How much money pro SC2 players can make ?

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Blizzard has made a good job making this game competitive but I was wondering can you make a living playing Starcraft 2 proffessionally ?

How much are European players able to make from sponsors and other sources of income ?
You get about, £999288 a year.
I don't know about in Europe, but South Korean pro players can make the equivalent of 60,000 Euros / year, keep in mind how much more they would get from sponsors because of how huge the game is over there, but definitely a good living can be made by the best players.
I believe a lot of pros make the majority of their money from coaching sessions.

I'm not sure how much they are actually earning but you can definitly make a living playing starcraft in europe/NA.

I suppose korean players have it a bit easier especially if they can get into Code-S. In general though there are still more money in Brood war. There the top players are actually on a salary from their teams like you know it from football teams or similar. That's why none of the big brood war players have switched over to SC2. It's simply not worth it for them.
How do you get sponsors?
Your best bet is to join an existing team.

You would obviously have to show that you can do well in tournaments first though. Usually strong perfomance in open tournaments like MLG or Dreamhack is the best way to get noticed.
Youd have to play the game so much to get to the top where people would sponsor you that you might as well go to a job.
Korean players make good money , top 10 players can make between 100k and 170K $ a year.
But there are many pro players who play great and still make only 6K $ a year and u can't make a living with that.

Sponsors in Europe won't play you remotely the same money since SC2 is not popular in Europe like it is in Korea where you have regular competition and match broadcasts.

You need to spend much time playing to get to the top level and it is still not certain whether you will manage to make a good income. It is a risky investment.
Wait, so you answered your own question? What trickery is this?!

But seriously though, it's like Soodle said, with all of the effort involved, you might as well get a normal job.

Plus, in a documentary a saw once, this gig only lasts for 4-5 years, depending on how good you are, because of the reflexes involved, and the constantly better and younger players that are showing up (I'm speaking especially about the Korean scene). I wouldn't want to be a pro-gamer, really, because I feel it would be much more stressful and mind-numbing (literally) than a normal job (well, your equivalent paying job), because of the constant training, and repetitive actions, not to mention the stress your eyes and body endures. (it sucks to sit down 24/7)

Hey, but because it's not my cup of tea, it doesn't mean it doesn't taste sweet for others.
I didn't exactly answer my question. The reason I posted it is that I wanted to hear someone else's opinion and maybe find out something I didn't know.
actually i dont think they make more than any average joe....many of the prices on tournaments ive seen replays from are ridiciusly 500-1000$ for a first price....dunno about the major tournaments though.
Well, I might be wrong but S class SC:BW player can make something like 100000$ a year from contracts. If you add tournament wins, the numbers can change.
Over 9000
I was actually thinking how i could make a career out of Starcraft 2. With the sight of this thread, my dreams are crushed :'( That kind of amount is WAAY not enough to live a YEAR through...
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Over 9000

That's impossible!!!
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I was actually thinking how i could make a career out of Starcraft 2. With the sight of this thread, my dreams are crushed :'( That kind of amount is WAAY not enough to live a YEAR through...

Become a caster?
Caster? Naw, not for paying, i wont do it. Also, i aint that good with catching attention to specific stuff xD

I was thinking more like participate in GSL as one of Finlands representatives...
Yes you can make money coaching , like 50$ per hour if your a top pro , but the question is how many people are actually going to hire you a day ?
I really don't think there is a great deal of money involved in pro-gaming, especially if you're not at the very top.

I imagine Day9 makes some good cache from his youtube vid's, but past that you need to win big to win. It seems a lot of tournament have 4,000$ prizemoney for first place, which is rather little.

Just take some well known WC3 figures that no longer game professionally. The competition is too intense to remain at the top and make a living from it.
Well said bro

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