we agree with potentially reverting the Hydralisk range back to 6, and exploring a different option such as increasing the health of Hydralisks or decreasing their cost. So the direction here would be to first revert the range change, see how Hydralisks function, then discuss a buff where needed. Quantity of Protoss Abilities We also agree with the feedback regarding the number of abilities on the Protoss side, and we'd like to take steps improve it. The goal here isn't to solve everything at once, but to go in steps. We're thinking of two changes for this first step. First, we could remove the Tempest's ability since it's not working out well. To compensate, we'd increase the AG range to 10 and also increase the AG damage so that the interaction with Tempests trying to kill ground units vs. ground units getting shots off on the Tempest is more interesting than it was in HotS. Second, we'd target a small change with the Immortal. We believe an active ability is definitely not needed on the Immortal. The change would remove the manual-cast from Barrier, turning it into a passive ability. This would make it so that the micro is focused more on positioning your units so the shield soaks up as much as possible and vulnerable immortals are rescued. We can reduce the cooldown of this ability to compensate and so that Protoss players can play more strategically with the Immortal. Mech and Blinding Cloud We'd also like to first start with a reduction in Blinding Cloud duration to help out the Mech case in TvZ. We have gotten some feedback in this area and agree that because mobile units are mostly able to move out of Blinding Clouds asap anyways, this sort of a change will mostly only affect immobile units such as the Siege Tank. Patching Updates So what does this mean for this week's balance patch? We definitely can't release the patch tomorrow like we've planned, because we still want to take the time to double check these new changes with all of you, and also to test these changes further internally. We'll focus heavily on our end to gather feedback and to playtest today and tomorrow, and aim to patch later this week if both sides go smoothly. Let's get discussions going fast on these few topics today! Thank you!Nakatoir5 23 Dec
23 Dec Seriously Blizzard! I have regrets I've spent my hard earned money on your games and I wish I could get refund, because your disrespect is unneceptable, provided content is a rip off, people are punished for leaving the game in the middle of it, even if it's not their fault they had to leave it and now I can't play StarCraft's co-op because of the issues on Blizzard's side! If you ask people to pay so much for the content you provide then I expect in return for that you will provide high quality service and that there won't be issues on your side so often! If you can't ensure this then lower the inadequate prices to your content you provide until they become adequate! It's sad that from respectable company Blizzard has turned into money milking machine! It used to be that people pay 45-65 euro for a game and they get whole content and good service. Now you need about 100 euro, at least, to get whole content of Blizzard's games and you will get bad service. Games themselves are great, but Blizzard's attitude isn't! It s***s!SinnerOfHell18 23 Dec
23 Dec Cant join tournament I played a tournament 3-4 hours ago and i won the first game. After i won i was out of the tournament and i couldnt join back again. Now after 3 hours i can still not join a tournament. It gives me the message "There was a problem signing up for the tournament. Please try again." I have restarted Starcraft about 5 times now and i have not been able to join the last 3-4 tournaments. Please help me with this Blizzard tyCobra0 23 Dec
22 Dec Ranking doesn't match with dashboard Dear Blizzard, How come I'm first in the ranking screen, but my rank on my dashboard states I'm second. This not only happened to me on my current league (silver) but also on my previous league (bronze). Is this a bug? The status doesn't changed over days either. Just want to report this. with regards, DequDEQU0 22 Dec
22 Dec About the Co-Op Comrades Sweepstake competition Hello there As stated in the rules we must print screen the loading screen and send it via email but when i press the PrtScn and try to paste it in the windows paint i get a black screen. Is there another way to print screen the loading screen?EldarFarseer1 22 Dec
