Co-op can revive SC2?

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I suck in ?v? games. I can only beat computers on easy and medium, I don't care about tournaments and the missions have been quite a dissapointment since they are quite pushy. Yet I absolutely enjoy the co-op missions, I win alot there on brutal and the unique commander sets are amazing! I just saw a guy complaining how low the SC2 playerbase is, yet there I know there aren't any better RTS games atm... all the Warhammers are ages behing (and I am a fan). The way I feel as a casual player is that I can not compete in ?v? modes and they cause lots of frustration. But I enjoy Co-op missions. Absolutely love tham and can play them 24/7 (tried to do that once, stopped at 24/2). So why don't we get to see more of it? More commanders? More diverse missions? 3 man, 4 man co-op missions? I really belive that would open up the game to the casual players and the addicts ( with more difficulties). Oh yes and a BIIIIIG SKILL TREE! This can breathe life into this awesome game!

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