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Considering the success of Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm, I would easily spend $10 up to $20 fo a Warcraft 1&2 campaign remake. With the new engine and new skins available for blizzard. The leveling team Starcraft 2, can be utilize fully. There seems to be so much fertile ground to create Warcraft campaign storymode for both 1 and 2. The majority of the models have already been created, This is not just a Polish update but with cutscenes and more details storytelling techniques & technology available and, it seems to me an Incredibly attractive value beside being an obvious sell, seriously one could even consider remaking the entire campaign of wc one and two, in a collector's edition. I think it would be significant blizzard just hired the crew that creative armies of Azeroth. This is probably I have seen this been suggested numerous times, but I appreciate if Blizzard would just acknowledge that this feedback has been digested. What do you guys think? Would you pay 10 or 20 4A Warcraft campaign with the Starcraft engine with models from Wow and hots?
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No. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans needs a better multiplayer, that's all. All older BlizzEnt games need compatibility with future operating systems. Brood War could use a resolution enhancement as I've seen it's possible in its editor.

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