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Sup folks.

Really enjoying Crap Patrol but Google and forum searches for tips etc. have been somewhat iffy.

If you have links I would be most grateful but I think a nice consolidated thread will be appreciated by a lot of noobs like me.

Feel free to share starting tips for different heroes, pet peeves that noobs do and starting perks etc.

Share freely. Noobs hate frustrating you as much as you hate being frustrated by noobs.

Be sure to visit:

This guide is for the beginner players playing on mental difficulty, not for the pros. Be at least level 30, so you do not ruin the game for the others.

Team to take: Predator, Tassadar, Nova/Anvil and Swann (pros switch Swann for another damage unit). Remember to be fast, do not wait at base and stay in group.

Damage of bigger units (as only Pred should tank them):
Ultras (big zerg with big scissors ) have AREA damage about 280, glowing with toxic aura much more. Blue ultras have 280 damage. Hive guardians have damage only about 160. Brutalisks boss 260 damage. (dmg will be confirmed).

Tass can hold every unit with force fields, except flying units and boss units - ones with the purple name (Brutalisk, Leviathan, Brain Bug, Hive Guardian).
Tass perks: Absorption for energy, Battlecruiser and Toxic Aura (adds 12 to Shield armour), or Bug zapper if you want more damage. Talents: do not care for nuke and army, get mud stompers and nimble feet fast.
Mastery points at this order: Empower, Armour, Energy, Iron Man (more energy), then the rest depends on your style of playing. At last take nuke mastery or army, I do not care for allrounder. Take Archon mastery when you have 2500 score. You can show you score by typing -score.

Pred should take last three perks - Bug zapper, Battlecruiser and Toxic Aura. Mastery points in this order:
Iron man (to remove slowing effect done by roaches), Armour, Block, Sun God ... the rest.

My common game:
Do not open back doors aka crap/debris at south-east that is placed in the 3 narrow paths leading to the north and do not open north way at the beginning, by killing the north invisible lair on the ramp near the main entrance.

How to begin:
Tass + 1 advance south-east to kill the lair (Tass hold with FF, when the lair is destroyed, because ultras will spawn),
Predator + 1 go north to secure the entrance.

The first Brutalisk
Pred at the entrance go west and kill the lair (drops will come after that), destroying the lair will pull out your first Brutalisk. You can lure Brutalisk to captain Smoker in the base. Spine drops come after its death.

Then go east, big ultras wave will come, its 4 ultras at the time, about 8x.

The Roaches Ramp
The ramp should be blocked all the time by Tass. Big army of blue ultras spawns, then the 3 large armies of roaches are spawned at the time, when you enter the top of the ramp. Be careful, the Hybrid Dominators spawn there at about 23:00 minutes of the game. Go to the west now from the ramp and clear the area, specially the Ultras cavern (which spawns the Ultras), but do not destroy the hidden lair yet (I call it The Missed Lair), as the army of queens begins to spawn.

The second Brutalisk
Pull the Brutalisk by entering the bridge to the east. Spine drops will come and when the Brutalisk is defeated, more spine drops will come. Tass can go north and destroy the three caverns and lair there, but do not go further to the north as this will pull Leviathan. Go southeast, try to opening bridges, army will come faster.

The South-East End
Many toxic ultras here.
When the second last lair is destroyed, multiple Spine drops will come, weaker heroes should run back and let Pred to agro the spines. When the last south lair is destroyed, some ultras and about 6 Hybrid Dominators are spawned. This act will open the way to the north at the base entrance (the blockade is removed). Now is good to destroy The Missed Lair - army of queens will spawn on the ramp near the main entrance.

A way to the North and The Central Ramp
Then destroy the north lair near the main entrance, on the upper ramp. Go north to the Central ramp with many spines, the invisible Hive guardian is nearby. Many birds will spawn at this Central ramp. Stay there until all birds are defeated and stops spawning. Swann should place many towers here at this spot, ready to kill the Leviathan.

Remember, only Predator should lure boss enemies. All others will be killed. So Pred go north-east until he pulls the Levi. When Levi is defeated continue north-east. If you get Levi to the base, remember, that Pred can turn him back, towards north, by luring it, so Levi will not attack the base with its tentacles.

The North-East Area
Go clear area, Pred go kill cavern in the east. Destroy first and second lair. Then pull Brutalisk by going to the north-west and back. You can throw nuke there as well, it will come. Kill it. Then before the last third lair is destroyed Pred go back to the Central ramp and continue by the second way to the north, that will be opened when last lair is destroyed (blockade is removed). Swann should have more towers ready at the Central ramp for the Brain Bug.

