Isn't it time for a new wave of LOTV invites?

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Watching Twitch the numbers of people playing LOTV have fallen dramatically . Surely it's time for a new wave of invites especially to us poor souls in platinum who have bought virtual blizz con tickets and played thousands of games :-)

The next wave will go out by the end of the week, and will include the top 20% of the ladder, so LotV Beta will be more lively soon :)
who are the top 20% ?
i mean, is it plat up diamond up...
Diamond and above and perhaps a few plat players.
Niceee, looks like im lucky ;D, diamond player who plays like mid-plat. I'll prob lose all games in LotV ;D
I got LOTV.

Any diamond in EU last season should be getting invites.
Invites went out and are done. Some 20% did not get invited, it is being investigated on monday according to Zoevia.
oh no, thought season 2 diamond players would get invite, !@#$^^
No invite :-(

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