how to export loading screen as wallpaper

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I found a lot of loading screen images are really magnificent but I don't see why bliz keep them hidden. Neither I could find them in the official artworks or wallpapers but I'd really like to keep them as my wallpapers. Copyright issues maybe? Sounds not very logical because appearently it's blliz's stuff and I couldn't use those pictures to some illegal matters. The official wallpapers are really limited. Just a recommend how about open every in-game loading picture resources or remake them as hi-res wallpapers to your fans to freely save or download. I'm tired using windows screenshots or some third party exporting tools everytime it made feel like I'm stealing something.
I think you can found some in Starcraft Editor... Start console and type "browse". Here you should be able find them, just search properly ;)
The simpler way is of course to just screenshot the screen

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