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26 May Master Archives Question Hi Guys/Gals I have recently finished HoTS, Had the issue where I lost achievements due to the downtime. Thats fine I just re did the levels and all is well with the world. My question is what is master archives used for? Is it just for completing missions, doing harder levels and doing the bonus stuff? The reason I ask is it seems I'm missing the evolution achievement(Do all evolution missions). I tried just replaying the missing one which in this case is Zerglings but it never gave me the achievement. So basically is it a case of some achievements are only obtainable through the play through. Kerrigan LvL 70 achievement been another? Im kind of bamboozled by it all. I did try searching before I posted but couldn't see a clear cut answer. ThanksRetroGamer6 26 May
25 May Show decal in multiplayer games isnt working right Hi blizzard. I have a uploaded icon to be honest 2 diferent icons to my Clan, i also chek that i wana see my Clan decal in multiplayer games but it didnt work :/ My decal icon is my current ingame avatar. So how can i change it to my Clan icon? To be clear: For decal i mean that thing that floats arround CC ( in case if im terran ) and rotates.ZzozZ0 25 May
23 May Change of character name. Does anyone else have this problem? I've changed my character name (you only get one free name change) but the old name still reflects on my character in game and in lobbies.Darkstar0 23 May
23 May Unable to chat with player... bla bla There have been many months where I can't chat with people who talk to me because they are "not accepting msgs from people not on their friends list", although they can still speak with me. Is this a known bug or has the chat policy changed ? Back in HotS when the other guy talked to u, even if he had checked the friends only chat u could answer back, now these pricks can keep talking to you, but u are not able to talk back but because of this block.. God this is annoying.Ronin2 23 May
22 May how does this forum work? what are the rules of posts on top? (i made 2 really long threads, no response) and some 5 world posts are on top. I guess the posts are selected from newest answer o olsest, and that system kind of sucks.TitanCrusade1 22 May
22 May How do you trade minerals/gas? Sorry for noob question I just don't know how.Gangoras4 22 May
20 May Questions about MMR system Hey hey! i just got back to the game after nearly a year of break and decided to play few ranked matches to see if i still remember the ropes. won 2 and lost 2 against diamond players...i guess its ok since my highest rank i've ever gotten was plat. aaaaand got placed in gold 2. the problem is not the gold, but the MMR i have while being there...3.8k after doing a bit of research 3.8k seems to be a wall of diamond so....i decided to play 3 more to let it stabilise or something. lost 2 games vs diamond players with same MMR, lost 90 MMR points on each game (??? opponents were on my skill level and it treats me like a GM???) then i finally got matched vs a platinum player and won, got 70 MMR (treats me like a silver player ???) my rank was still gold 2... Do i miss something? can anyone please explain this to me? :/Skittz2 20 May
19 May Where are the saved games stored? So yeah, I just finished the game on my Mac, but I was wondering if I could store the saved games on a memory stick and just drop 'em on my PC. Why? Because I'd like to watch the cinematics again, maxed out ( my Mac ain't exactly the thing for that ). I searched the folders for the saved game data and the campaign folders had some files in 'em, but I couldn't really figure out if those were saved games. Also, a suggestion for future updates: A feature that stores ( copies of ) saved games on the server ( just like Steam Cloud ).FINN4 19 May
19 May Startup/Business Study Group Hey, I'm looking for 3 to 5 (or more really) motivated people to study with, exchange experience, discuss ideas, etc. This is the course I am following: I did quite some research and i believe this course to be the best free course available (way better than most paid course as well). It has 2 suggested book you should buy to follow along and some helpful resources you can download. It emphasize on going out of the building and applying what you learn. I'm putting 5 hours into the study only, adding practice on top of that. Leave a comment here if interested, i'll rent the teamspeak server if enough people reply. I will also post in other places. I know it's a bit weird to post here about that but i'm more familiar with this community. We talk the same language.fANZY0 19 May
18 May co-op suggestions i have a suggestion for new co-op commanders and missions. my suggestion is to add co-op commanders from starcraft 1 and missions from starcraft 1. artanis, raynor and kerrigan could be used in those missions, as they appeared in starcraft 1. my idea is an algoritm that selects missions based on the selected commander. kerrigan can be changed to look like her starcraft 1 version, so can raynor and artanis. my suggestion for co-op commanders is duke and dugalle for terrans, the overmind and zasz for zerg and aldaris and raszagal for the protoss. that would add exactly one more line of commanders.andreasasp0 18 May
