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One thing that I've always enjoyed doing in strategy games is creating a strong defense. Hence why i like playing Terran. Not only is it nice to know that my base is safe, but it's great when the enemy attacks and has massive casualties. Then the counter-attack ends the game.

But i find that with any defense that i make, that there are as many holes as Swiss cheese. I play as Terran and I've came to notice that anti-air turrets are pretty much worthless. Terran's Yamoto cannon can 1 shot them out of range and half a dozen banshee's can plow through them easy. Nevermind tempests, voidrays, corruptors etc. Vikings and Thors are good at countering most air attacks but that just adds to the unit count.

I like how the Terrans can repair structures and units but it's a pain in the !@# to bring them into the fight. And i'd rather not have them just sitting there waiting. I would like SCV's to actually have some intelligence and assume combat positions if the enemy is within a sensor tower area.

It's a shame that attacking is far more effective than defending in this game. I think it's time for me to play Protoss more.
What do you think would happen if defending was more effective than attacking? Games would never end. In HOTS I had a few games already that took over an hour. If you could defend all the time, then the games would go on until the map is out of resources.

Terran are at their best when they are offensive. It can be a pain to deal with drops, especially in multiple locations at once.

You have probably misunderstood the defensive structures. They are mainly there to support your army with detection and a little bit of firepower or to shut down harassment.
You should probably play protoss and all in.
as terran defending against zerg especially got more difficult. First of all, bunkers are too big. You can amass more infantry firepower without them. 3x3 tiles. Build a line of them, and you effectively shorten range of siege tanks. If you have tanks, there comes the viper and pulls some out. Tanks are made of paper ... then viper has that cloud that reduces ground units range to 1 ? Just what one needs. In case you use light air units, viper casts that cloud thing that eats 90 hp in 10 s in a pretty big area. Point defense turrets life time reduction from 240 to 20 seconds also means more micro, using them when and where you need them. Bunker units vs ultras are useless with all upgrades. Ultra with 8 armor needs 500 marine rounds/50 marauder salvos or 100 ghost rifle rounds. Ghosts in bunkers in sc 1 was quite interesting but they took only 1 slot in bunker ... with 3 inside you can counter mutas ... as if those were ever a problem.
Brood lords range from 9,5 to 11 also means defending against them got much harder, while terrans have no anti-massive counters apart from yamatos ... AAQ turrets, 250/2, 8 range, rate of fire the same as marine, but 2x 12 damage missiles. 0,86 second per salvo, but both get reduction by armor. So vs shields it does 9+9=18 damage, like 3 marines do, Against bc, 6 armor, 6+6=12 damage, like hydra, or 4 marines.(without stim ofc)

Then if there is ultra spam, tanks alone, unless you have 15+ and camped it wont be stopping any ultras really, so those funny mines can help, but a large amount is needed. If you build units like thors, that infestor parasite likes them very much, same for bc, if you dont yamato them first ...

While raven was op previously, it is still needed for most defending jobs due to vs projectile stuff. The new thingy, those liberators are pretty potent vs ultras and any ground unit stupid enough to get in range. Tanks are mostly about vs armored aoe, while range and damage per piece is rather disappointing considering lack of hp as well. It isnt completely that it is impossible to defend, but as terran, the biggest problems seem to be long range air, casters. Max upgraded liberator has up to 16 range, so you can outrange any ground push or be behind your defensive lines, but vvs air, the ways to defend seem even harder, apart from having bunker-capable units being rather underwhelming/taking too much space for what they give. Vs protoss, in some ways easier, in some ways harderimmortal got a range buff to 6, among other things, tempest with 15 range/4 pop is still hard to counter, the viking being made of paper doesnt help m uch but I suppose you can have some ravens accompanying them so as to avoid most damage and deal a lot..
Thanks for the interesting post Tempar. You certainly know the details of this game.
The modern day SC is not designed to sit back and defend. The theory that you can do it with Protos is wrong. Because you still need to move out wit them and to be successful harass quite a lot.

The OLD thread that said a "Silly wall of for a successful defend" is irrelevant to LotV just because you need to be really aggressive in this game to be successful or even victorious.

I myself am a Protos player and I almost never play passive, that said, I tend to got passive should I forget to do early scouting because I don't know what my opponent is doing. The starting to scouting with DT's all over the map.

But Passive play is not an option.

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