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Hi there! Can you change the background music and the menu music? I understand that with each expansion it automaticaly changes to the expansion music but i want the original WOL soundtrack playing in the initial menu!
I love the new music. I really disliked the music from HotS. But you can change it in the settings page, the same goes for the back ground.
Actually you can't...i want the WOL music in the start menu but i can't change anywhere. You can change the background but not the music...and i see a lot of people complaining about that...
I olso disklike the protoss music in games...
It's not that i dislike the music...but if i'm playing Terrans i want the Terran music, Zerg - Zerg Music and Protoss - Protoss music...they must add the option to change the music asap!!!
So i assume they will never enable this?
wol theme was the best imo,, cant hear it anywhere
Yes, i have the collectors edition, with the SOUNDTRACK, and i hear it all the time in my car...i'm playing WOL and for the sake of "atmosphere" i want the WOL music playing in the menus!!
That would be so epic to hear WOL login screen music. I hope they will add the option for it since music files are there i guess.
So...people actually are asking for this and i think it is legit...i bought the game...why don't i have the music available in the game menu?
What is the problem to disable music at all and enable your collector's edition audio playing in the background?
And why not having another monitor with the planets background instead of changing the Karax background in the game? Because i bought WOL. I want the planets background in the game. I want the original music in the game. Simple as that.
I have to say, Terrans are the only ones who have the music worth listening to (Well.. Protoss does have some good music, but Terran music feels better), and I would also like some of it.

So... Any chance for that?
Let's hope Blizzard comes to their senses...
25/12/2015 16:47Posted by REVOLT
Let's hope Blizzard comes to their senses...

Especially since they want to sell Commanders to us in a way that I would call "Fee to Pay".

This isn't a Free to Play game, and Nova Covert Ops already serves as the purchaseable Mini-Campaign, so they don't have an excuse to justify selling minor pieces of content to people.
I don't know, I thing co-op falls under the category of single player.
Buying another character or additional story-line is like buying a sequel to a book.
It won't effect your online presence or your performance in multi-player.

The music! There should or could be that option.
I really really liked Wings of Liberty ( WOL ) where all the songs where consistent and seamless.

when Heart of the Swarm ( HOTS ) came out there was a LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH diversity for me.
Especially something with the Terran. They always had this optimistic tech sounding music but when the sound-track branches off and plays something menacing or orchestral, I don't like it.

Maybe during game they could add a skip song option, to the next or something.. Or add more categories within the options there.
There is awesome music but some is too 'emotionally' distracting to have while playing multi-player
Give us the option to change between WOL, HOTS and LOTV music in the background/menu Blizzard!
How about that music?
What about having the option to add your own songs to the mix or replace all the in-game songs like with rebel galaxy. Personally I'd add some of those rock covers for the starcraft themes on youtube, maybe add a few starcraft parody songs to the mix, wouldn't mind listening to Op Protoss Ball while playing Protoss.

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