Colossi or Colossus ?

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I keep hearing and even reading different names for the giant walking unit of the protoss armies.

Whether it's in commentator's talk in replays, or even in the Starcraft 2 Helps inside the game sometimes it's called Colussus, others it's called Colossi.

Why the two different names please ? I didn't play SC1 so I might have missed an episode ^^.

Thanks !
Day9 says Colossi so it is damn Colossi
The real name is Colossus. Colossi is wrong.
Colossi refers to more than one Colossus. It is how you pluralize a word in Latin.
Collosi is the term for several Collosus...
En Taro Tassadar

Heard of "The Colossus of rhodes"?

Taro ruul asz
One colossus, multiple colossi.
One cerberus, multiple cerberi.
One nexus, multiple nexi.
One colossus, multiple colossi.
One cerberus, multiple cerberi.
One nexus, multiple nexi.

The plural of nexus is nexus ... not?
both are right.
VakarisJ is right.
Abra Kadabra.
colossi is the plural of colossus

Just like
Vortex -> vortices

Also, Colossi is pronounced coloss-ee (just like the "i" in "idiot", a short "i") not coloss-AYE.
But then again, we're surrounded by Americans so why bother?

There is no correct way to pronounce it. Colossi is the proper way to write it but what you're saying is BS.
"" is from Latin and refers to a maskulin gender, like MaximUS

obviously the same occours for things like the "gladius" (roman shortsword), so if there are more then one of those swords, they are called gladii, because multiple maskulin things are named like that: the ending "us" becomes an "i" , so every solo thing ending with "us", in plural end with "i".

Like 1 Collossus and 2 Collossi, or 1 nexus and 2 Nexi
As above. Not sure about the pronunciation, I've never come across this word in everyday life. I would say i as in ideal not as in idiot as another post suggested.
It's COLLOSI and NEXUSES (or Nexus, NOT Nexi):

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