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I have the same issue for some days now. The client is unable to connect. Deleting these folders only kills my current local saved account data, but doesn't change a thing. Disabling AV and FF doesn't help either. The games themselfs are able to connect though.
I'm working with Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit, one a quiet recent setup.
Having same issues, still not connecting to (OS: windows 8.1)
getting rusty here guys :D lol hope you can fix this soon. Whats sad is i just bought the collectors edition and now this happens, so..... yeah
Best game ever though blizzard, love it.
nevermind, issue is now resolved. It was actually the new updates for AVG antivirus that was blocking the connection to Disabled avg and game worked.
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Impossible how cant fix connection problem, i had problem with connection 1 week ago!!! PLs do something cant play only campaign mode, want some multiplayer too......!!!!!!
So yea I have issues logging in to bnet aswell through my desktop application. Installed SC2:WOL but it cant patch anything so its impossible to play. Error BLZBNTBGS80000011, 3005 is the problem I am receiving..

Is there a fix coming soon for this blizzard?
I'm having the same issue too, with the message " may be temporarily unavailable or your internet connection may be down. Please check your connection and try again."
And when I did get connected, I had difficulties staying connected to
The connection was on and off every few minutes.
I am also having the exact same issue.
tried everything and nothing to work.

Looks like blizard employees are just a bunch of amators.
I am a programmer and i own a datacenter with game servers, voip servers, web servers, and more....

Never had an issue to last for so long.
And i don't claim to be as big as blizzard.
You should be ashamed. you are totally unprofessional.
For two weeks now I can't log into StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm like others players described in this thread. At the same time I can play Hearthstone without any issues.

I run Windows 7 as an OS and tried the following:

I repeated the instructions multiple times. Restarted my computer and gave them another go without success. What else can I try?

May I aks: How can it be that such a big problem persists over several weeks?
Still having the same problem. I have tried everything in this thread except reinstalling my OS. Can someone pls help me?
Diablo lll game server are not available code: 34200
Hello splinterpie,

as far as i can see, you have been playing again this morning. I hoipe your issue is fixed.

@Laxe. Thank you for that inforamtion.

Kind regards

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Hello I'm also having trouble connecting. When I try to login on Nostalrius it says "Disconnected from the server".

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