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It seems like that after the update 2 days ago I cannot go and review any match that happened after the match. THe error I get is the one posted in the subject. I tried all the suggested help from other forums (DNS issue, tried google dns - the same problem). Also contacted my ISP to verify if for some reason ports would be blocked but that's not the case either. I verified the issue with my friend playing on EU and he confirmed the same thing is happening for him as well. The issue does not occur on NA server which I tried. It seems like it is the issue that occured after the patch. Also I tried changing my password in case it is account related - issue still persists. I tried all the suggestions I got from forums about this issue. The same thing happened about a year ago on SEA and NA and Blizzard eventually fixed it.
I have the same problem on Eu.
No problems on NA server.
Confirmed, everybody has that error
Ye.. It really annoys me!
12/09/2014 22:38Posted by Deanx
They are on it. =)

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so should be fixed in 8 months?
thanks for the reply. It's funny that the report bug button on support page redirected me here. Sorry if it is in a wrong category.
Same Issue here today.
Is this still not fixed?
same error here
same error
Same error here, too.
Same error here
Same error for all the matches
They are on it haha, takes 2 years to fix a §/$&ing error?
same error here
Terrible... 2 years!!!!!!! You are fixing this annoying error for 2 years already! I would say, you are just ignoring it...
Nah I would say they fixed it and then it came back O.o xD :).

Notice the time gap in posts ;)
I'm also experiencing this problem!
Same here :(
+1 , only for the ones older then 1 month.

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