Nova Command Card missing, Co-Op

Starcraft II Technical Support
Hey Community,

I and some others of my Clan have the discovered an issue with the Coop Commander Nova!

You can not assign any hotkeys to the Assaultmode command card, meaning, you can´t assign the Shotgun abbility, Blink and the Switch to Stealthmode.

If you setup a grid, you can work around that, though it is a real pain, not to be able to set it up via the standart "Terran Story Hotkeys"!

This seems to be an older issue, tho never so any body posting about that`?....

Well, I hope this may be fixed soon, as it is really bothering.

Kind regards,
Damn bro! Confirmed. Thanks!
Hey BakaDesu,

Thank you for the feedback, and work around method. Do note that Customer Support cannot forward the bugs you write up here. If you come across a bug or notice that something is not working as it should, let the right people know. You can see how to report it for any of our games on this support article. This way, the right department receives the report directly and can look into it.

While you won't receive a response for your bug report, I can assure you that every submission is looked into thoroughly. If you have already reported it, you've done your part and we thank you for your support.

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