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Welcome to the protoss mega thread.

Use this specific thread to have any of your questions about all things protoss answered by your fellow players!
Let me bee the first too ask a question since everyone is too afraid to use this.

Its in regards to the Warp in times.

It happened yesterday when i saw in a PvP match where the guy tried to play greedy and went for Gold expansion first. So I decided to go a funky expand 4 gate Adept push with the speed upgrade witch btw. worked like a bomb.

Now I know the speed of warp in is more or less 6 seconds away from the nexus and 3 seconds when close too the nexus. What is the warp in time when a warp prism is used too warp in units?

I saw some players as well using the warp prism instead of the pylon and I wanted to know if the time too warm in is quicker or the same as a away pylon?
Thanks for getting this thread kicked off Dreamdt. In order to keep the ball rolling, I'll happily respond to that question. :)

A Warp Prism provides a 4 second warp-in time no matter its location on the map. This is generally why it is being used much more since the recent changes as it allows speedy warp-ins anywhere, unlike an unconnected Pylon. They may be using it in their base as their desired Pylon is unconnected. Generally however they will be used away from the protoss base. I hope that answers your question.

I look forward to even more people jumping in here, asking and answering questions, and sharing their knowledge of StarCraft II.
Since the thread is here, I might as well use it.

What are solid builds for noob protoss players to use that are mainly macro focused? I've been struggling to find anything to start with as most of the builds I found are mainly openers and my games fall apart completely when I reach the mid-game. Consequently, if I don't rush and win immediately, I can just GG.

Any advice will be appreciated.
Hey Ohtar.

I discovered the following link in the forums that had some potentially good build. I'm going to try some of them when Im home:

Here us the link:
Thanks for the link. I will definitely check out those builds.

I also saw that the replay section on that site includes the build orders for both players for the entire match and while I haven't had time to really study them, I think that they could provide some good understanding of the game as you can see exactly how each player responded to the situation, down to the exact second.

I have a further question regarding those builds. They are all listed for a specific matchup, but how strict is this? To use the PvT +2 armour build (link below) as an example: I feel that an early Zerg attack could destroy this build as you don't get anything out before the cybercore is complete, but would this still work vs an economic Zerg opener or in a PvP matchup?

I apologise if these questions seem overly obvious, but as I stated in my previous post, I am a noob, so I still have much to learn.

EDIT: (forgot to add the link)

This a copy from a reply is posted elsewhere, but it outlines the most important aspects of improving in this game, im my opinion.

Focus on the basics:

-Continously making probes
-use your minerals/gas (dont' have a huge bank unless you have 200/200, maybe not even then)
I have been high master (rank 2) before grandmaster came out, and some games I was still horrible at this)

You should definately copy buildorders, but understand(!) why they work.

I would start of with one macro build for each matchup, and focus on the basics.
This can get you to platinum/lower diamond by itself. Not saying you shouldnt switch buildorders and tactics, but your focus should be on the basics, not which building to put where and when.
learn how to defend against cheese, maybe try a few of your own. But keep in mind that doing cheese, only improves your skill in that spesific strat, which is not really usefull regarding improvement versus defending against the cheese.

And last but definately not least: This will take time, do not expect to get to the topp leagues fast. It will just kill your motivation. In fact, dont focus on your league at all, just focus on improving. Study every replay after you played a match, at least when you did't win. Even if you think you knew why you lost the match, you will still find other mistakes and area of improvements.

Do all off the above, and I guarantee you that you will improve alot.
What composition should i aim for in PvT late game? Am i forced to go stargate for liberators?
No Killjoy. Arcons will do the trick or even HT.

Late game its all about the HT's and DT's usage and if you can make the Terran player start jumping from one to the other base to defend his own mineral lines, you've made it.

You just need to learn how to use HT and DT's and most importantly, Arcons.

Colosy and Disruptors late game are just a bonus.
Thanks Dreamdt do you have a video or replay for me to comprehend? Because i don't understand what archons or HT are suppose to do when i am sieging terrans third and he has liberators all over the ramps backed by bio so blink in is suicidal.
Hey Killjoy.

I will see if I can find some replays. Most of my Terran games are from Tournaments where they try to push for time to win by tech updated and so.
So in those cases I knew there were pushing for time. I then just take over the rest of the map because they wont move out and build mass Carriers and overrun him.
But in your case I would say, Warp prism and drop Dark Templars all over the place and force him to move out. As soon as he moves, you need to be ready with an Arcon, Immortal and Colosi army to catch him off guard.

It really depends what kind off match it is and what tech route he took.
OK I know I've been spamming messages here, but I have a lot of questions in regards to LotV that does not make sense:

This is a game from Desrow I've watched last night and there is a couple of things that bugs me.

First off, great job making a comeback in this game, he really did a great tech switch job.

Now the real question is, I thought in LotV Tempest can only target ground units and hit targets with an ability to do mass damage over time. But here the tempests took out Medivacs. Is that correct?

and the other one is something he spoke about during the game, he mentioned that Voids are now useless against Ultralisks. I know they do extra damage against Armored units, but have they really become that useless against Ulrealisks?
tempest and colossii are just useless. so are ghosts. a fix would be welcome
26/11/2015 23:11Posted by BeddaMinchia
tempest and colossii are just useless. so are ghosts. a fix would be welcome

Then you havent watched that replay
well, you're right, I watched it now. He was almost losing to mass marine, no siege, no libs, not sure if there were any widow mines either. He could make 8 tempest 4 colossii and a bunch of Archons only because he was ahead the entire game. And still the Tempests' only effect was to stand big on top of the bio-ball and make it hard to micro. I really feel as tempests are being make just for the sake of playing something different. And the colossi is a 300/200 late unit with a 200/200 upgrade it should be a game-changer not just a barely acceptable AOE. My 2 cents, but I heard many pros voicing similar complaints.
OK, I've tested the whole tempest theory and got an replay. Also against Terran but Now I get it. They never changed Tempests. They are still the same as in HotS.
I just bought the game and I really enjoy Protoss, I guess I have a lot of reading to catch up.
How to defend vs lings? I keep loosing to zerg. Most of the time I can hold the initial ling attack but after they keep flooding me with lings the will kill my economy.
09/12/2015 22:13Posted by AlphaAsPuck
How to defend vs lings? I keep loosing to zerg. Most of the time I can hold the initial ling attack but after they keep flooding me with lings the will kill my economy.

Answer is easy but yet tricky. Centries is the answer but the downside if you are lower league is APM, you need to learn how to throw the shield in front of the lings and either kill them or run for your life.
24/11/2015 19:06Posted by Dreamdt

Thank you sir.

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