Community Feedback Update - February 23

StarCraft II General
Balance Test Map
First off, we wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in testing and provided feedback on the balance test map. We are leaning towards finalizing the below changes, but wanted one last round of feedback and testing from our community.

  • Terran
    • Widow Mine
      • Splash damage +shield bonus reduced from +40 to +25.

  • Zerg
    • Hydralisk
      • Health increased from 80 to 90.

    • Corruptor
      • Movement speed changed from 4.1343 to 4.725.
      • Acceleration speed changed from 3.675 to 4.2.
      • Parasite Spore weapon damage point changed from .1193 to .0446.
Assuming that no issues arise, we’ll implement these changes in an upcoming patch.

Reaper Openers in TvZ
We have been keeping an eye on Reaper openings in the TvZ matchup and we think some tweaks may be needed here to keep terran from gaining too much advantage in the early game. We are currently thinking that the offensive capabilities of the unit could be reduced a bit, and that changes to the KD8 Charge ability would be a good way to accomplish this. Some options that we have discussed are increasing the cooldown of the ability, or changing the ability to no longer damage structures to increase the effectiveness of static defense options. As always, let us know your thoughts. Ideally this change should be minor enough that we won’t need to add it to the balance test map and can be pushed straight to live.
What does "Parasite Spore weapon damage point changed from .1193 to .0446" mean? Is it the rate at which damage is dealt or what?
I would appreciate clarification.

Faster corruptor might be a great move, since they disengage so slowly and are quickly gunned down in flight. I have seen too little of the corruptors for me to make a good call, however.
I like the other propositions, but why the hell would you go with that Hydra buff ? This was an idea to counter Carriers and did not work out. Now that Corruptors are going to be buffed, why would Hydras still be buffed as well ? This unit is already too strong in ZvP...
Hi I think the hydra buff is not good caus hydras are already a good unit in a balanced spot and buffing/nerfing hydras will caus things to tip towards bad balance for zerg.
I think the changes go in the good direction.

I want to address the fact that its really hard (as toss in Master 3) to deny terran fortress (with the armor upgrade, has +5), Could this be nerfed somehow?

And the two different chrono for the battlecruiser seems pretty strong (also has +5 armor).

On the other hand I understand complains related to the strenght of carriers, but in master league I dont see them very often.

Thanks for your time and your pattience and for taking the community into account.
Btw, it would be a good idea if the units created by swarm host could attack also air units (while in the air) might be a nice counter vs carriers for example)
I suck in ?v? games. I can only beat computers on easy and medium, I don't care about tournaments and the missions have been quite a dissapointment since they are quite pushy. Yet I absolutely enjoy the co-op missions, I win alot there on brutal and the unique commander sets are amazing! I just saw a guy complaining how low the SC2 playerbase is, yet there I know there aren't any better RTS games atm... all the Warhammers are ages behing (and I am a fan). The way I feel as a casual player is that I can not compete in ?v? modes and they cause lots of frustration. But I enjoy Co-op missions. Absolutely love tham and can play them 24/7 (tried to do that once, stopped at 24/2). So why don't we get to see more of it? More commanders? More diverse missions? 3 man, 4 man co-op missions? I really belive that would open up the game to the casual players and the addicts ( with more difficulties). Oh yes and a BIIIIIG SKILL TREE! This can breathe life into this awesome game!
23/02/2017 19:59Posted by ZergLord
What does "Parasite Spore weapon damage point changed from .1193 to .0446" mean?
Between unit starts attack and projectile start flying. It's a charge time. Look at Ultralisk, it damages unit not instantly but after swing animation. They have highest attack point in game.

I think units with faster damage point can do hit-and-run (stutter-step) better (especially combined with increased acceleration) And can chase retreating units better, too.
Stop repeating how good the hydra is. Those are lies. Hydras are so cost inefficient.

Great changes!
Two marines (100 minerals) have almost the DPS of a hydra (and much more with stim),for 90 HP combined (110 with combat shields). Considering that hydras are tier 2 and cost 50 gas on top of that, it's not a ridiculous buff or something.
dear blizz. i quote elazer fro twitter:

The colossus change doesnt really make sense, its already played quite a bit. At the same time hydras and carriers are still imbalanced x.x

althought i think colossus i rlly weak, he is a GM so please...
Yeah, yeah... Hydra/Lurker is still way too strong in ZvP.
lel i love the sub gms crying so cringy about a dead game
... Says the "Bronze to Master" smurf account...

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