Leauge bugged?

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Hi has anyone eles noticed that leauge is bugged or its really hard to get promoted this season?
Have beaten big names from GM and have good mmr and i see that even TLO forgg and so on is still Diamond too. is there a problem or do battlnet just wanna make my Life a !@#$%? hehe :)
yes it seems to be bugged for people with very high MMR for some reason

For now, top diamond is new GM, lol
yeah i noticed, rank 1 Diamond and cant get promo :(
It's really weird ForGG has 61 wins and 20 losses and still is in top diamond. But for example Morrow just got in Master with no problem so I don't know what's going on :/
I got in masters while Naniwa is still Diamond. The problem I think with the new ladder is that Ex-GM are placed in Diamond and with their very high MMR they are facing each other thus not obtaining enough wins to move on unlike Ex-Dia players.

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