TvP how to counter Tempest?

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Hello everyone, need help.

So, how can i counter 4 supply tempest (with storms\disruptors) in lategame tvp? What army i should have?
you counter it by rolling protoss and whining on forums 24/7 for being weakest race
make vikings ffs
Lol. Vikings destroys tempest with ease, how can u not know that?
Vikings. Nothing more.

Make a Viking Liberator Combo with some marries on the ground and you are sorted. Ill see if I can find the replay I uploaded for that and share the link.
Vikings and Marines (if you can get close to them) are the best units for taking out Tempests. To help mitigate their long-range bombardment, Point-Defense Drones work pretty well too.
tempest is very weak vs point defense turret. 1 can eat 20 shots / lives 20 only after the raven overnerf. If needed make more ravens, survive somehow :) and get shielded with those turrets otherwise they wreck pretty much anything. Since they have bonus vs massive air, they get bonus vs BC/Broodlord (Massive since LotV :) ) Tempest has 50 hp more than carrier btw.

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