Warcraft movie getting bad reviews?

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So, given that the Warcraft movie has been released in 11 countries already, I've noticed that the first reviews are coming in and it's not looking good. It's got only a 22% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so I looked through some of the reviews to see why they're rating it so badly. Apparently, though the CGI is very good, the main problem is the pacing in that it appears that too much of the background stories for the characters and too much character development has been cut out in order fit into a 2 hour runtime. As a Warcraft fan, I'll probably understand what's going on but it seems like there's not enough there to introduce new people to the world because the first 20 minutes is like an exposition dump that will still leave them trying to figure out who's who and what's what.

If this is the case, I'm really disappointed because I really wanted this movie to succeed but I don't think it will be able to break the video game movie curse. I wanted to see it as a Warcraft fan and was going to see it with my dad when it comes out on 17 June here in South Africa but after telling my dad about this plot dump in the first 20 minutes of the movie, he thinks it maybe not worth seeing. Unfortunately, I think that while it will open to a good start in Europe and China in the first week, it will probably drop off dramatically in the second week because Warcraft fans alone might not be enough to carry it through.

Will the video game movie curse ever be broken?
Hi, I saw the movie a couple of hours ago (I live in Denmark) and I thought It was pretty good :-)
As soon as the movie ended, I was ready for the next movie chapter in the warcraft saga. Also the rating on rotten tomatoes I would'nt think to much about it; They gave X-men: Apocalypse an approvel of 48 % and in my opinion that is way to low. I would rate it between 80-85 %, but thats just me :-)
29/05/2016 20:53Posted by RedDwarf
Hi, I saw the movie a couple of hours ago (I live in Denmark) and I thought It was pretty good :-)
As soon as the movie ended, I was ready for the next movie chapter in the warcraft saga. Also the rating on rotten tomatoes I would'nt think to much about it; They gave X-men: Apocalypse an approvel of 48 % and in my opinion that is way to low. I would rate it between 80-85 %, but thats just me :-)

Well, remember that the Tomatometer percentages on Rotten Tomatoes don't reflect the average rating but rather just the percentage of critics who thought it was a good movie. You should be looking at the average out of 10 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now back to the movie, how would you rate the Warcraft movie?
yeah, I forgot to mention that ;-) It would give it 8 out of 10 stars (thats what I did on imdb). It was very good, but some small differences in the movie from the books and the game manuals did pull the movie down a bit, but not much (3-5 small things which didn't hamper the movie at all)
The effects were very great; better then expected :-) and the acting also very good :-)
I just got back from seeing the movie! I really loved it! Although it does push away the general audience however...they did this for us, the fans, who been waiting for so many years to see a Warcraft/Blizzard in film! And they done it! In my opinion the best adaptation of a video game movie so far!
I am a bit miffed at some of the lore changes (except for the "Ooh yeah" scene if you know what I mean) but I can understand to try and simplify things. To really tell the WHOLE story would be like six movies!

Because I know the lore and characters, why things are aren't...I can enjoy the film to it's full extent because we all know what happened. But the general audience doesn't and this film doesn't really explain well to them that. But again, this film was made for the fans. And I can see the absolute passion they put into it! And it shows Duncan Jones is a true fan!
The acting was amazing and characters (while poor Khadgar gets the flame XD) especially how the orcs are animated. And we actually get to feel their reasons and not some old evil bad guys. We can understand them!

I really, really, REALLY want a second movie! But I feel how the box office is going as it's currently being shown, Universal will just say "Nope! Didn't make enough money!" and we may never get a Warcraft film for a very long time. Because I want to see my favourite characters Turalyon and Alleria come together have great moments like they did in the novel "Tides of Darkness"

Here's hoping! But at least they done it, they made a film of Warcraft as we fans always wished for...now...we let the future decide. For Azeroth!
Unfortunately, the reviews just appear depressing to me. If the general audience can't make sense of it then I don't think that it has done it's job as a film. I just hope that it doesn't end Duncan Jones' career.
It's all varying in the reviews, and we still have to wait for the Americans and Chinese to see the film which i hope can save the box office. And way of reviews go, if it can make some profit, then they'd learn from the mistakes and try and improve the next movie.

And I doubt it'd end Duncan Jone's career, he's doing a film called Mute and he wants a Moon trilogy (Moon was the best thing he ever done)
I was really impressed by the warcraft movie
and even my girlfriend which hates every fantasy movie was very impressed

I would give the Movie a 9/10
+ excellent graphic
+ lot of action
+ good actors
+ good story (even they dont tell everything yet)

- well there are to less jokes, seriously its a action-movie but i, its warcraft!
- timing, there are some really funny parts in this movie, but the timing, camera, whatever dont make them really funny at all

im pretty sure there would be a 2. and 3. and maybe even a 4. and 5. part

bcs its only the prequel, there is a lot of story to tell and blizzard make things big!
The low approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes seems to be hurting it's chances in America now. I've now gotten some buzz that theatres in Canada won't even screen it.
My thoughts:


Warcraft was better than the Farce Awakens. If I gave F.A. a 7.5, now I'll reduce it to 6 and give Warcraft a 7.