Brain Bug
Pull the Brain Bug with Pred by going to the north by the second way. It has a strong toxic aura and kills everyone except Pred. It is quite fast and its not attracted by Pred. It just go its own way. After killing Brain Bug continue to the north area.

The North Area
There are 3 Brutalisks and some Hive Guardians as well. Lure out Brutalisks with Pred one by one. Brutalisk can be healed by the healer building, so lure it far enough so Swann towers can kill it.
Clear the area, here are two ultras caverns to the west, destroy it fast to prevent many ultras from spawning. When the last lair is destroyed or time will come, the Last bridge will open (west of The Central Ramp). Pred should go there and defend the bridge until team clears the rest at the north.

Remember, when you destroy the lair between the bridge and north area (placed near the wall), Hybrid Dominators will spawn and you can be killed in gravity prison by towers. So take care.

The Last Bridge and The Final Battle
Some tips how to survive:
Tass can block with FF (force fields) at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the bridge, but not on The Last Bridge itself. So its better to block at the end, or advance fast and block the path to The Final Battle. Be very careful when multiple Hybrid Dominators come, they can trap Pred in gravity prison, and all enemies will attack weaker units - you. So Tass should be very good with FF and blocking. Be prepared for the really BIG LAG on the bridge. Waves of the strongest enemies will come. Predator will handle them, except...

The Omega wave
The worst is the Omega wave. They come after the Queen wave. They are the largest creatures with scissors like claws. Tass must block them. If they kill Pred (quite easilly) or Pred is trapped, its nearly impossible to stop them before they decimate the world. When the Omega wave is killed, you will probably win the game. Less experienced player can defend at the ramp, near the main entrance. It is much more narrow then the bridge, only two force fields wide :). Tass can even push enemies back with force fields.

Brutalisks wave at players death
Remember, that the large wave of 10 boss Brutalisks and Hive guardians can now be spawned when some player is killed (later at the game, death at the beginning drops spines and other stuff in the base). They can be spawned at The Missed Lair. Their waypoint is set like this: go north up to The Central Ramp, then east to The Roaches Ramp and then attack the main base. Thats why its not good to have the backdoors opened.

I saw this wave several times when Brain bug has been killed and sometimes in the middle of final battle. Both very nasty.

The Last Important Thing
Have fun, help other players, do not leave after first death. When Predator is near you, enemies will target him only, not you.

Agro - what friendly unit is targeted first by the enemy
1. Odin (the biggest robot) in the final battle
2. Dropped Turrets and Towers
3. Predator
4. Other nearby heroes
5. Buildings
6. Common units

Important times at the beginning:
8:20 - enemy drops at the players
10:20 - first large zerg army from the north (should be tanked by Pred)
23:20 - Hybrid Dominators spawned at the east
Thanks Soumrak!
Epic guide.

Some very basic beginner tips I have learned so far:

1) If you die on mental, you kill your team. Three deaths brings the swarm but even the deaths before that bring nasty drops on your team mates.

2) Go for health and regeneration in the beginning. Staying alive is more important than anything else. Those first 20 minutes are crucial.

3) If you don't know what you are doing, stick with the CP forces and help them along. Don't be afraid to run away if stuff hits you hard.
That's a really nice write-up.

If you are playing this game, feel free to share thoughts!

The best advice for beginners on mental is to play Predator or Swann.

The simple beginner strategy for Predator is to take the bottom three perks, take adaptive armor mastery and block mastery early,and prefer upgrades for life/regenration and adaptive armor.
As a beginner you often dont know for sure which threats might kill you and which you could tank, so just play defensive. Run from blue bannelings and Ultras until you are sure you can safely tank them. If you feel its getting dangerous use your active abilities.
This is of course not the most effective was to play predator, but ist safe and you dont kill your team all the time.

The beginner strategy for Swann is to take air support perk (for Vision), leadership(for towers) and absorption (for enough energy). Then just avoid any direct zerg contact and build Hellfire Towers and Gattling Cannons on places where they are not instantly attacked (e.g. on high ground and/or not in the direct line of the attack wave). Choose masteries and abilities which improve your hellfire and gattling towers, their cooldown or your energy regeneration. In the unlikely case of an emergency just place a flamming Betty to distract the enemies. Dont directly attack with your hero, but protect the towers if needed.
The main goal when playing swann is to have as many hellfire and gattling towers in play as possible, because those will do the damage for you. This means you have to find places for them where they are not killed, you need a short cooldown and a lot of energy. Any improvement for those towers (more strength, more life, more range, longer lifetime) is welcome. Also think about picking big game hunter mastery early, because its great and easy to focus a set of hellfire towers on massive Units from distance.

