The lore thing, a !@#$post probably.

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I'm just wondering if i am the only guy who wants to see smth updated? Before the lotv was even announced i was hoping for "cast of characters" and "koprulu sector systems" to be updated even though the chances for that were pretty awkward. I was still hoping for that after the lotv release, nothing happened in like a day, a week, a month after the release and i just dont understand why there is so little information about protoss. For eg the Auir is still inhabited by zergs in "koprulu sector systems" and "cast of characters" only has one protoss - Zeratul. I mean, maybe Blizzard think that players who rly care for that can find some sc2 specified wikis or something like this but i wonder why those sontain some decent information about zergs and terran.
Maby to avoid spoilers.
It's the bad place for writing about the story.
I don't understand the usefulness of your post.

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