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Hi Blizzard,

I've changed a lot of hotkeys, and every time I get notified that my hotkey profile is stored online, and available from any computer. I now installed sc2 on my new computer, logged in to my account, but my custom hotkey profiles are gone.

1) Is there a way to retrieve my hotkey profile?
2) If not, is there a file or something I can move from my old computer?

Hey Cascade,

All your hotkey profiles are stored in the "Documents\StarCraft II" folder, and only the currently active hotkey profile is stored on Your currently active hotkey profile in Menu > Options > Hotkeys > 'Selected Profile' should be available from any computer.

If you want to keep all your hotkey profiles (the active one as well as the non-active profiles), I'd try copying the 'Documents\Starcraft II' folder from your old computer to your new one.
I had one of my custom hotkey profiles active. :/

Worst case I'll copy them over manually as you say. Thanks for the path to the files.
But I was hoping to avoid that, as my old computer files require some digging in the old hardware. :)

Also a bit silly that they don't store all profiles. Can't be that much storage. A few hundred characters...

Anyway, thanks.
That's just horrible. I've just had the same problem as the op and expected my hotkey profile to be synched in the cloud. That's what the message we get upon saving makes us believing. That's so disappointing.
I keep "§" as my warpin hotkey (key just below Escape key on Nordic keyboards). I do not play on multiple computers, only one... and my profile (I have only one) worked fine until a few months back, when it started disappearing... i.e. the same name profile is still active, but settings in that profile were not stored from last game. This is very annoying, since now I need to go into the settings and make sure my profile didn't change from last time... about 1 every 4-5 times I log in, the § key is gone and warpin is assigned back to the "ö" key (I never selected that - ever), and needs to be reverted back to §. Also, a few months back my profile (same name, same PC) was reset to normal layout (I always use grid, and never stored that profile with anything else). Please Blizzard.... fix this! It works sometimes, but not always, so it's no file access or local computer account rights missing.
My hotkeys are missing in game and in folder. Yesterday it was fine.
Also today when I start the game intro movie comes every.
And my graphic settings were reset.
What happened?
I've changed computers 2 times and I lost my active hotkey profile twice... Even if I got the notification saying that my profile was stored online. I was never able to find any hotkey profile from an other computer. It sucks cuz my old one is broke so I can't copy the files... Blizzard please fix I dont want to redo all this a third time when I change computer again :(...
I just lost all my hotkeys and replays after reinstalation of system. Why its stored on system partition not in game folder? I have game folder on other partition so it dosent get deleted and i lost evrything anyway. Thanks blizzard. also stop this lie about hotkeys being storend on your account. Blizzard = disapointment
Same problem here. I dont understand why they dont keep something as basic as your hotkeys once you install SC2 in other computer, but they can keep all your achievements, your ladder league, coop level, campaign progress etc

A lot of times we play SC2 in other computer not because we want to move to a new one, but because we cant do it in the one we used to for whatever reason, such as we are traveling or we need to fix the original computer and we cant have acess to it (my case, so I wanted to play the game in a laptop meanwhile). That's the whole point of being able to conect to your acount from multiple computers ...
Hello everyone. Please tell me, where is hotkey profile on Mac Os? Anybody knows?

Okay guys, I figured it out.
if you have Mac os, you need quit from application. Your last setting will upload on blizzards server.
2. Then, you must found Windows OS, and log in your account on this OS.
3. will download your last setting for this account, from blizzard’s server.
4. After all, you hotkeys profile will added to location on windows os c:\Users\*User_name*\My documents\Starcraft II\Accounts\*Name_account*\Hotkeys.
5. Next you can move this hotkeys profile. Good Luck ;)
Jezzz thats lame. I just had the same issue. Save the freaking setups across computeres Blizzard
fix it pls !!! i am changing computer third time within 3 months and every time the same thing. All my hotkey profiles are gone, spend so much time restoring them everytime it is sooo annoying!!!!
This is very stupid.
It take time & frustration to tweak hotkey profiles.
I can't imagine why they wouldn't be stored in a cloud...

It's only going to help me not play the game.
I haven't even moved computer and I lost mine. I did however remove the old C Drive when I transferred to an SSD. This means that my profile disappears now whenever I unplug that drive and seemingly cannot be remapped to an alternate folder. Reinstalling BNet and SC2 does not solve the issue. Deleting the SC2 folder does not solve the issue. It's a farce frankly. It needs sorting. I had some very genuine and earnest assistance but was given a link to a page which doesn't make a great deal of sense and includes information which is not necessarily detailed. They are continuing to help me but it's a bit of a joke for something which should be relatively simple. Very frustrating because as you might imagine having to reset your hotkeys three times (because it makes a new profile/can't add to a current profile) each time you play just means that you don't play. Frankly I'm on the verge if not bothering at all.
omg this is crazy! look at all the people complaining that every piece of data they make isnt taken by a corporation lol. Besides, do you guys know what kind of numbers blizzard deals with for userbase? in these orders of magnitude, even more so when providing dedicated servers for a F2P game, a few MB per user quickly turns into millions of $$.

Look, having to reformat, buy new pc, whatever.... sucks, i know. However, you need to be aware that there's a lot of work that comes with that. It sounds like several of you could have all your issues solved with a System Image backup..... look into it and quit blaming blizzard lol. If you are on your 3rd pc in 3 months, i think the issue is you, not trying to be mean what so ever. Good luck all!

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