17 May Function to choose all owned skins equipped sry my english is bad what am trying to say is this: I would like to see a function that would be like a little check box next to a skin. Once checked it would allow both normal unit skin and all skin varients of having equal chance to be built in game. Something like two versions of dark templar. equal percantage chance. because atm I have 2 or 3 varients of same unit skin and I would really loved to see them all in game while I play. I think it would also add to visual realism to the game. Not all units would look a same.CatCrafter1 17 May
17 May Starcraft: Remastered... I know that Starcraft:Remastered is coming out soon(ish), and I'm looking forward to it... But, couldn't it be better what they made it in SC2 engine(Yes I know that there is Starcraft: Mass Recall out there, I played it)? Also it would be nice if they could make also campaigns from Warcraft 1,2,3 in SC2 engine. Hell, they can even charge it 10 or 20€ per game, lots of people would have buy that.Horwath6 17 May
17 May Keybinding change coming in patch 3.14.0 Greetings, We wanted to give the community a heads-up about a specific keybinding change that could potentially disrupt your gameplay if you’re unaware of it. Going forward, we are matching the industry standard and assigning ‘Alt’ + ‘Enter’ to switch between ‘windowed- fullscreen’ and ‘windowed’ display modes. Currently, these keys our bound to the “Chat Individual” function, allowing you to directly messages individual players in a game. This change will be implemented with the release of Patch 3.14.0. You will still have the option to revert this change by assigning custom keybinds, but this will be the new default setting.Katriedna0 17 May
17 May Izsha announcer please? Could we please have Izsha as an announcer to buy? I'd love to use her for when I play Zerg.Umega1 17 May
16 May Need a better selection of soundracks in LotV I mostly play protoss and I'm tired of every dramatic soundtrack I <used to> love, but that's just too much of it. And the only way of chainging it either by selecting Brood War or changing expantion level. That's about the expantion. When I replayed WoL campaign with prophecy missions, I realised how I missed the old soundtrack (of starcraft 2 not Brood War nor LotV ). So i'd like to have a wider variety of soundtracks that can be played, because admit it they are awesome and whith all the work put into them it's sad they're being denyed. To sum up, we (I) want WoL protoss soundtracks available in LotV for variety! And to sate nostalgia =)Aquarius1 16 May
14 May What are those maps' names ? I haven't been able to find them in the "Blizzard maps" section ThanksGling2 14 May
14 May StarCraft 2 is dead So, some of you might think that what im saying is bs. And some of you might not even read this. But after yeeeears as a sc2 player i have decided to completley stop playing this game. No, its not bcs i lose, not bcs im not GM. Its bcs the game producers just dont care about the normal players, who actually play for fun. Sure they throw out Co-op, and then offers a ton of worthless stuff to buy. But other then that its all about what the pros want. After several years and attempts to fix the game, they still dont listen to the "regular" players. And the living proff is, no more pro leagues, constantly losing players. So all they do is buff this, nerf this, buff this and nerf this! A game that needs 500 patches and still fails.... well its not a game i can enjoy or take serious. Thank you for destorying my favorit game Blizzard! your not losing a fan, regular player, in your eyes its just another costumer. //MGMsMGMs17 14 May
13 May New ladder placement rank & MMR Hi :) I'm an EU player and am trying new strategies. I didn't want to do it on neither the ladder nor the unranked so I decided to go on the NA ladder for fun. After the first 5 placement matches I got placed into plat 3 with MMR of little more than 4k which should put me into diamond 3. I read a post where it was explained that this is just a provisional placement and my MMR should settle down after like 25 matches. Also it was mentioned that the rank climbing would be different as well. Can any of you guys, who has experience with this, explain to me in detail what's the rank climbing and mm going to be like? I.e. how much more do I have to increase my MMR to get placed into a higher rank? And also when will the actual rank MMR ranges apply to me? Cheers PS: It seems that NA is way easier than EU. I've seen really low level plays, limited splits against banes, no dodges on biles, etc. and was able to do 4-1 vs diamond players, whereas I'm only gold 1 on the EU :D Also it looks like there is a lot less cheese than we have on the EU and in particular in ZvZ, which caused me to lose a lot of games recently.Liamus0 13 May
