200 viewers, 2 streams lotv? Come on dudes

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Blizz I think you need to either cut it and close the doors for a while or let the real fans of the game play it and give you the feedback you seem to be saying you want

I am one of ur dedicated fans and it hurts to have to scroll to position 108 in the twitch directory to find the game.

come on, noones going to care at this rate because im not even bothered if i get an invite now and ive spent the last 17 yrs playing ur games. Pull it dudes for the good of its own hype or release the client/invites
While its true more beta keys would increase the amount of players in the beta the current problem with streamers is they just don't have anything for playing it. Blizzard already know Zerg can play blind and beat the other races atm, but they arent fixing the problems.
Next wave will include 20% top players of last season.
Atm is very hard to find games. For example, i tried to find a game last night. I was waiting for 12 minutes becuase there were only 9 games running... Also protoss players are getting their asses kicked by zerg.. Damn ravagers!!

I hope with the next wave and some patching playing protos and laddering wil be something enjoyable again. I switched to zerg now in the beta and i beat players that i really should not beat just because of ravagers :p
They're not playing it because it's bad and unbalanced.
I don't see how giving beta keys out to nonames would help increase streaming numbers. If anything they would decrease cause people play instead of watching.
22/04/2015 17:05Posted by Alphard
They're not playing it because it's bad and unbalanced.
How is it bad? I mean, unbalanced is the nature of a Beta, but I am having good fun with the new gameplay overall.

I think the bigger problem is that a new season of HotS just started and a new balance patch has been released for Hots. Naturally most pros will spend most of their time playing HotS then because they need to practice. And as far as viewers goes, most watch pro gamers.

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