Can't see match history...

Starcraft II Technical Support
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still exists
Takes 2 years to fix this, or takes 2 years to ignore this?
This must be one hell of an internal conflict. The score screens just don't like Blizzard anymore? They demanded a raise, and didn't get it, so went on strike?

Thats some !@#$ing intense %^-* right there. I didn't know the score screens were so powerful.
Waiting the fix but loosing the hope. I think it's understandable.
This is very annoying! Really hope its fixed soon. Cant see any graphs or anything!
i have same problem 3 weeks
Same problem here - "Error: Unable to load score screen."
Same Problem her e !
I'll just add myself to the list :(
Wow and here I thought coming back after a long break from sc2 that this was a problem with current patch.
Real classy blizzard.
Maybe they think that by ignoring this there is no problem?
Blizzard do you not give a sh*t?
same issue. Every time I play myself against AI. When I play with friend everything is OK

very, very annoying...
Well I didn't have this problem till earlier today. Really annoying
Same problem here. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get a fix going.
Please fix this issue
This is pathetic.
Same. OMG.
This is still a problem? Haven't been able to see match history for weeks.
Bump because no match history is viewable? Please fixxx

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