Losing games has no effect on opponents you play.

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Just as an experiement I've tried losing every game, last season and this season to see if it makes any difference to opponents I get. So far, this season, I am 2 wins for 46 losses (I had two games where the guy surrendered before I did). I have kept a log of the opponents I played and their match histories and leagues. Every now and then I play an opponent for 10 minutes before surrendering to gauge the skill level and then surrender.

I play all the games for at least 3 minutes, I build at least 1 structure, I usually send in 1 scout from the first 5 and if possible get 1 kill before surrendering. Most of which is probably unnecessary but you never know.

My conclusion so far is that it makes no difference whatsoever how many losses you have as to what opponent you get. If you are in Bronze you can expect to get stomped by platinum and diamond players regularly and at this point this must be designed to be this way.

I have played SC2 since launch but have taken some long breaks because I didn't like the way the game was going or how I felt when playing it. Anyway I thought this might help other people who are struggling along to know this is how it works, at least in my experience.
Hello there Darkheart

very interesting little study you've got going on here :)

The only thing I wanted to ask was did you start trying this in Bronze? Or have you ended up there through leaving league and getting put in there? If your in Bronze and supposedly facing the lowest rank players there are then it makes sense that you wont go any lower.

Also the Plats and Diamonds you mentioned are they currently that ranked or is it just their previous highest league? Also Ranked and Unranked come into this, at the end of the game do the majority of these players seem to have there badge next to there name or no badge? (no badge generally means unranked)

It is very interesting the design behind the ladder. I agree that since they implemented the "leave league system" the ladder has never quite been as great as it was and there are still weird situations where this does occur.

Answering any of the questions above would be awesome otherwise no bother :) I guess if I wanted to find out for myself I could just off race as Terran for 50 Games ;)
Nope started in Gold and "worked" my way down. We will probably get some elitist a-hole come in and tell us that Plat-Bronze is all the same anyway so this is normal but I don't think most of the community understand that the opponets won't change.
Interesting initiative of yours! It seems that the MMR does not change as it should be.I am gold and I have been loosing lately because I changed to Terran/Protoss,and I noticed that before I had some Plat from time to time while now it seems that I only get Gold player like me. But I will keep an eye out for that :)
Plat to bronze is all the same anyway so this is normal.
23/06/2014 11:12Posted by Darkheart

My conclusion so far is that it makes no difference whatsoever how many losses you have as to what opponent you get.

Your conclusion is not backed up by solid evidence. One case of a player with around gold MMR who lost 46 games in a row tells nothing. 46 games is nothing.

Additionally, current league tells nothing about the opponent's true skill. Your method of determining the skill of your opponents is unreliable at best. MMR would be much better to study, but it is hidden.

There are threads with confirmed information about MMR and the promotion/demotion, for example this one:


elitist a-hole

24/06/2014 16:58Posted by Darkheart
Plat-Bronze is all the same anyway

This is true when one takes into account the entire skill range of StarCraft. Skill advances exponentially, so taking into account the differences between the top players, the differences between <platinum players seem smaller in comparison. Your insult just shows that you yourself are not certain about your claim.
Ive not been playing for a long time.

Ive been top 20 to rank 1 Diamond, before i toke a break. I only get other Diamonds and ive gotten 3 masters during random Points in my ranking in top 10ish Diamond.

But i dont seem to even be Close to getting master leauge again this season even though i almost played 100 games in top Diamond.

I dont know what it is like being plat, gold and lower, what kind of opponents u get, but i Heard this on the forums alot.

I do belive that after they dropped everyones leauge which they have since i was top master 1 season, like 3-4 seasons ago. I stop playing for more than 1 season, maybe 1.5. Then i join again and i win my games and get placed in low plat. And from there i just won really alot, 1 season ago, until i got Diamond and stayed here.
I cannot verify this. When I started losing in Gold after I switched races, I got worse opponents until I reached 50% winrate again.

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