Low fps on full army fight with good pc

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Low fps on full army fight at ultra settings with good pc.
It is normal to have low fps ( 30-50 fps) with full load when several units in 1vs1 ? Also in 3vs3 (20-30 fps) in full fight .
Mention that use graphics to ultra .
I put the question because I expect that my computer eating a game published in 2010 .
PC Specifications : i7 6700 , GTX 1060 6GB , 16GB DDR4 RAM , SSD Samsung , psu : corsair RM 650, Monitor : 1080p
Was need a 1070 gtx ? or what to be the problem ?
Maximum temperatures are usually 65 degrees Celsius at gpu, and 50 at cpu.
I recently reinstalled the operating system (clean install)
At the beginning of the match the fps is 180-190.

I am no hardware pro, but I'm going to speak out of personal experience.

Battles in Starcraft 2 get quite heavy due to the large amount of characters and effects involved. The Ultra settings provide a lot of extra effects and particles for every single unit, so they are especially heavy in large fights.

As for the game being published in 2010, as you can see from the graphics on Ultra settings, it does look sharp and top notch even in 2016. I'm pretty sure the graphic models were updated at some time, quite possibly with large updates like Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. The game is 50 GB's now compared to around 20GB at launch (this is from memory, not exact stats, you should double check the file sizes). This obviously contains new campaigns, maps, sounds and etc. but I'm pretty sure it also contains updated graphics (especially for some Settings). Updating graphics and higher hardware requirements is pretty standard for online games. I remember playing "vanilla" Team Fortress 2 (the first version that came out) at certain configurations running great. Ever since the multitude of updates added containing new game modes, weapons, skins (graphics again most probably) the minimum hardware specifications to play the game have doubled or tripled.

I am running the game on a GTX 960М (which is same model GPU as yours from the previous year, the laptop version) and I can barely running the game at medium often result in sufficient drop in performance in large fights playing on Medium settings. Although I do suffer from overheating and underclocking problems in my GPU.

Thankfully, judging by your temperatures, you shouldn't be suffering from the same. Having lower CPU/GPU temperatures is only good and beneficial as it will increase the life of your hardware components. Use a utility like MSI Afterburner to test and log if the GPU and CPU are actually working to their fullest potential and at their maximum clock speeds.

As for xx60 vs xx70 vs xx80 series in nVidia, as far as I'm aware the xx60 series are the most budget ones. As such, having a card from their higher series such as the xx80 will usually provide a very high performance increase. This does come at the according price in the GPU however.
Your graphics card is more than enough, you would need a better CPU to get slightly more fps. You should have goten an OC'ed 6700, called 6700K. Singlethread performance (or let's just say IPC) is king for SC2.
Anyway this game is using our CPUs very inefficiently so don't be surpriesd about huge fps drops. It used to be better in WoL, maybe they will give the game a nice performance update sometime in the future.

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