Suggestions for the next patch.

StarCraft II General
Replays. (These are mostly suggestions for great casters like Husky, Psy, Day9 etc.)

An additional tab to see purchased upgrades and resources spent on them.
An auto switch feature for the tabs which will jump to the next tab every 5 seconds or a customisable time.
An " Always display APM " feature while other tabs are being displayed.

While on the replay menu
, highlighting a file will show who won that match and who was favored (I just really can't remember all matches, it should be made visible in the bottom right of the screen where the minimap is displayed for that replay)

A " Sort by " feauture, with options like win/lose most rating won/lost and races played.

Starcraft 2 Menu
In The ladder section of your account you can customise 3 ladders. I would like to see Tychus Findley replaced as the person for "most played race : Terran " with Jim Raynor, like that picture you see on the forums or a cutomisable feature with more unlockables through the achievement/collector's edition section.

A starcraft 2 custom map which trains you in the basic builds for each race.
- Food/Build indicators
- Amount of scouting needed
-Time of scouting needed (like 1:13 overlord on metalopolis)

Upgrades: Cybernetics Core researchable upgrade for sentries to increase their starting energy by 25. (just a random thought)

  • Terran

    Nerfed Terran
Keep up with the times mate, protoss is OP now.
If that were the case, I wouldn't lose all the time would I?
02/02/2011 5:13 PMPosted by Mikal
Keep up with the times mate, protoss is OP now.

Both have something op, but toss has more. It'd better if you did into higher.

T - rauders that counter light too good.

P - Storms collosi.
Nerf random, they are imba.
We introduce a new unit called Techno Viking We are tired of OP Terran constantly producing Marines so we figured why not give them a unit that costs 0,5supply they deal 15dmg and 20 to air. Causing the opponent to nerdrage so we thought of their ability called TROLLFACE Their Face changes to Trollface.jpg and screams PROBLEM?

Removed Creep Tumor its going to die anyways so why bother creeping the creep.

Put Cloak on my Cloak so i can Cloak while i Cloak A new improved ability to improve early and midgame.

Random players will now see what race they are when they are at the loading screen Have fun being more OP

Seriously Blizzard so called "balancing" Team why dont you just hire me already.
I disapprove this thread.
Avyn #930
Avyn #930

I disapprove this thread.

Why? Just random ideas, by me at least is balancing which in my opinion is not in need of change right now.
[suggestion] would you please add A %@**ING SEARCH option for multiplayer custom maps? TY
I would like to see that replayes can be shared easier ingame via chats or so, instead of e-mailing it to somebody, or downloading it to a different site first... and viewing replays together with other people.

For example: I just played a game and want to ask a guy in a chat channel to quickly look at it and give advice, then 10 others can join as well to see the replay and we all get the advice at the same time while the replay runs... everyone can also view different views or the same as another person they wish... like obs in a game, but now obs in a replay... will be great for coaching purposes I think.

Streams are cool, but blizz can include this ingame, why do we need to go to other sites?
I love all the suggestions for Replays, those would be really awesome. Especially easy sharing and the ability to watch a replay with your current party so that all can see.
The APM one i like, would be usefull thenk to check replays or use 3rd party programs

  • Replays can be shared via Private Channels and a Public Channel known as Replay Sharing.
  • Instead of sharing replays ingame I'd take it a step further and suggest that it would be awesome if you could open up a replay and watch it together with anyone that is in your party. This would be so great for helping other people to improve in the game.. you can just show them what they did wrong in real time.

    Replays can be shared via Private Channels and a Public Channel known as Replay Sharing.

    Really? Do you know how this works? Or are suggesting it as well?

      Overlord speed upgrade cheaper

      Overlords being able to be grounded but lose vision (upgrade burrow for this)

      Overlord carapace more resistant to marines.

      Broodlords to be weakened but added to T2

      Ultralisks to have stampede (upgrade like charge)

      Ultralisks to push units out the way so they get to the front of the battle

      Queen upgrade so when they spawn they are able to cast heal straight away like the upgrade for HT being able to cast storm straight away

      Hydralisk speed upgrade off creep incorporated with the range upgrade...but only slightly

      Corruptors attack speed increased

      Infestors made a little more tough

    That is all for now!
    Would love to see another unit but that aint gonna happen :(
    on replays a line indicating where the unit is moving to that will apier when ever you click on a unit,like they have when you give a sieries of orders with the shift button
    Wow this is really booming, keep the ideas coming :D

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