Bnet Chatrooms are not working 6.5.2015

Starcraft II Technical Support
There seems to be issue with bnet chats. I and several others cannot join General Chat (Network Error) and group chats say that "you are not connected to chat"
Bump. I'm also experiencing this issue. Have been for the last 24hr's at least.
I have this problem too
Yep, here too.
Same prob here.

Tried solution from older bnet post: ipconfig /flushdns did not work for me.

I see several players were having the same issue at the time, but I haven't seen any more reports since Wednesday night, which makes me thing it was a temporary issue that is now solved.

Could you please write here if you are still having issues with the chat, so we can look into it?

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im getting Network error on all "game" chat rooms and clan / group chat rooms says *not connected to chat right now* and theirs no connect button even.

Edit- O and private chats dont seem to work unless im "IN GAME" but out in lobbies no one gets my messages.
I have been getting this error message for months now.
Still receiving this error.
I am receiving this error RIGHT NOW
still having error!
I still can't login to any chat channel!

Only groups. But chat channels like Arcade / General Chat no.
Still gives an error.
Cant connect to chat for several days now

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