I wouldn't recommend other heroes for beginners. With Nova you need to have an escape plan all the time and any small mistake can make you die. Anvil can be very vulnerable to drops and other surpises while in siege mode. With tass you need to have a good micro with the force fields and Fury/Tychus are simply more endangered when fighting close to the front line.
A strategy for infernal mode, which i have won only once by now.

1. The hero choice:

- The safest hero imho is Swann, because he can basically build a huge tower field on high ground (hellfire towers and gattlings) and so he wont die easily. There should be at least one Swann in the team, but not more than 2, because you need to have space for the towers. When bosses spawn, swann should leave his tower field and run somewhere else, as the following spine drops will then not kill the towers. As swann you should get big game hunter early and focus on tower/energy masteries and perks like on mental.

- Also useful is Predator, because he can pull some bosses and that way help the allied buildings survive. Predator needs tanking perks/masteries and he should have teleportation.

- Anvil is useful because his damage will be really high, as he can hit many units with his splash damage. However, massive spine drops can kill him while in siege mode, so the anvil player has to realize such situations early. This is expecially the case when bosses come. A good thing about anvil is, that he wont be lifted by hybrids and so he can safely pick up artifacts.

- Tassardar is very helpful for his force fields. Also the damage dealt with the storm ability scales with the number of incoming zerg.

- Nova, in my oppinion dies too quickly. If you use her, stand next to big guns and run when drops come. If you dont, strong spine drops can fall around you like a cage and you will die.

- I wouldn't pick Fury or Tychus as those two have no special purpose other than dealing damage.

So i would suggest a team of Swann, Predator, Anvil and Tassardar.

2) Section 1/The Base:

The best advive for the early game is probably to play as slowly as possible. Unlike mental mode there is no timer, so if you play slowly,
- you will level up more
- the crap patrol will have time to build up its defenses.
- you wont get an early death because you didnt have mud stompers/shields or armor yet.

If you go north of the base there will be an additional hive guardian. If you dont have mud stompers and nimble feet yet, he might be faster than you and kill you quickly. So be especially careful.

When you see the first artifact, be careful, as several hybrids will spawn. Kill all other buildings and units around it first, then take it with Anvil (if he has enough life) as he wont be lifted or Predator.

Swann should focus on the high ground top right of the starting point. The crap patrol will build two big guns there and swann should use the rest of the free space for hellfire towers. With big game hunter+weapon research+lightweight equipement+energy mastery this is perfect for mass tower spam and defense against ultralisks later. A very useful ability is remote construction, as it helps you to fill the space with towers with more efficiancy. Another very important ability is to have more lifetime for hellfire towers.

The other heroes should be able to go right then. Its very important to keep the barricades there, so dont kill them and leave more than just one barricade alive, because someimes hybrids, splash damage or abilities (like corona) can then open the paths by accident.

Going North there will be additional spine drops around the hive, but that shouldnt be a problem if Swann or Anvil attacks them from higher ground.

3) The first Brutalisks:

Before approaching the next lair which spawns the first brutalisk the base should be fortified with bunkers and big guns by the crap patrol. As long as it isn't, dont attack buildings and be as slow as possible. When the brutalisk lair falls, all heroes should be in the base and get ready. This time, a second brutalisk will spawn in the destroyed lair, but also very heavy drops - inkluding many strong spines - will follow.

Avoid getting stuck here at all costs. Big guns wont save you if too many spines drop at once, and if you get stuck you are easily getting killed. Its also possible that drops of 4 spines surround you and you cant escape.
For Swann - who is probably still on the high ground platform with his towers - its best to leave the platform in order to save his towers from the spine drops. That way, his hellfire towers can still do damage and are not immedatedly killed. Anvil must be played carefully here as in siege mode the drops can be deadly and even the big guns might be too weak for the spines. All other players should keep moving when something drops on their head.

4. Going right
When the brutalisks are hopefully dead, you can continue right. The combination of Swann with his towers on the high ground platform, Anvil at the same place in siege mode and Tassardar using force fields should be enough to hold off the following armies. A good strategy seems to me to keep this fortified position and summon the blue ultralisk wave next. This will include masses of green ultralisks now as well. However, your fortified position should be able to hold it well.

to be continued.
paladonic feel free to find me in crap patrol chat if you need any advice or guide :)
21/03/2016 10:18Posted by Markus

to be continued.


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