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I wonder would this be done, mainly for the Tal'Darim forces as they sport the black and red theme of their own unlike the regular protoss folk. Plus i doubt they be the kind who put on a make up to deceive the enemy, being more of a ruthless warrior fanatics.
I don't really get what you want...
Two examples:

The Hyperion Battlecruiser heroes, the WoL version was a mere enlarged Minotaur Battlecruiser, instead the proper Behemoth Battlecruiser model that made it ingame in HotS expansion.

Then the Tal'Darim units being regular Khalai Protoss units with the exception of the Eon Crystal missions where have Dark Protoss skinned units. ( Which actually be a step closer to how the Tal'Darim looks like in LotV )

It's visuals mainly, obv the newer units as Tempests and such would remain in their respective Expansion section, but stuff that already existed from the beginning could have a little polish up in this way. Bit of perfectionist for details like such is all :D
Yeah... nice idea in terms of perfectionism.

But, why write this here? Might be better in the General forum since it's not something you created. OK, maybe the idea...
I suppose it be a 'hidden' mode / upgrade. Player have expansion, change skin/model to this.

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