I liked the Nova story - hope to see more like it!

Campaign and Story
The title essentially says it all: The Nova story managed to evoke some of the feelings which got me into Starcraft many years ago and held me as a fan ever since. There could have been a bit more betrayal which actually hits home for the player and a bit less harmony (I was slightly put off when after the speech the monologue said "only the leading ranks were against you"), but that’s details. The most important part is: Nova felt like Starcraft again — mixed with interesting gameplay which took lots of steps to always present something new.

Thank you! And please make more like it!

And yes, I think the price was OK. It was less than 2€ per hour of challenging and/or captivating and/or just plain enjoyable gameplay.
Finally got myself to finish this one. Had to post it here as it didn't let me start a new topic. Tried three times...

-some songs are recycled from the other campaigns (especially LotV)

-maybe enemy units should react a bit more intelligently when one of their
fellows is being killed in front of them. They just resume their position and those who can see invisible units do not react to the dying's location either. Something like, shooting in thin air because of fear and other reactions

-Nova didn't want to try any of the other people's toys? Maybe because of fear of those weapons being booby trapped?

-Swann tells you about the equipment two times as you click the new grenades and then the new rifle. It also happens when you click the first rifle afterwards

-no zerg aerial units to attack the base on the second level? Turrets are useless then (normal difficulty)

-secondary objective for the third mission is kind of thin. There could have been at least one more zone

-I don't really get the oriental vibe of some music. Is it because of the Tarsonis desert? But it was present in the first mission too. But I see some persian rugs (?) in the underground facility so with context it makes sense

-"can't believe it. Target's vanished." Oh come on, didn't they learn about Ghosts, I mean they have some themselves...

-the rock worm the which brought zerg in the map mid's hall can be seen in the fog of war and its end is cut instead of either being continuous exiting the map border or being fit into a wall

-the zerg don't actually continue along the corridors, they remain in the zone they were triggered to attack

-the Ghosts should really be shifting their vision arc to where their neighbours or are attacked, at least on the important units like the Thor

-there's no challenge where the Thor is; you just destroy it and easily proceed to the two Ghosts; there's no risk of getting any damage

-even in the last part of the level after the Thor and Bunkers part and the zerg don't do anything if you destroy the nydus worms; so this part of the mission really needs a tweak

-heh, you had to include the protoss in this too, didn' you... What would stop Alarak to get some vengeance on the Dominion afterward when the opportunity shows itself? There's no direct threat to them so I don't see why they should get here other than to have a TvP

-when attacking the Fleet Beacon on the fourth level, there's a Phoenix that doesn't attack until getting nearer to it

-that's whow the protoss should've been introduced from a story perspective with the fifth mission when Alarak not only wanted to take vengeance on the DoM but also get rid of possible revolting Tal'darim

-not sure if they actually have to get through your base to get to a terrazine extraction point; it makes it easier due to your defenses on the way

-I think you should not be able to get out of the Blightbringer's zone during the battle or at least if you do, it should restore its whole HP, the zone should be reset

-when entering an optional quest zone in the fifth level, unit orders only apply to moving, the rest like setting the Liberator in its modes won't follow

-would be neat for some extraction zones for the protoss to also come, not only the zerg; of course from different sides not to battle themselves or just ally them during that phase

-well, I think Nova wrestling a Marine in a suit, like that, is a bit too much; she isn't Kerrigan or a protoss to have such strength

-before part three of the campaign, on the screen we see Davis's instead of Davis'

-alt+tab shouldn't trigger the press any key to continue

-Davis infiltration mission: when you're near a Ghost and shoot it, the unit does not turn to look/detect Nova...

-strange how Reigl is so good and Davis has no such genius hacker :)

-I'm not sure if the mind control visor should work on other Ghosts

-"Everything's alright over there?" "Of course, I think" plays everytime the scientist gets near the terminal and even if the trooper isn't there anymore

-there's a ladder right parallel to a "cliff" but Nova can't walk up :) (could've been nice for some gameplay mechanics)

-I guess either some of the Dominion forces mutinied or part of the DoM who came to aid Valerian hijacked the brig?

-shouldn't Ghosts be invisible when launching the nukes?

-I think Nova should be at full health after defeating Davis in the robot

-too bad you could not choose not to kill the general

-what if the evidence would have not been real? Imagine the popular demand for Davis' death as just then

    Story 7
    Music 7
    Gameplay 9.5
    Audio 10
    Visuals 10

=>8.7 (my somewhat honest rating)
That being written, here campaign is almost proof that content can be added to enhance the StarCraft universe without rebooting/recycling old material as most franchises follow the trend of...
@AlexOdhin: That’s a great test report! And I agree that Nova would benefit quite a bit from incorporating it. Now I just wish I could do that myself :-)

And I’m still checking back regularly to see whether there’s an announcement of a continuation — or simply of more stories to play.

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