Upcoming Balance Update - Wednesday, May 4

StarCraft II General
We will be releasing a balance update this coming Tuesday, May 3rd. You will find the changes below:


    Photon Cannon
  • Anti-air damage increased from 20 to 20 (+10 bio)


  • Anti-air attack changed from splash to single-target
  • Damage changed to 35 (+15 armored) every 2.14 seconds
  • Only one hit per attack
  • Liberator
  • Anti-air damage changed to 4 (+3 light)


    Swarm Host
  • Cost reduced from 200/100 to 150/75
  • Supply cost increased from 3 to 4
Bring back Nostalrius!
This is another huge blow to Mech play. :(
You really hate us, don't you?
Mech already is in a bad spot and you still manage to make it even worse.

Thors were a nice counter to mass Mutas. With this they're not anymore. So we're left with WMs and Liberators. WMs are too stationary to effectively keep Mutas from flying circles around your bases and poke everywhere. Thors at least had the range to make them useful against this. Liberators would be ok, but you just nerfed them into a niche anti-air unit. A switch from Mutas to Corruptors will just kill Liberators even more now.

The whole problem of Mech is that you need a wide array of unit types that cover each other's weaknesses. You're ending up with a mixed army that covers everything, but is rather weak, if the opponent specializes on something. If you don't mix and instead try to counter, what you think the opponent specializes in, you have huge holes and the next tech switch will just kill you.

Please leave the Thor as is and instead buff the Cyclone to make it more useful vs armored air (nerf it vs ground, if necessary). The Liberator nerf would even be fine then i guess.
Is therer anyone in Blizzzard who has tested/played terran, and felt how !@#$ty it's now in LOTV. And what we see, zergs wind ssl, protos wind gsl, and t is nerferd ))))))).
Now corrupters will come to my base and "piss" to my command centers and left nearly untouched.

Would be glad to get my money back for LOTV , if it's possible.
Update 04/05:
This patch has now been delayed for the time being. We will be posting more details regarding this later in the week, with a new test map coming early next week. We are currently aiming to solidify the changes for around May 22 - 23, to then patch them to the live game.

Let's stay focused both on discussions and playtesting as soon as the test map goes live early next week.
Let's hope...

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