[Mutation Creation] Technical progress

Custom Maps and Arcade
Baneling alarm
Friendly units like Battlecruiser, Leviathan, Carrier and Tempest start flash with red light after taken any damage and after 5 seconds explode with green acid and damage units in 4 range area (100 damage)

Shield research
All enemies have shield which has half health of the enemy life.

Stolen Daelaam ships
During the battle Super Carriers or super Tempests are randomly spawned (50 / 50 chance) with 2 Observers that accompany them. They are Attacking wave!!!

On Casual - 3-4 Ships
On Normal - 4-5 Ships
On Hard - 5-6 Ships
On Extreme 6-8 Ships

Super Carrier - 1500 HP/ 1000 Shield/ 30 Interceptors
Super Tempest - 1000 HP/ 500 Shield/ 90 splash damage (3 Splash Range)

MAP= Chain Of Ascension

INFO: Super Tempest do not exist yet... But in my story is Super Tempest constructed and on the first mission destroyed with the Sepish termination ship... The story should be on YouTube soon with my new update "The new Friends".

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