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Hey guys, this topic used to be on USA-region forum but the entire Art tools subforum was deleted (I just can't find him in the list of subforums + my bookmark leads to 404 error -> that's why I think it was deleted) And there was important topic (for me) about updating Art tools. Let's say it all one more time. Art tools are compatible with Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 (and with 2010 as well I think based what I found on the net). But NOT with newer. And Autodesk provides only versions 2-years back, one actual and one beta version of next year release. So there are 2 ways: 1.) Illegaly getting somehow 2011 version of 3DS Max or 2.) wait until you guys from Blizz update the art tools with new models, update import plugin etc. I don't wanna use 1st way so I'm waiting. In the topic that was deleted some developer answered they doesn't have any ETA but they are working on it. He said this in January and since then no answer even thought many people asked on the progress... So, may I ask how it look with the update? ^^ I'd very appreciate any progress info :)

(and if will any forum admin read this, please delete topic I created on EU region in February, but no response come + I think I made it in wrong subforum http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17610561965 Thanks ^^)

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