13 May Bye Adjutant Guten Tag, Announcer finde ich ganz nett, kann man denn nicht auch noch gleichzeitig das Bild ändern, statt des Adjutanten ist das der jeweilige Announcer. Das wäre eine ganz schöne Veränderung :) was haltet ihr davon? Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Z.Zyrrezix1 13 May
13 May test is this how i post?æœØ1 13 May
12 May Perhaps the answer to all this Swarmhost nonsense? Okay, so on a few Twitch channels I've seen a couple of Terran players complain/whine/sigh-in-disgust at the Swarmhost spam attacks. I feel like I should mention this -- I am a high-silver player who does not play all to often, so my thoughts can rightly be dismissed or ignored; also the whole "Swarmhost OP" stuff is not something I agree with - I believe it's the duty of the Terran to scout and react accordingly to the Swarmhost production in-game... That out of the way, this is my suggestion: Raven Defense Drone should block incoming Swarmhost Locusts... I'm not sure how it would affect the balance, but for this one particular issue, I feel like it's a viable solution. Get back to me, Blizzard. I'll be at the bottom of the ladder.eco1 12 May
11 May When will you finally fix our profiles on the website? It's been years since the rewards and achievements use wrong caption/wrong images and it's still not fixed! What is the web team doing btw? Still working on these ? 11 May
10 May awesome matchmaking i have 250 games on my account total and i got placed vs diamonds with 7k+ games!! i got completely obliterated by them!! Also calibrated against gold league players, won them all, and on last game got VS diamond again and afterwards got placed in silver league 3!!!what the hell?Kirumba6 10 May
10 May Swarm Host PLZ READ Hello blizzard and lovely sc2 community (kappa). I wanted to make topic for swarm host change soo here it is. Lets give blizzard some ideas. For me swarm host should be zerg siege unit, something like it was in Hots but with some changes, here they comes: - locusts: little more hp, cant fly, lower attack speed and movement speed, slighty better dmg, lower spawning cooldown and more life time but not equal to the spawning cooldawn, - swarm hosts: more hp, 2 armor (armored), lower speed, can burrow without upgrade, can spawn locusts only while burrowed, costs 100/200 3-4 supply, requires hive and infestation pit, - upgrade for swarm hosts: costs 100/100, gives swarm hosts more movement speed and enables spawning while not burrowed. Hope you blizzard hear ;-;MoCu0 10 May
10 May Why do people get so mad when they lose? Why is it with a lot of people, they have to start swearing and insulting random people through the internet because they lost at a game? Is the main player base of this game 8 years old? lmao. But I think that a lot of people who do this are not even kids. These people need to learn some life skills, hopefully they will try getting this way one day in real life and get a headbutt, then they can learn some manners.dolan30 10 May
10 May Is the ladder moving to BW? When i wanted to watch some streams today I came by a GSL livestream featuring SC1 BW. Does this mean that more and more streams will become sc1? Will the competitive scene switch to BW? Did i waste my time climbing the LotV ladders? Why does everyone love sc1 that much.. Yes it is nostalgic. But its also 20 years old and the pathing and control groups make me vomit. Why degrade back 20 years if we have a fully functional game in 2017? Not spreading hate towards SC1, I just want to know the answers to there questions please! Thank you! :)AndronicuS2 10 May
09 May Matchmaking and Swarm hosts... WTF blizz? When i play ladder i met guys who has 200 less or more mmr than me? In this season i played like against 4 gm's and i have 4800 mmr wtf? Heres a second problem, why ranked players can met unrankeds? That makes no sense... And as my every post i beg u guys to fix swarmhosts, heres some ideas: - locusts cant fly, - locusts have 60 hp, 12 dmg per 0.7 sec, - swarm host can burrow without upgrade and can spawn locusts each 35 sec.(locusts last 25 sec.), - swarm host have 200 hp, 2 armor (armored), 3-4 supply, 100 mins, 200 gas, lower movement speed (like infestors), - to build sh u need also hive, - new upgrade that gives sh speed and enables to spawn locusts while not burrowed. This changes will make swarm host's late game siege zerg unit with better survivability (but not like in current stage). I knoe that u blizzard are thinking about swarm host change, soo i gived u idea...MoCu0 09 May
09 May Fenix new Co-op commander,thoughts? We had yesterday a new coop commander announced and it is Fenix.I kind was hopeing to get a new Terran commander,Mira,Valerian or Tosh(thoe tosh cant be so much diffreint then Nova,gameplay design wise). I know that the protos are lore wise communitys favorite,and i am gulty as charged too.David also said that it is not the end of coop commanders,and they are also work on a new coop map. But i am kind concerd about the balance of race's. I love how Fenix is played switch from one suite to another and love the champion function that the purefiers bring to them.Just as i said,was hopeing for a Terran commander. Also,if anyone even read's from the devs..maybe give a try with 3 man co-op maps.Love the rewind function.Blurey19 09 May