21 Dec Move Minimap Camera (Targeting mode) Hello, can someone explain it to me please 1. this is clear to me left mouse click - Move Minimap Camera (Normal Mode) Moves the camera location to the targeted location on the minimap. 2. and this ?? right mouse click - Move Minimap Camera (Targeting mode) Moves the camera location to the targeted location on the minimap while in targeted mode. Thank youZetta0 21 Dec
21 Dec Ladders problem Hi. I dont want to bother you and I KNOW THAT IM beginner but im in silver league tier 1 on first place but on the image of my profile it show that im second. Is not big issue but only for report... Thank youMiguelittoEs0 21 Dec
20 Dec Hours played? Hello guys, I was just wondering if there is any easy way to check how much time you spent either in game/just playing the game? I have over 10000 games and just curious out of the blue on how many hours, exact, I've spent on the game! Thanks in advance!AckeeAndMe1 20 Dec
19 Dec Co-op difficulty I don't know if it's just me, but does anyone who plays co-op randomly get a difficulty change? e.g chose normal go into game and its set to hard but you receive the exp bonus of normal. It's been happening to me for a while, since I chose a easier difficultly for stukov but it has been doing it since AlarakBattledroid1 19 Dec
19 Dec cache issue Hello, I have Probem during start new game" Game write me: there is a problem with downloaded cache. please restart game I try to restart game, uninstall, scan and repare but game still not work.killik2 19 Dec
19 Dec zerg macro mental checklist what is the macro mental checklist when playing zerg ? i get really confused and mess things up. out of all 3 races zerg is the most unique due to larvae and centralized unit production. both terran and protoss have few production buildings such as barracks (gateway), factory (robotic facility)and starport (stargate). 3 different buildings from which i build 1 unit at a time. also separate building for workers. dont have to choose between workers and army so its simple. terran mental checklist would be: CC - scvs, barracks - marines, factory - tanks, starport - medivacs. what about zerg ? obviously queen larva inject (then i gotta wait a long time 40 sec doing nothing) and then 3 larvae pop at the same time (from 1 hatchery). if its 3 hatcheries thats 9 larvae at the same time. now gotta choose between more supply or workers or army. so i have 2 issues. first is as for example terran i build units one by one, switching between multiple production facilities always producing workers and army. as zerg once larva injected i do nothing and once they pop up i get a lot of production at the same time. second is its hard for me to choose between drones and army. how do u zerg players do it ?Proskill4 19 Dec
18 Dec Bug after update(patch 3.9.0) I found the bugs after the latest update. I am playing in Europe, Problems appeared today 12/14/2016. The Icons do not work properly. Does not display any images of Zealods, Colossus and Pylon.!Aq1DgmnGDxvehyZns4GLxoWr41o1!Aq1DgmnGDxvehyjN1aEycqpQHeyE!Aq1DgmnGDxvehyWy77Nwepd1flBd!Aq1DgmnGDxvehycnqFJtptqTyzDuNaring3 18 Dec
17 Dec Stukov too fast out. He needs some care.. Stukov needs MORE work! Blizz, thx for Alexei. But I'm a bit disappointed. SCV, Infested Civilian, Infested Marine and Infested Trooper all the same portrait? Diamond and Siege Tank the same? And Liberator and Banshee.. too rush for gold I think. Hm. It's OK to pay for these new co-op commanders, you're a company to make profit. But if you want to milk us, hold the high quality of your products, please!vonGraf6 17 Dec
17 Dec More StarCraft toys Greetings fellow StarCrafters :) I was wondering... is it possible to get more variety of SC2 stuff ? Things like: - plushies for all units of all 3 races, it could be in BOTH SC2 or Carbot style - chess boards with SC2 units as the chess pieces (also, all 3 races) - more t-shirts with other sc2 units... maybe it could be custom made, we decide what units to put, whether the same unit or a different unit composition, OR a game screenshot of our choosing printed on a t-shirt or another article of clothing. - statues or sculptures of units and characters about 50cm-1m tall... or maybe taller :D I can´t be the only one who wished for these :) What do you think ? Have a good day ^_^ ZERGBZERGB0 17 Dec
16 Dec Art section unit portraits It would be very nice if you added all portraits from HotS and LotV as you did with WoL in the art section. Thanks.AlexOdhin0 16 Dec
16 Dec Literally every TvT is a cheese now And no I don't mean "omg literally every 4 matches", no I mean EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Cyclone all in, 3 rax reaper, in my last 15 TvTs there hasn't been one macro game, it's unbelievable.Sometus1 16 Dec
