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Hey everybody.

I just wanted to share my thoughts about Protoss.
I am a Protoss player myself. Or as I like to call them nowadays: Lowtoss.

My highest league was platinum. This season I managed to be placed in silver which quite honestly I can understand. So far I ve lost against every single Zerg I played. Against T I win about 40%. My PvP is very strong as far as winning percentage goes.

I wonder if Protoss is incredibly weak atm or if I am just bad. Against what others believe I think that especially in lower leagues the difference between Protoss and Zerg is imbalanced. I don't think - as they say - you only need a bigger army in lower leagues to win. Macro is quite important especially after the mineral cut in the main base.
Coming from Platinum and basically crushing everyone that was in a lower league than me, I feel like something is very broken with Protoss.

Thanks for reading. Share some thoughts if you want.
Please stay nice. Not everybody is a GM.
I agree, I myself was a Plat player in HotS but with LotV I was first in Bronze and I have to admit, the games are completely different.

None of the older builds make sense. But I dont really have a problem against Zerg though. My problem is Terran.
Mainly for the fact that there isn't many of them in the lower leagues. (Bronze - Gold)

Against Zerg I have noticed that Adeps does an excellent job early and mid game. We finally have a unit to stalk Zerg early game and make the game more even. But you need a bit of microing there.

Disruptors are the other good counter against Zerg, but my APM is a bit too low to always land those bombs.

But if you are like me fighting your way back to Plat, Try to manage those Adepts better early game against Zerg and you should be fine with the other standard builds from HotS in LotV.
Just go for Disruptors ! The only thing that can really destroy me is Disruptor...
ive got the same prob.

the main issue is zerg is way to fast and doesnt realy have a weaknes early game atm. they can easily defend it all.

i tried a '4-gate' in hope to finaly win a game vs zerg yesterday...i lost. at least this time i didnt lose to bum-rushed lings. what a strat. thos lings.

conclusion: zerg OP
Harass with Adepts early on and make sure you have good pylon sim city when expanding. Then I find it hard to abuse with zerglings. It's easy to punish a toss that's being too greedy. There's no need for toss to expand really fast if the zerg doesn't go like three hatch before pool I feel. Also I almost always lose when protoss takes a third quite early after securing the natural. Then the disruptors come really fast and I just die...
Just scout to see if your opponent went for hatch, pool, hatch, or hatch, hatch, pool, then you can either harass him with adepts, or pressure his 3rd with 3 pylons + mo-co, and some stalker/adepts, after that you can either place a gateway for "super pylon" warp ins, or establish your 3rd, or whatever you want.

If your APM is good enough, you use disruptors, people in master league have problems against them so I imagine lower leagues won't make godlike splits.
Please don't go ahead again and say: "Zerg OP, nerf Zerg X or nerf Zerg Y"

Protoss IS underperforming, but that does not make Zerg OP in any way. Protoss needs to be brought back on the level of Terran and Zerg, but that's about it...

About the builds/gamechanges: i honestly think that this is the problem most of the players still struggle with. Coming from HotS nothing in the builds makes sense anymore. When do you take a 3rd? How do you proceed from a push, how do we all-in if we have 12 workers to start with and it isn't really an all-in anymore?

These are the most frequent questions, that i even pose myself... Even scouting is totally off, due to the worker count increase. A rush can happen now from minute one, but the opponent doesn't sacrifice eco at all... There is no choice to make, you just go all out aggression and if you've done damage in as much as 4 workers killed, you're actually even or ahead.

We basically need to relearn the whole game, as everything we knew from WoL and Swarm has been thrown overboard. I predict the ladder to be EXTREMELY unstable to coming months...

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