Repeated freezes/disconnects on loading screen

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The past three times I've queued up for a 1v1 ladder match the game freezes up while I'm loading in. After a few minutes the main loading screen comes up and it takes me back to the menu. I'd played a couple of matches before this with no issue but it just started to happen for no reason that I can think of. My opponents say that they're told that I disconnected and they got the win - obviously I'm still online though. It's particularly frustrating of course because each disconnect is counted as a loss.

This is still happening to me fairly frequently, but with no pattern or consistency to when it occurs. Nothing is wrong with my internet connection and I'm not disconnecting from the service. I have no other programs open when it happens. The game just freezes on the loading screen after the music fades out, and then after about 2 minutes I get kicked back to the menu and the game is counted as a loss.
Have you tried running WinMTR while experiencing these disconnects? It will provide you with some details about the connection between your computer and their servers and may help pinpoint any potential issues.

Running WinMTR
I also have this. It's always the same:
My opponent finishes loading, and I reach 50%, and then my mouse turns into a "loading" mouse, and the game shuts down. It has happened to me 3 times now.

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