Could not install. Invalid installation options. ??!

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Just bought SC II - HotS and I'm trying to install it. I never get pass the "Important! Please read it carefully!"-part. Of course I read it and scroll it to the bottom to click on "Agree". But then I get this message: "Could not install. Invalid installation options. Please try again later."

What am I doing wrong? The first step of the installation is to install the game on my PC, giving the authentication code only comes later.
Extra info:
Windows 7; 60GB free space, and I cannot change the Install directory folder: G:\\Games\StarCraft II, it is the folder of Wings of Liberty.
Hello Prive,

Have you tried renaming the original StarCraft II WoL folder?

If that doesn't help, I'd uninstall the game (see link below) and reinstall it using either the installer which you can download from your account management page, or through the App which you can also download from your account management page.

StarCraft II Uninstall Instructions
Hey, renaming the folder solved the problem. Never met this error before. The game is installed and runs now. Thank You!
You're welcome! :)

Good luck and have fun!

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