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I have a question. I have made a StarCraft 2 mod and I also build a website to give players information about the mod. The website is currently not online, because I have questions to image rights. Am I allowed to use some official desktop Starcraft 2 images and screenshots I made in the editor for my StarCraft 2 mod website?

What can I do to get in touch with people who are allowed to decide that?
Could a mod answer to this question please, because it would be a really big risk when the website goes online. My mod is a real competitor to the classic multiplayer of Starcraft 2 and I`m not sure if Blizzard will be happy about. So I would like to get a offical statements to this. How can I get that?

It would also help if someone has experiences with this problem.

Thanks a lot.
There are plenty of wikis, reviews and such that utilizes Blizzards assets and has done so for years, it does not sound like something Blizzard would be to fuzzed about.

Thought the best way to get directly in contact with Blizzard would be the Support button at the top right of the site here, and click on Contact Support at the roughly top right of the site, go to Starcraft 2, click any of the four options youre presented with and hit the Not Listed Here option and pick which contact option you desire from there.

There are different contact options but some are only available at certain parts of the day.

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