will this laptop run sc2?

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I'm looking for a laptop for around £400 that can run sc2 on medium. I went to PC World and saw one but was concerned the graphics couldn't cope. It was an onboard Radeon R5. The computer had 8 GB of RAM. Does anyone know if this would cope ?

If not are there any other options? Anyone provide a link to maybe one that I could buy online that would be able to run sc2?

I've already got a desktop that can run sc2 but need a laptop that can play it at work because my job is incredibly boring with nothing to do for hours on end and this will solve that problem.
No idea man, or get another job ;) or buy a good laptop. Dell 7000seriee
I'm after the cheapest laptop that can run SC 2 okay on medium. Any links to any that can be bought from the UK?

Vheck out theese laptops. And then search in ur country. Nice budget gaming laptops
i have gt540 i5 2450 8gbram ssd120 no problem m8
Late reply here and it's not good news either.

Unfortunately running the game on Medium settings is pretty demanding, especially in larger battles.

I'm currently running the game on an Asus ROG G501JW (GTX 960M @ 2 GB's RAM, i7 4720 @ 2.6 GHz, 12 GB RAM, SSD) and in Medium settings in large battles (especially larger than 2v2) I'm struggling.

I do also suffer from overheating issues and limitations however, so you should be able to just about run the game well with the same hardware if your cooling system is better then mine.

If you decide to go for a lower end laptop, you will probably be restricted to minimum settings.

I'm talking about running the game at competitive FPS here (read 60+). Some people seem to have no problems on running less FPS then that, but I guess I'm used to higher FPS now.

I prefer lowering the settings to low then dropping below 60, as it becomes quite visible for me.

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