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Like with some previous like ( Warcraft 3, World of Warcarft ).

Does Blizzard ( question for Blizzard really ) have any plans to add OpenGL support in the Windows build in the future?
I would like to know this too. I'm tired of having to boot into windows to make it NOT look like sc1.
I find OpenGL more stable although SCII hasn't crashed on me yet
I'd love OpenGL with Windows build aswell. I run it through wine under Linux and I'm pretty sure I loose a good chunk of performance from the d3d->opengl conversion that gets done at run time.
Please add opengl support!
I would also appreciate opengl support. Thanks.
PLease add OpenGL support for Windows. Switching to OpenGL solved a lot of problems for me on WoW.
Glad I'm not alone on this :p
Same - I'm also running SC2 under wine, and I'd love to see openGL available.
Bumpidy bump.
Bumpidy bump.

hehe yes :p
Me too.
We'd really love you guys to enable the OpenGL rendered please.

I'd also appreciate OpenGL support. Currently I switch to windows to play Starcraft II but I would really like to play in Linux.

Please blizzard, could you at least tell IF you're going to enable support in the future?

I would love to play this game on ubuntu instead of the abomination known as vista.
Btw. Running on ubuntu works great,..

Edit: Except for the lacking of 3d graphics acceleration of course.
Please blizzard, could you at least tell IF you're going to enable support in the future?

Well, we are far away from getting a response to this since the game is being developed in the US and we are on the EU forum. I don't really think the US team will see this and act.

Anyway, someone on the US forums should have reported this anyway. Let's hope they are bumping it a lot :D
What about the mac version of SC2?

Should it not be running OpenGL - thus permitting smoother gameplay in Linux?
I´m running under wine in Ubuntu and it works, but I have to turn the settings down to minimum and still only get around 15-30 fps. I have a gts250 graphics card and Athlon 64 X2 5000+

Would love OpenGL support also please!
Yeah the Mac version is running with OpenGL. Blizzard's other games like StarCraft, Warcraft III, Diablo II and World of Warcraft support OpenGL also. WoW can run with OpenGL on windows with a little tweaking in a WTF (Warcraft Text File). I don't know if you can make the other games run with OpenGL on Windows, even though I've played them a lot.
Never understood all the DirectX hype. OpenGL exposes new hardware features much quicker and that it's not ruled by one well-known monopolistic company alone, which is unable to keep it updated with brand new hardware. Instead of that they devote lots of energy to spread lots of FUD about OpenGL (which ended up working for them *sigh*).

Imagine a world where M$ worked to support OpenGL as a part of DirectX instead of creating Direct3D from scratch (why? oh why?)

I hate this corporate world...

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