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StarCraft II currently is the least outstanding title in Blizzard titles (It is competing with Diablo 3 on that). The most affected area because of that is the forums activity. EU forums are dead and NA forums seems to get less active with time.

The forums system and making games as sub categories in their is contributing in this issue. Since we have NA and EU versions of, we automatically have 2 forums system for each game. And since Blizzard is American company, it is natural that all forums announcements are made in the NA forums. This makes the EU forums neglected. It is true that the news gets posted on both forums, but we all know how late it gets posted on EU.

For example the Community Feedback - 31 July:
It got posted on 3rd of August. That shows much attention EU forums are getting.

Is time to break this system and give each title the attention it deserve and break it away from the system? No more EU forums or NA forums. We need one environment that gather everyone. No more EU, NA.

Another reason many people started to quit these forums and went to other platforms. (The Maegis forums for example) is how trolls are dominating without any punishments. This matter has been discussed over and over and I'm going to repeat it. Give the MVP moderation abilities.

It will be like this:
- MVP: Normal moderation level.
-Blizzard: Advanced moderation level.

Normal moderation level:
-Can give a temporarily ban (1 day maximum).
-Once a ban been given by MVP, it will be sent to Blizzard moderation just to confirm its validity (To confirm no power abusing happen).
-Can make a request for permanent ban, request goes to Blizzard moderation to be approved and applied.
-Can delete threads and posts.

Advanced moderation level:
As currently working. Stays in the shadow and interfere when there is a power abusing case or complaints on a certain MVP.

With this, we can have a unified and healthy environment that no part of it will be neglected because of the NA & EU region separation and will have more powerful moderation to limit the trollers power.
Giving MVP's moderations abilities will be pretty useless :) Currently if I come across a thread I already bring it to the attention of the CM's and they usually respond within a couple of hours :)

As far as the forums goes, yes it sucks that it is so quit on the official forums, but there is little that can be done to help it. The forums can't get merged because they have a completely separate CMS and backend, and setting up a new forums away from the official Bnet system will also be very hard to do. Curently I am just hoping LotV will bring back a bunch of players and forumers.
Even if players do come back, what is the point if how things going on won't change? They will feel being neglected again and move to NA forums and then quit the forums to go to TL or reddit or just play the game or even worse, quit on StarCraft II completely.
I only come to the forums because of the weekly community posts. The official forums have always been dreadful. Trolling is endemic, the region split stupid.

Team Liquid do a far better job, but they are too elitist.

Running a forum is a bit like gardening. It needs constant attention and you start things small and see what grows. Weeding out pests is necessary.

They should nuke the current forums, CMSs and all. They failed, start again.

Yours, Marcus
Forums are something that silly old geezers use! No but really, things like twitter, facebook and reddit is where people are nowdays and its not helping that the forums(especially EU forums) lack blue posts which really is what gives people the image of "hey they care about us" and brings people here to discuss.

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