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Hopefully some of the SC2 community have played World In Conflict, a 2007 RTS game by Massive Entertainment (who were subsequently bought by Ubisoft). There is a question at the end of this post but first, a little about the game itself....

On it's release and even until as recently as 2013/14 World In Conflict had awesome popularity but it seemed to eventually fizzle out, largely because the community was unheard when it came to the idea of a sequel or some fresh updates. Ubisoft, at the time, were far more focused on rehashing the same console games time after time after time, games such as Assassin's Creed.

The idea when playing the game is a little bit like Starcraft in some ways. That is to say that some skill is involved with army composition and positioning but there are some different dynamics which do make an completely different experience. Four roles were available to each player (Eight players on each team) and your job on each map is different depending on the role you chose. You might be heading up the front lines in your heavy Armour but you may not be successful if the Support role has not sent anti-air units. A very rock-paper-scissors theory in which your team certainly must work as a single military unit if the day is to be won. The other two roles are that of Air Support (protecting your front line and busting enemy strongholds) and Infantry (a stealth role of planting mines and hiding in trees). One of the interesting aspects of the game is being straight into the action from the start. This was achieved by resources being reward as a result of kills and the securing of key parts of the map rather than having to be mined or collected. Here is some gameplay........

World in Conflict Trailer:

World In Conflict Gameplay:

World In Conflict complete 8v8 match:

My question is, for a game that was so popular in it's day and seems to have died a death via apparent neglect by the owners, could Blizzard enquire about the rights for the title and revive it? Is such a thing even possible? I am sure it would be popular, I am sure it would make a good tournament game.

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