Warcraft Remastered (second try)

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I know this is a Starcraft forum but it's about a strategy game and I don't think it' fits in at the wow forums. Here goes: I would really love to see the original warcraft game republished with updated graphics, maybe some new mechanics (like in warcraft 3) but kept in the cartoon/simple style of the original game. I would like to play the game again cause the lore (and it's a warcraft game), but It doesn't work on my computer :-(
Now there has been some remastered games of older games from other companies (Monkey Island 1 + 2 and Duck Tales), and They were pretty fun to play with the new look, so if Warcraft 1 remastered would be a thing then It would buy it :-). The price should be around 15 dollars (like the new Nova campaign), because it should be kind-of-a small campaign thing (maybe published over a couple of months) or something like that. Hope this gets noted in Blizzard company, which can keep us occupied until Warcraft 4 is published :-)
Thanks for listening to my idea, GG :-)

(This has already been posted in another thread, but I got told, it was the wrong place, so I'll try again ;-) )
Don't know about graphics but Warcraft: Orcs & Humans needs a better multiplayer, I mean more than 1v1.

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