-first off, the orcs... they are humongous. They even throw horses... They were never that big in the game. They also had problems dealing with horses in their first encounters and were even scared by them
-it was interesting how they made the orcs come in; first through the Twisting Nether as a small group and then through a built portal. I didn't think Gul'dan alone was convincing using an instant spell to open the portal. I know he didn't know that Medivh was actually doing most of the job but a council of channeling warlocks or necrolytes, whatever, would've been believable even to the orcs
-It starts with a weird line that says that ever since the world was known there was a conflict with the orcs which is quite untrue and proved afterwards
-Gryphons were a normal thing in Stormwind; not until Warcraft II maybe...
-Medivh's sleep is not mentioned and neither is the fact that he was possessed by the essence of Sargeras. Nonfans might see his transformation strange and could draw erred conclusions
-the weird dark and black cube that probably Aegwynn was in, is just without actual explanation. Aegwynn's discussion with Khadgar should've emphasized on Medivh and his corruption. Another odd thing was the light comes from the dark and the dark comes from light...
-Garona looked too human. Supposedly she was half-orc, half-draenei. The problem was she spoke the human language too well, too soon while other orcs did not at all
-orcs riding horses like they did it for so long; riding a wolf doesn't mean you can ride a horse as well
-giggling orcs sometimes look like humans
-the Fel... what's with that? That kills the demon blood storyline
-Gul'dan is a Shang Tsung Yoda. He was skilled in martial arts which is quite... unbelievable for a magic book worm. How/why was he able to cast instant spells so often while Medivh and Khadgar needed such a long channeling sequence?
-Medivh's mana pool. That was interesting in some way
-Durotan's death is better this way; it had purpose but Draka just dolphined out of the river... (as seen with the white leader orc from the Hobbit). The problem is, that the orcs were quickly scared by Gul'dan when Orgrim said something to him about honour but the orcs had no more problems when a human (Anduin) was leaving victorious after killing Blackhand (well, Orgrim wouldn't have hurt like in the original; honestly Orgrim had no real role in this movie; he'll probably have in the next one, if there's going to be one). And no, the half-breed Garona wasn't in any position of saying something impressive for the orcs to listen. She was not even Gul'dan's lover from what we understood. At least they kept the Llane being killed by her
-Lothar didn't have a son (story). That's not a problem. He is younger than in the game. That's not a problem either
-smart how they introduced the elves and the dwarves out of the war (there weren't any in the first game even in lore)
-bad move with the lame pistols in terms of... not deviating from the original (guns were not present until Warcraft III); humans used crossbows;
-no mention about the demon corruption of Gul'dan and stuff; maybe next time? Surely that would have been better placed as the intro instead of that useless duel between a human and an orc
-blood is scarce and gore absent. That doesn't make it look like real war

-the acting, well, some orcs were just humans apart from Gul'dan, Orgrim, Blackhand and Durotan. Khadgar was really boring, just sounded like an American kid. Ben Foster did a good job as Medivh. I really had expectations and they weren't dismissed. Lothar was well acted but won't mention the same for Garona. Draka was a better orc than her. Llane was, well, OK

-the music.... oh yeah the music... that's why I won't give it a 0.5 or 1 point bonus; they should've used music from the games instead... yeah there are some brief reminders of that but... otherwise it's just music not to be remembered


Suggestions for next BlizzEnt movies:
-have composers from the games do the music or at least people that know what they're doing. The music for A Game of Thrones isn't something to sing/play either except for the main theme
-do not leave too much in the clouds because that sort of mystery creates unnecessary questions and kills audience. Explain things even with a few scenes or words
-change as little as possible from the original story, mostly only things that make the least sense
-make battles and deaths look real. Otherwise it feels like watching a cartoon for kids

I'll edit when I remember or come up with something else.
Linking my short review of WC movie on the D3 forums:


12/06/2016 09:21Posted by AlexOdhin

-bad move with the lame pistols in terms of... not deviating from the original (guns were not present until Warcraft III); humans used crossbows;

Sorry, Alex, but gunpowder was present at least since WC2.


Also not to forget:


But yeah, they changed the whole timeline, including details about creating the Alliance. Gunpowder was likely a Dwarven invention, what with appearing in WC2 for the first time, when the Alliance of Humans + Elves + Dwarves was actually formed. Although, Goblins seemed to have knowledge of Gunpowder as well.
Straj, I know that. I'm saying guns, not powder. Guns appeared in RoC. Sappers were present since WcII, yes. I don't know about the ships though. I assume maybe some of them used that too. Yes... the ships...

In the movie, I think they wanted to show the dwarven support as gunpowder or at least they traded?
I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and I don't have a problem with the changes. It's sad though that the movie appears to of tanked in the US and while it's currently considered the "highest grossing video game movie of all time", I don't know if it's going to break even and make enough money to get a director's cut or even a sequel.

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