Can't chat with players

Starcraft II Technical Support
The problem is very simple: when I try to talk to a player the system tells me he's offline, while he actually isn't. This accurse every single time. So..... Blizzard how long is it going to take to include a fix in the next patch?
Hey ÆƿǐƈǂƇħậŋğęƦ,

They are aware of the chat issue and it's listed on their Known Issues List (see link below).

Known Issues 3.5 [Updated: 8/4/16]

According to someone from the Quality Assurance staff, it will be fixed in a future patch. No ETA on when that may be though.

I hope it will get fixed soon!
Thank you for letting me know. Strange that Blizzard takes its time to adjust such a big issue. This game is dying fast now...

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