15 Dec Community Feedback Update – December 2, 2016 Balance changes during the off-season In order to get more testing done, we’d like to change up how we do patches just for this off-season. Instead of putting every balance change through the balance test map process, we’ll decide on a case-by-case basis. We’ll try to push out smaller or more known changes to the live game quickly, but we’ll still test the larger or less certain changes on the test map before going live. After going through both the community and pro feedback since the release of the patch, we’re thinking to push out these two changes rather soon: Revert Cyclone range upgrade Pro players have pointed out that they were dealing with the early game Cyclone all-ins right before this nerf went out, so we’d like to try reverting this change and go from there. We hear the concerns that early range can be problematic in TvT in particular, but because players were already finding solutions to some cases, we think this could use more testing. Defending against new threats often takes longer to learn than executing attacks, so we can come to a better conclusion in a couple weeks. Colossus +light damage (current thinking is 12 +4 light) We agree that with the mid/late game buffs to Zerg, Protoss looks to be struggling at those stages. This change would help against players going heavy Hydralisks. And with the Cyclone nerf being reverted, this change will help in PvT as we’ve seen bio was very strong in combination with heavy Cycone usage before the upgrade change. We do hear concerns that this could either bring back the Colossus-dominated metagame of HotS, or make bio too weak overall in PvT. We will be watchful going forward to ensure this does not become the case. Let’s discuss these changes so that we can patch them in to the live game as soon as next week, and continue discussing other potential changes as needed so that we can continue balance tuning the game during the off-season. Viper The other main thing currently on the list is Viper strength vs. mech play. We’d like to discuss a couple possibilities: nerfing the duration of Blinding Cloud vs. reducing the range of Abduct. Please give us your thoughts in this area. Demotions on ladder this season There was some discussion/confusion regarding demotions at the start of this season so we wanted to provide some clarification. Last season was the first time that we bootstrapped your off-races to the MMR of your main race due to the introduction of separate MMR per race. This potentially caused players to rank higher than their actual skill level on their off-races. At the start of this season, the boundaries automatically adjusted to the correct values, so many players at the higher levels of the ladder were seeing lower ranks than they did toward the end of last season. We expect player rankings to continue becoming more accurate over time.Nakatoir4 15 Dec
15 Dec Future of SC2 regards to the upcoming BW remake So there were multiple rumors earlier this year about Blizzard creating an official Starcraft: Brood war HD remake. One example of such of a news article can be found here However, I haven't heard from the project since the rumors came out, and I'm really wondering if Blizzard is really going forward with the idea. I have very warm feelings towards SC2, and my big questions is, what will happen to it if Blizzard decides to shift focuses to the new HD remake? Will we keep getting new single player content like the Nova Covert Ops, new commanders like Stukov and new collectibles? I think the HD remake would mostly be aimed at competitive 1vs1 grinders, so perhaps the target audiences will be a little different. What do you guys think?Sucer4 15 Dec
15 Dec Community Feedback Update - December 15 We’re thinking of a couple changes, and we’ll finalize on where to go depending on the community thoughts regarding these changes. But please remember that we would like to move pretty quickly while still in the offseason, so let’s start discussions as soon as possible! Baneling health upgrade reduced from 10 to 5 It’s pretty clear at this point that +10 health was too much. We don’t think there would be a lot of argument that this isn’t the case. At the same time, we don’t think it’s a good idea to do a full-revert since the tech choices on the Zerg side are a bit better than they were throughout this year. Therefore, we wanted to try changing the bonus from +10 to +5. Carrier Interceptor cost increased from 5 to 10 A nerf to the Carrier was definitely the biggest discussed topic since the last patch within our community. We wanted to start by making this change and see where the unit lands. If we need to take more steps, we can in the future. For the Hydralisk, it’s still too early to make a call on where they have landed, but we have been getting feedback that they’re still strong in their current state.Savirrux0 15 Dec