16 May Looking for a 2 vs 2 partner Hi, i want to find a partner for 2 vs 2 ranked play. I want from him to be semi-active and play good. My time zone is UTC+02:00 and i don't have a stable schedule. I play like 2 or 3 hours every day, and in weekends i am playing like 4-5 hours. And i want someone ho speak english or romanian. And my main is protossHUNTER7 16 May
07 May Mouse doesn't work My mouse doesn't work in gameplay. In menu everything is ok, but I cant choose any units or buildings. Pls help Edit: On my new laptop doesnt work..Piotrek1 07 May
07 May can replay dates be displayed the european/normal way? I was confused for a moment when I checked my replays and found a replay 3 months old with fenix in it, turns out it's simply the american date system so it was actually 2 days back, can this be changed? I like to be able to tell at a glance the date the replay was from.havikryan0 07 May
06 May Where are Idra, Grubby etc. Where did these people go? Others aswell. I used to watch Idra, Stephano and Grubby on twitch a lot. But only Stephano seems to be left. All the korean guys aswell. I loved taeja's stream. But taeja doesn't stream anymore. Why???Metagross2 06 May
06 May NERF PROTOSS How about nerfing protoss? Blizzard basicly gave them "no rush" artillery. Protoss has always been one of the most annoying races because of their ability to cheese in multiple ways, and now u made it even easier and better One unit to rule them all.. how about them adepts?........BreeZe14 06 May
06 May No mutation bonus experience reward. Hello, Today I finally completed Certain Demise coop mutation on hard. But neither of us got rewarded with bonus experience for completing mutation. Neither of us previously completed this mutation on any difficulty. How do i get the reward? I have the replay and I will upload it here as soon as I figure out how to do that. Edit: The bug is known on US forums. "New – Hitting rewind after a successful Co-op game is not granting first win of the day or weekly mutation bounty xp bonuses." There should be link from eu forum to known bugs part in us forums.TreaKu0 06 May
06 May cheating and master archives bug in protoss epilogue i've cheated when i was not able to get through the last mission of the protoss campaign epilogue (into the void). of course my achievements were locked, but what ever i do (as recommended in the line letting me know that i have cheated), i cannot go back to achievements activated in this part of the protoss game. also the master archives are corrupted. whenever i go into the epilogue, it always opens with the screen for announcing me, how the master archives work, but the button is disabled in the main campaign value. even i replay games, load old saved ones, i never achieve anything new, although i fulfil the requirements for achievement. do i do smth wrong or is it a bug?gaarq1 06 May
05 May Completed on hard. System doesnt seen it Hello guys (and ladies, if they are here) I have an issue with Wings of Liberty campaign. I completed a lot of time ago, but only half of missions was completed on Hard Difficulty. So NOW I completed all another missions on hard mode as well. From same save, of course (I dont want start whole campaign again). But Game/system doesnt seen it. And in my profile statistics is written just "campaign complete" instead of "all hard missions", like it's written in case of Heart of the Swarm (which I played on Hard from the beginning). I need help! How to avoid this stupid bug? I dont have to play whole campaign again. No one warned me about such problem AT ALL! Really, what the...NordicLight8 05 May
05 May "Score Summary" tab, how r the values calculated? Most of the stats r self explanatory but the "Score Summary" isn't. Dose any one know what the formula is used to calculate each of the categorys?SlipperyFish0 05 May
05 May Amount of interceptors for Fenix' COOP Carriers Most Carriers in the game, be it Singleplayer, Multiplayer or COOP show the amount of Interceptors they currently hold. Fenix' Carriers however don't. Can we get that added maybe? I found that to be very irritating when playing yesterday.FOnTTaX0 05 May
04 May Community Update - Thor, Tempest, & Esports Hello everyone! We have some small changes planned for next week’s update to the Balance Testing Matchmaking queue. As always, these are subject to change prior to a patch going live, so let us know your thoughts and feedback! Thor We would like to try out a different path with changes to the Thor for the next update. Instead of flatly increasing its air attack, we would like to try to buff Thor’s survivability and give it a minor usability improvement. To this end we will be trying the following: Reverting Thor anti air attack to its prior values. Bringing back High Impact Payload Increasing base armor from 1 to 2 Decreasing transformation time between anti air formsThis increase in armor should quite noticeably improve the Thor’s durability against quick attacking units like Zerglings, thus improving its role in absorbing damage while dealing heavy damage in return during combat. Tempest We like the current direction of the Tempest having more damage against massive air units but would like to tone its damage back very slightly. Reduce Tempest +massive damage from 25 to 22 #WCS Austin & GSL We would like to thank all the players, casters, organizers and viewers who made WCS Austin such a great tournament this past weekend and shout out to Neeb for his victory! We also wish good luck to all of those currently battling it out in GSL. It’s been a very exciting season and we look forward to more games!Корсамул0 04 May
