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Okay, so I use to live in Australia. Moved to Europe bought a laptop and installed SC2. I bought SC2 a long time ago, and now when I play, I can only access starter edition features.

It's really annoying since I've bought this game already and all I want to do is play the campaign.

How do I fix it???
I've reset my password and email. neither of these have worked.
Hey Ksinoe,

Is it possible that you created a new account and that you are logging with this new account instead of the upgraded account?

Can I also ask, did you buy Heart of the Swarm or only Wings of Liberty?

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Hi Ksinoe!

Thank you for contacting us!

There is indeed a strong suspicion that you are trying to access incorrect account. The one used by you to post on this forum does not have full SC2 license.

Please try to recall any other emails you might have registered on in the past, but should you find this impossible, then your best option is to contact us. We will be able to find the account on your behalf and provide you with valid login details.

Ahh figured it out.

Yes, I had a battlenet account when WOL was in beta, it's all figured out now. Thanks!
Glad we could help Ksinoe! Enjoy your comeback!
I have the same problem, plz help
how did you fix it

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