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StarCraft Remastered
Greetings Commanders, Executors, and Cerebrates,

Matchmaking is an addition we are excited to deliver with StarCraft: Remastered, and there have been questions around the offering we would like to clarify.

Wasn’t matchmaking going to be available for free?
We did plan to make Matchmaking and Ladder a feature for both StarCraft: Remastered and the StarCraft Anthology as mentioned in a post by one of our developers in April. That position became untenable over the months of creating, researching, and testing how the system would be used in practical application.

As a result, Matchmaking and Ladder are exclusive to Remastered. We believe this is the best way to preserve the integrity of the play experience. We want to encourage a healthy, competitive ecosystem for StarCraft, and this measure will limit griefing of new and lower-level players.

Messaging in the presale suggested you still expect play between StarCraft and Remastered players?
We have continued to develop features that improve hosting and finding game lobbies. We believe the Matchmaker is a significant addition to the Brood War competitive scene, but that the old ways of finding a matchup with specific game settings is still of great value to this game’s culture.

We hope our efforts will lead to a larger playerbase because of the new features, but over time they will learn to love the game even more for the traditions that are being carried forward.

En taro StarCraft,
Classic Games
What about making an unranked matchmaking (for both remaster and original SC players) and then make a ranked matchmaking with ladder exclusively for owners of the remastered version.

I think that this change would be the best compromise.

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