Bring back the event tab on main screen in SC

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Obviously I'm pretty hyped about Abathur but does this have to come at the expense of the event tab on the main screen? This makes it a lot harder for clans to organize events since the members now actually have to go into the clans event tab to see something new. Hope we can get some exposure on this issue!
Blizzard support said this is intentional. No reminders anymore, must be a mistake. I can't believe this especialy now when the discord Battle.Net connection is incoming.

I'm pretty sure that support has nothing to do with design decisions on that, only whether the feature alone works correctly or not. It should be looked into.
+1, as an event organizer this really hurts my events and makes the pretty useful group/clan event function nearly useless! I hope this is just temporary! Or at least the information about the new features should be removable by the user, so that other information like the events can be displayed!
Going to bump this since it's quite important!
I agree with you, events shouldn't have been removed from the game. I know they wanted to give space for mutations, but there are waaaaaaay more free space on the main screen.

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