04 May LotV questions Hello guys, Long story short I'm thinking about picking SC2 up again (stopped just before LotV release) because most of the RTS out there just don't compare. Is it worth? What has changed? Because I'm actually not sure to be willing to grind and train like a donkey again so was just wondering what are the major changes to the game and if the community is still (relatively) strong! Thanks in advance for the answers!Skuld1 04 May
04 May A reminder: Fee to Pay is bad. Hello, it is I again, coming to you once again to report that offering up Commanders for five Euros is NOT a good thing. Why, you may ask? Well for starters, this is not a Free to Play game, so adding Free to Play elements (As in: Characters you have to buy to have something of a complete experience, and to have something new to play with) just stinks of nickle and diming the loyalty of players. Offering up cosmetic items for purchase is quite alright, but Commanders, a piece of content that actually has a substantial effect on the game, so to speak? Not exactly acceptable. Would have been at least nice if they offered up Commanders as both, either something you can purchase, or something you can unlock if you complete certain objectives as part of an achievement. That is all.Kalgert109 04 May
04 May DirectX 11 So Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm already have DirectX 11 functionality for almost a year now... what's up with SC2? When will we get an upgrade? The way I understand it the engines are quite similar (in fact HotS uses the exact same engine as SC2) and so far both games benefitted from the change by getting better performance and in the case of Diablo 3 extended graphics options. The performance of SC2 is severely CPU-bound and the game handles multicore systems rather badly, DX11 could help in that and pave the way for additional optimization. Why not, Blizzard? The game's popularity is just fine, we get regular content upgrades but the engine is old as hell at this point. DX9 is so ancient at this point that even flawless compatibility with Windows 10 is not always a given.Zaxx0 04 May
03 May You broke it Blizzard, latest patch broke the game. 1. When finding game, it does the countdown and then just ends, no game. 2. If you manage to get into a game, at the end it gives you no league and does not appear in match history.fnord1 03 May
03 May Burrow bug There is a bug in the new patch. Burrowed units do not show at all to the enemy if they do not have vision. Moving burrowed roaches only show a faint shadow on them to the enemy. Trying to build on top of a burrowed unit does not show the red X either, that you can't build there. At least I think it should show it?Paunu0 03 May
03 May Co-op social features Hi, I came back to the game recently playing mainly co-op missions. Today I met a very nice finnish buddy. The chemistry was there, we decided after the game to group together for some brutal games. I should have whispered to him, I should have asked him for his number right away ... After the game I am at a buggy score page (apparently other people experienced it), impossible to contact him, he is not in the "recently played with" list (the list is empty, and I play online often), and I don't remember his id. Well, what's up with the social features in this game? In overwatch and D3 you can easily add people you played with recently, in SC2 it is a pain in the you know what. Am I missing something? If not, why is it such a hassle?MadMarx0 03 May
03 May Did the servers just blow up? Right now, atleast on EU, nothing is working. Getting an error when you try to start a game, and before this we didnt get exp for completing a game(co op)DarkWish3 03 May
03 May Waiting for Game Results Bug - Patch 3.13 Starting with 3.13 no experience is awarded after playing a game of Co-Op. Only "Waiting for Game Results" is displayed as a placeholder. Played on Sea yesterday a bit. Worked fine then. Tried different Commanders and repairing the game to no avail. Any suggestions? System: OSX 10.12.4Ender11 03 May
03 May Random Announcers Option? Just a quick and simple suggestion - could we add a random option to the announcers? I know many people have several/all and it would be quite cool to be able to have a random option, which could then be applied per race/to all as now.morvai4 03 May
03 May Temporary problem, wtf? I got this error when i try to start a ranked game: There was a temporary problem with youre request! Please try again later!Lurr2 03 May