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I've been playing Star Craft 2 since it launched, had a break, and now came back. Suddenly now (last few days) I've had so much trouble doing anything in the main menu.

It's not lag related or anything like that. It is connection. Like say I like to just play a game against the AI, I have to wait for the vs AI sub menu to load or refresh or something before I can see anything, and sometimes have to wait before I can click on start game.

I have given up trying to create custom games, it just takes way too long for the maps (menu) to load. I have no problem when in the actual game though. What can I do to fix this? I'm from South Africa and using the European servers (like I've always done in the past and had no issues).

Here are some of my current connection specs:
Ping Google: 27ms
7.68mbps Download
0.83mbps Upload

These can vary obviously. Just to give an idea of my connection. And for the record I have no such problems in other games where internet is concerned.

I am having the exact same issue with no response from Blizzard team
i have also noticed menu lag after the last patch.
This sounds very much like the issue I am having. My account (or character on the Europe realm) has also been created at launch. See my thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17617672378
If you're having connection issues with Starcraft II please work through the troubleshooting steps here.

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