14 Dec DLC, what are your thoughts? Apart from the Campaign stuff, what are people's thoughts on the little bits of DLC creeping in? Emoticon 'packs', voice-overs, skins e.t.c Is this just a way to bleed money into a game that's on it's way out? Could development teams spend more time in the actual game play than little features like this? Is it good? Does it distract you from reasons you may find the game frustrating?Turtle9 14 Dec
14 Dec MASTER ARCHIVES ISSUE Hello, I happen to have finished the whole game, even the epilogue "Into the Void" is playable, but I cannot access the "master archives" in LotV as I started another campaign, and got no savings of the old one... so my issue is, can I access the master archive feature without completing the campaign again? any help?DarthSwine2 14 Dec
13 Dec Hotkey issue, dropship "Unload All" conflicts Im preparing to return to multiplayer ladder, ive been having great fun in Coop to keep my muscle memories mediocre and I wanted to try a few things just to warm up to returning to the ladder, then I tried to rebind the handy button "Drop All" on Alaraks War Prism to get used to drop from multiple transport units quickly. It was then I learned over some testing that aerial transport units (Overlord/Warp Prism/Medivac) shares its unload ability with Nydus Worm/Network and Terran Bunkers yett the Command Center/Planetary Fortress has an unique unload ability. I am willing to relearn some new hotkey positions but currently ive got E tied to most of my main spam abilities like Infestors Infested Terrans, the old Ghosts Snipe, Phoenix Graviton Beam and a few other things aswell as connecting E to the neat "Choose Ability or A.I. Target" button in order to let me machinegun spam spells while just olding down E. My question is: Do you think it would be good to split some existing shared abilities from different units such as the "Unload All" ability to let different units have different hotkeys?Likkan2 13 Dec
13 Dec An question about the story of SC2 So i recently bought Wings of Liberty and i really enjoyed it, so do i need to buy Hearth of the Swarm to know what's going on with the story? Or can i just buy Legacy of The Void and forget about buying HotS?KacperoZeero3 13 Dec
13 Dec Is there room for a 4th episode? Just interested to know what the community thinks. There were 29 missions in Wings of Liberty, 20 in Heart of the Swarm and 19 in Legacy of the void. Obviously we got conned once addicted. Can you see how the value decreases? Less missions, same price. I notice that even though I played the original Starcraft casually and Brood Wars so a fairly loyal SC fan. I bought the new games as quickly as possible and my loyalty might be being abused. Blizzard, these days, are awesome at dragging people in before slowly upping the amount we have to spend in order to stay involved so bear that in mind with all the in game purchases when I ask..... Isn't it about time we had a new boxed version with plenty of new missions and new achievements instead of constant add ons that work out at more money per mission (eg the Nova missions)? If there is room for a 4th Episode with 40 missions and new units at a normal price? Or even 10 new Terran, 10 new Protoss and 10 new Zerg campaign missions. How would you like to see it go if it happened? Clearly it would be a mix of control between all 3 races but we got used to that at the end of LOTV. What do you think?MrHappy2 13 Dec
13 Dec Is my game broken? So I recently bought the battle chest and been having a lot of fun with starcraft 2 but I realise that something is wrong. My medivac does not want to pick up a siege tank. As far as I know there should be nothing wrong with my version of the game, so I am wondering why this is happening, watching the WCS made me want to try out the medivac siege combo. I will leave a link to a short youtube clip so you yourself can see what is going on thanks for the help!Durdexilef3 13 Dec
