Starcraft in Real life

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Ive been questioning myself this a lot of times in my lifetime.
How would Starcraft in real life look like?
What if we live in the exact universe that Starcraft happened in, if it could, as theres infinite parallel universes and if we are one of them, what if it is that exact one, does that mean that humankind will divide in future into UED and Terrans? Will we experience the darkest times of our lives in Brood war while most of Terrans will get quartered by Zerglings or ripped apart by Hydralisks and some of us may live up to WoL or even LotV and die in Augustgrad while zergs make !@#$ go down? I mean its 99,99% Impossible, if even that 00,01% chance is a real one, How would you react as a fan of Starcraft and how would you react as a non-gamer or someone who has never played Starcraft? Lots of perspectives :D

My plan for the future is to make myself an engineer and a scientist that will team up to build an actual real-sized Behemot Battlecruiser that works same as in Starcraft and has the same functions eg. Hyperspace travel, Yamato Cannon, Laser weaponry and more, It could take up a few even 50 or more years i think, size of a BC is something like a few countries size probably, but i would get myself heart transplant so i could live longer :v

Ya all wanna talk about SC in real life? If it was real i wouldnt mind, always wanted to wreck %^-* up in a siege tank or a thor :P

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