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by DuGalle

Deep beneath the surface of Abaddon a wave of pain, despair, discord and most of all loneliness wash away the Moebius Corps members protecting a hidden genetics lab.

Amon the Dark god was dead the eternal master gone and pets go rampart with there chains broken. The few Tal'darim field commander of the base broke free of the Hybrids will and turn on the abominations before they even realized it. Being under there control for so long time give them advantage over the hybrid. The Terrans stood there doing nothing when the 3 Hybrids die beneath the Psi Blades of the Tal'darim the forged had there revenge. Not all of Amons former servants where willingly following him. And now after a brief moment all where free. But what to do now a stalemate between Protoss and Terran forces formerly serving a single master.

"Terrans we are now free of the false gods power we shall forge our own destiny. If any of you wish to stop us try now or stand aside we are going to open the main elevator door if you wish to follow us to the surface you are welcome to do so"- the powerful psionic voice belonged to the Tal'darim commander Zaradaar a very old female Protoss nearly a kid when the exile of the Nerazim happen.

"The commander is right Amon is dead we see it in our heads the voices are gone for good. We shall be free indeed. Terran forces we are leaving this wretched place. We shall come on the surface with you Zaradaar."- Captain Yao was old soldier but he care for his people deeply now to be with his free will was surprising and refreshing his age wast harder as before.

A fire eruption echoed true the sky of Abaddon but far under the active Volcano a hidden mechanism activated and few boulders move aside and a side elevator with massive platform emerged from far beneath the molten surface. The first shiny sign of life was Black and Red from 5 Tal'darim warriors hiding there gaze from the intense light from the systems star. Same did over 2 dozens of terrans male and female in CMC armor or scientific gear.

They all see upon the sunrise the first sunrise of the rest of there life.

to be continued ...
One year has passed since the demise of Amon and Kerigans ascendance on the planet Abaddon strange thing has happen. The molten surface of the hellish planet was getting cold and solid and even vegetation was rising on the surface. Volcanoes where no longer eruption and wile still rumbling all across.

Half buried an elevator was jammed in the base of a volcano. A dozen Dominion marines, medic and a ghost where set a base camp in front of it. A 5 man engineering and science team was working around the clock to provide access to the facility below. Cpt. Rosa Morales was in charge highly uncommon for a medic to lead a team but since she was recruited by admiral Horner for the Dominion armed forces she have proven to be top of the class in all situations.

"Captain we have finally been able to reroute the power from our generators to the elevator systems by noon we shall restore power fully." - said the chief engineer of the team

"Ok folks gather up near the entrance for briefing we are about to begin our sweep of what lies below our feet. Our orders are clear the Admiral wants us to discover whats inside and gather all what we can use and acquire for the dominion. Emperor Valerian is pretty damn straight about al things connected even remotely with the late Moebius Corps. We shall enter in the late afternoon all team will enter our dear ghost friend will go for as reconnaissance the marine will enter in standard formation. Since we don't know what to expect down below we assume its hostile territory. As soon as we secure the interior Eng-Sci team will follow and make sure we have control over the facility. if we encounter enemy's shoot to kill we all remember pretty well the determination of Amons goons in the End War. If there are no questions prepare yourself we begin in few hours. Troops dismissed".

In the next few ours the Eng-Sci team was able to reclaim some of the outer computer and electronic systems of the facility, and even provide lights inside.

to be continued

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