12 Dec Lose 3 placements surrender 2 got placed in silver 1? So I'm new to starcraft 2 and eager to learn, I've been really scared to go ranked cause to put it simple Im really really bad at starcraft 2. So today I decided hey lets get over that fear and just spam ranked games to learn I'll probably get placed bronze but who cares eventually ill get better and start climbing. so first 3 promos I got stomped in less than 15 mins, 4th and 5th I was qued vs gold players so I didnt even bother. So I expected to be placed at bottom of bronze where there will be people of my same skill level where i can train and progress the ladder. Surprisingly I got placed S1 and when I que I still go vs golds >.> it's really annoying since now im just getting facerolled and not going vs people of similar skill levelAsyrel3 12 Dec
12 Dec No Future For Protoss I encourage all fellow toss players to do what i did and uninstall and throw the game in the garbage where it belong. Show Blizzard what you think of the current state of the game. Make ladder a full !@#$fest of zvz and let the game die out and move on.Yautja2 12 Dec
12 Dec Coop commanders, discount? Hi, does anyone know if the new coop commanders get discount from time to time, I would love to get them at some point, but giving away 15€ for 3 new commanders seem a little too much to me at least.Hopdevil3 12 Dec
11 Dec Can not change portrait Hi! For a while I Can not change my portrait. I click on gear near portrait, and appear 'copy link'. Can help anybody? SteveSteve3 11 Dec
11 Dec Split the Baneling Upgrade into 2 Upgrades Bio is currently way to weak against ling/baneling compositions! To fix that i propose to split the baneling upgrade into 2 upgrades : one for the speed and one for the health. What do you think about this idea? Let me know!IceTea0 11 Dec
11 Dec Old in game layout Today I watched a lot of youtube videos about old games and nostalgia hit me hard. Especially when I saw the old layout of the game with the separated single and multiplayer buttons on the top left of the screen and all of that stuff. So I was wondering if we could have a choice of which in-game layout we wanna play with if possible. EDIT: this is what I'm talking aboutthedamn0 11 Dec
11 Dec ESL Go4SC2 - An european Online Cup Hello everyone, I believe the almost everyone in here already knows about the Go4SC2, the SC2 online cup that has been running since early WoL Beta, back in 2010. For those who don't, a brief explanation: Go4SC2 Is is a series of online cups happening every Thursday and Sunday. It awards Points in both editions, but also awards €150 on the Sunday's editions. The points are used to establish a ranking, and, once all competitions played in one month are conclude, the Top16 is invited to a Monthly Finals with €600 as Prize Pool. Next Edition: Sunday, December 18th - Edition #635 - Starting time: 14:00 CET Current Rank: ...Sinistro58 11 Dec
10 Dec Blizzard SERIOUSLY? Premade team versus Random team, you really think it's balanced? Especially premade team has higher league everytime. The whole idea forcing random teams versus arranged teams is totally garbage and one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen in internet. Another braindead idea is mixing Unranked and Ranked teams together. If you didn't know (As I except) unranked players have nothing to lose so they can just leave the game in the beginning or teamkill their ally just for lulz. When this !@#$ is combined with random ranked players with unranked troll-ally versus premade team, we have the winner! Hey Activision, have you have replaced your game designers with simple-minded robots?VinkuLelu11 10 Dec
09 Dec Lobby inactivity kicks, how long until a kick? I was wondering what the exact afktime is for a kick since i couldnt find it anywhere. I am waiting for a hard arcade game to fill up with 10 ppl. I am still at my pc, physically. Just watching videos or playing other games while it loads. I don't have multiple screens yet so cant check easily. So i have to time my alttabs. How long do you need to be afk to get kicked from the lobby? How do you make the game detect you as not afk?Basillic0 09 Dec
09 Dec SC runs like shet so i made a new pc, with the i7 6700k + 1070, and not even my new cpu can run at stable 60 fps on 1080p when heavy mobs, im geting 40-60 fps on medium settings, i set ultra same thing. Seriously i need waste 1100€ on the i7 6950k to run stable 60 fps? seriously?¿SoD3 09 Dec
08 Dec keeping track of stimpack how do u keep track of stimpack duration so that u dont either overwrite it dealing dmg to your marines or run out of stim ? in the heat of battle and macroing im not sure if stim already ended or not when i dont see red thundersProskill2 08 Dec