SC2 engine geting worse with updates

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Games become less and less stable; here is a list of some situations i constantly experience:

1) "A player you were matched were disconnected from server"
2) with recent updates: "The game server timed out when creating a game"
3) Added eu server selection menu at startup, which crashes game if you select 2nd and click "confirm" too fast
4) 3D character portrait always laggin when selecting "Multiplayer" at startup
5) FMOD sound engine totally uses 1 core, when game is minimized
6) SC2 lags extremely on P4 (socket 478) but warcraft 3 works fine
7) after game - at score screen - build order lacks some units/buildings
8) Loading screen lacks CHAT! Loading indicator is depending on other players, sometimes freezes if one have internet problems - and no way to solve, no voting, nothing, just wait till he'll be dropped; when dropped no way to rejoin game;
9) score screen - graphs are.. not precise, they are anti-precise =)
10) i'd add several graphs like food usage+food cap, unspent resources, apm graph, so on.. all this is impossible, as a game sources are closed, and Blizzard is deaf.

Despite i have corei7 3770K; 16 GIGS ram; SSD and R270x video card + fresh windows 7 install + fresh SC2 install + latest drivers (and no other software) - this game LAGS!!! HOW!?)))

So below are my thoughts, as a C++ programmer:

Engine code is way too abandoned and need many work on. Which, ofc, will never be done, as Blizz is focused on adding some content. This content makes game heavier and heavier, it now occupies over 20 gigs!!!; unlike very robust Quake3 Engine (for instance)
Also to mention, all this make engine UNSUITABLE for cybersport!

Maybe its time to abandon this engine? And to make new, fast, lightweight engine, by means of comunity. Which will focus not on graphics and buggy "features", but on lowering user<->game latency (IO); While allowing game running on low-end hardware, allowing it to render tons of simple units without lags. In other words i offer to make "remake" - a very lightweight client, which fully resembles game mechanics, but have very low memory and HDD space footprint, and low hardware requirements.

What will you say in community? Would anyone join this journey as a developer? If yes - how? If no - why?
I'm not entirely sure if some of those points even have something to do with the engine.

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